Change the Debate: How to Win the Battle for Gun Rights Part I: Understanding the Fight

Ladies and gentlemen, dark days are upon us.  Not since the Civil War has the liberty and freedom of this Republic been under so great a threat.  What makes this threat so dire is that it is both internal and external.  Unlike past foreign, external threats that were overt and allowed the American people to rally around a common cause, these threats are covert and come from within.  These threats are quietly supported externally by powerful financiers and are designed to lead to America tearing herself apart from within.  These forces could be summarized as geopolitical enemies like China and ideological enemies such as globalists, the heads of big banks, and the European Union.  What they all have in common is a universal disdain for American values, freedom, and liberty, and the threat America poses to their consolidation of world power and control.  The proof is all around.  What was sacred, moral, ethical, and right only 50 years ago is now derided by the government, media, and pop culture.  Our nation is not a melting pot, but a patchwork of government fabricated special interest groups all fighting against the others resulting in gain only for the elite.  The fundamental rights of free speech, protection from unreasonable search and seizure, free press, the ability to keep and enjoy what one earns, and the ability to defend all of the above against those wanting to take it have been abolished or constrained and limited to the point of irrelevance.  Those unwilling to submit to these new pillars of correctness and  to surrender their freedom and liberty are chastised, black balled, insulted, penalized, fired from jobs,  and now even put on terrorist watch lists and arrested.  Only by going on the offensive and recalibrating the arguments can this be turned around.  We have been pushed too far and must reclaim ground.  Ladies and gentlemen, to use a football analogy, we are on the one yard line and the enemy is about to score.  There is no further room to give and we must push them back.

It’s time to change the debate just as the enemies of a free America have attempted with the “gun debate.”  If ,as they claim, we need to revisit the “meaning” of the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment, then we need to codify the fact that an individual has an unalienable right to self-defense of their person, property, and innocent civilians.  Further, it must be clear that this includes the right to own and carry weapons sufficient in power to offer a reasonable check against government tyranny as the central hallmark of the right.  This means that the weapons and armament possessed by the citizenry must be allowed to adapt to the technology of the day.  In 1786, a flintlock musket was the assault rifle of the day and was sufficient to counter tyranny.  Using the same bar, the population today is under armed.  We the people demand better access to true military grade assault rifles, suppressors, and anti-armor weapons and ammunition.  Further, the populace requires access to other high tech electronic warfare and communication devices to protect against spying, surveillance, and stand-off attack in order to balance against the police state that has rapidly risen over the last decade.  Remember, it is the government that should fear the people and not the reverse.  This is not extreme, but reasonable.  What IS extreme and unreasonable is the massive growth of “law enforcement” and paramilitary police organizations to the point cops are indistinguishable from front line combat soldiers and are sitting on every block.  What IS extreme and unreasonable is the Orwellian police state we have funded and built with tax dollars to place a camera on every square inch of land in America, to record every single electronic activity of every person in America without cause or warrant, and to create secret blacklists of people barred from travel and slated for detainment and or execution without due process.  What IS extreme and unreasonable is the police use of military armored vehicles that are now comparable in capability to tanks and drone aircraft used to spy and kill with impunity around the world against our civilian population.

We now face a situation where it is no longer a government of the people and for the people, but one of a government for the government and of the government, which will stop at nothing to protect the government even at the cost of those it is entrusted to protect and serve.  Those enemies of the free people, those elitist usurpers, those friends of tyrants, we know you and will call you out.  We will hound you at every step and turn your game upon your heads till all see you for your true colors.  Piers Morgan, Alan Dershowitz, Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, Michael Bloomberg, George Soros, Arianna Huffington, Andrew Cuomo, Rachel Maddow, and the like behind the scenes are on notice.  We will not allow you to casually denounce us, mock our freedoms, and undermine our sovereignty.  We will see you fired from your jobs, defeated at the ballot box, discredited in academia, scorned in public.  You are the threat and the living proof why we not only need the Second Amendment in our Bill of “Rights,” but need to expand it to compensate for today’s challenges.  This is our constitutionally protected and defined right and responsibility.

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