Say No to TSA “Chatdowns”

Steve Gunn’s article on his experience being unconstitutionally (that means illegally) targeted by TSA is one of many.  Fortunately, he wasn’t intimidated and stuck up for himself.  However, standing up for yourself against bullies, at least initially, always draws even greater harassment by the blue suited goons.  All Americans need to stand up to this tyranny and broadly push back against the trashing of our 4th Amendment protections.

Like Steve, one of our staff writers had a similar experience recently flying out of Dulles Airport.  It was approximately a month ago during the heat wave in DC when temperatures soared to near 110 degrees.  Our writer had just arrived into the security screening area after carrying heavy luggage from the long-term parking and negotiating a tedious check in.  Naturally, he was sweating and apparently, sweating is a threat indicator for TSA since he soon found himself approached and being questioned by a simpleton wearing a TSA uniform.  TSA’s brainiac began the conversation with “so I noted you are sweating.  Why would you be sweating.”  Our writer promptly fired back with “have you been outside today?  It is 110 degrees!”  Looking dumbfounded, the TSA person began to give reasons why he needed to question our writer for sweating…none of them made any sense.  Our writer pointed out that it was absurd and useless to use that as an indicator on a hot day when literally everyone was pouring with sweat.  He also asked why he, a clean-cut, well dressed, middle-aged caucasian was singled out.  The TSA person never answered his questions and our writer was soon given a full pat down and swab.  After clearing this screening, he was released on his way after a 15 minute unnecessary delay.  Nonetheless, if everyone “opted out,” TSA would be forced to change its ways or cause total gridlock at the airports.  We hope our readers will take these examples, not be intimidated, and just say no.  Stand up for yourself, your rights, and demand your lawmakers and airlines act to protect your freedoms against invasive unconstitutional government actions.

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