The Government’s Ever Present Need for the Boogie Man and the Police State Illusion to Protect You

Military Deployed to the Streets of USA


In this piece, the need for government and industry to create a polarizing enemy to spread fear is presented as well as the dangers it spawns to liberty.  A society at peace is freer that one at war.  Today’s military industrial complex Eisenhower warned us of a half century ago is now a thriving insider market that thinks nothing of sending thousands of Americans to their unnecessary deaths as long as it sells one more piece of military hardware.  Couple industry’s unquenchable thirst for wealth with the executive’s unending lust for absolute power and you have a perfect storm for achieving tyranny through fear.

Today we are living in this fear based society.  It is sad so many people willing buy into the notion that 9/11 happened because we didn’t have a police state and so the only way to protect our nation is to create one.  This weak logic of the masses will ensure tyranny’s rise.  It was not the lack of government that allowed for 9/11, but the excesses of it.  Al Qaeda’s genesis alone can be credited to the backwards and shortsighted foreign policy of Washington during the Cold War where it blindly and hypocritically propped up brutal dictators and corrupt regimes in places such as Saudi Arabia.  Then our very own CIA funded, armed, trained, and equipped these jihadist fighters in places like Afghanistan, the Balkans, and most recently in Libya and Syria.  Couple this with a non-existent immigration policy and destructive partisan politics and you have all of the ingredients for 9/11, but one critical piece.  The last piece of the puzzle is rooted in society’s failure to raise another generation of Americans willing to die fighting rather than become complacent victims.  Our population has been so softened and conditioned to run away, call the police, or submit, they failed to react when it was most critical save their own lives except for one flight that was most likely shot down over Pennsylvania.  It is no accident that since 9/11 every single attempt for a passenger or passengers to commit an act of violence has been quickly resolved by swift and violent action by the passengers.  In truth, had Americans been conditioned to resist instead of willingly submit and cower, 9/11 would have been impossible regardless of the failures of law enforcement, intelligence and government policy.  Instead of the truth though, the government finds it more beneficial for itself to breed fear and brainwash Americans into thinking only through a Orwellian system of surveillance and control can security be achieved.  What groundless lies!

Ladies and gentlemen, therein lies your truth.  A police state serves only the purposes of the government and does not provide you a single bit more security.  Tyrants love it, free citizens suffer it.  A free society must accept personal and collective responsibility for its own security and not outsource it to power-hungry politicians, spy agencies, and industrialists.  In fact, the incredible response time of the Aurora Police Department in response to the theater shootings demonstrate this fact.  Even though police were less than two minutes away (essentially there), they were unable to prevent a horrendous massacre.  Just like 9/11, it is only through the willingness to resist and the individual to accept responsibility for his own and his community’s collective security that our nation will remain free and safe.  Do not buy the spin and refuse to accept the government’s facade that swaps freedom and liberty for security.  You will get neither.

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