TSA VIPR Teams Invade Local Shopping Malls

Welcome to the police state

Local shoppers at the Crystal City Mall in Crystal City, Virginia were surprised this week to find TSA security teams controlling access as if they were about to board an international flight instead of buying socks.  Many shoppers were outraged to see the level of government intervention and fearful of the seemingly endless overreach of TSA.  Shoppers reported they were subjected to pat downs and swab tests for explosives as if they were suspected terrorists.  Further, angry store owners reported that they were swamped with complaints from shoppers threatening to no longer buy from their stores and said they were not informed or consulted about TSA’s intrusive actions.  One unnamed store manager was quoted as saying “during tough economic times, it is tough enough to get customers in my store without them being scared away by the government.”

LMS is requesting any readers with footage to submit it to the website or to blog your experience.  Unchecked expansion of an agency dedicated to the abolishment of your 4th Amendment Rights threatens all Americans’ freedom.  Readers should write their Congressmen, local sheriffs, and store owners and insist TSA be reigned in as well as urge their friends and family to action.  Only by shining the light on TSA’s actions and raising protest will this abuse stop.

Special thanks to our alert readers for this story.

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