Justice Department Complicit in Inciting Racial Violence

The Justice Department thinks there is nothing wrong with armed thugs at your voting locations as long as you vote Democrat.

The U.S. Justice Department has ruthlessly hunted down, investigated, and prosecuted its share of racially motivated terrorist organizations with at least one glaring exception.  The New Black Panthers Party is able to call for murder of innocents, place bounties on heads of its adversaries, engage in voter intimidation, and urge the violent overthrow of the U.S., but somehow has seemingly been overlooked by the Justice Department.  One must wonder what kind of violence this will produce next?  The evidence is public and overwhelming.  The government’s lack of action, only complicity toward this terrorist organization, will be damning when innocent civilians are killed.

In fact, the glaring hypocrisy in the Justice Department’s inequitable enforcement of laws is egregious.  Most notably the New Black Panthers Party called for the murder of George Zimmerman and attacks on whites at the upcoming Republican National Convention.  However the Justice Department has not opened a civil rights investigation, no terrorism charges were levied, not even a condemnation was uttered by federal law enforcement.  One must conclude from this deafening silence and total inaction by the Justice Department it is intentionally turning a blind eye to one of the most vocal domestic terrorist organization inside the U.S. and endangering the lives of innocent citizens.  This not only places innocent lives in danger, but leaves law enforcement 100% liable.

Why would the Justice Department give the New Black Panthers Party a pass?  Certainly, we should support free speech, even when it is disturbing or angering, but these words go beyond even the incitement of violence to the actual commission of organized terrorism against innocent civilians.  It is at this point the Justice Department needs to have intervened.  Nonetheless, while the Justice Department goes after state governments, sheriff’s, and political donors of the Republican Party, the New Black Panthers continue to advocate with impunity for a race war.  By doing nothing, the Justice Department by defacto condones these acts.  Further, basic logic would suggest the Justice Department has a quiet political agenda to polarize the nation in a manner that benefits the incumbent political party.  One may ask how so?  Simply put, race baiting energizes the Democratic voter base while allowing for the intimidation, harassment, and violence against others that historically vote for Republicans.  It further sends a quiet signal to African-American populations that by voting with the Democrats, they will be given special protections.

Few things could be more divisive and despicable in American society.  There is simply no way the Obama Administration can argue that it has not been complicit in further dividing America for political gain or that it has equitably sought to protect civil rights.  For U.S. citizens, of all races, these dirty and destructive politics must be exposed and denounced.  The members of the F.B.I. and Justice Department lawyers in particular will have blood on their hands if they fail to publicly act.  Shame on you if you carry a badge and do nothing.  As both a nation and as individuals, we have a responsibility to take action to excoriate, investigate, and prosecute this organization.

Readers should advocate for the prosecution of the New Black Panthers Party and demand the F.B.I and Justice Department take action.  Sadly, based on the current inaction, they must also prepare for law enforcement to do nothing and be ready for another explosive wave of racial violence in major metropolitan areas.  Law enforcement officers need to blow the whistle and step up to expose the internal political pressures to take no action.  Write your government representatives and organize to protect your civil rights.  Independent lawyers and firms should bring suit against the government if it fails to act.  Finally, the media needs to place a spotlight on the hypocrisy of this Administration and demand action.  Only by resisting this blatantly despicable inaction, can the true justice and freedom of all Americans be protected.




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