Radio vs Gun

We live in a time where many citizens are being illegally deprived of their Second Amendment right.  In cities like Chicago it is still nearly impossible for an average citizen to “legally” carry a firearm for self-defense.  This situation becomes even more pronounced when traveling overseas in countries with total gun control.  As such, the issue of how to protect yourself and your family against predatory thugs when disarmed is a situation we have all likely experienced and had to endure.  This article does not seek to diminish the necessity of firearms, but does provide an expedient option that has proven time and again to be highly effective at deterring criminals.

A few months ago a veteran Special Forces operator and I were chatting about the degree to which the US had moved toward tyranny and a police state.  We discussed strategies we had successfully employed when confronted with threats where we desired a firearm, but for one reason or another were unable to carry one.  One tactic we employed domestically as well as overseas was carrying a policy style radio.  At times the radio may have been even more effective than a firearm as its presence alone dispersed a crowd much larger (and likely armed) than someone armed would want to confront.  To employ this tactic, one should consider carrying a Motorola style “police” handheld radio in a manner that looks covert enough to appear cop-like, but overt enough to be clearly seen by thugs. We both used this simple strategy very effectively.

In both our experiences, the moment the radio was seen by the circling predators, they immediately backed off and left the area.  Criminals hate cops, but rarely look for a fight with a cop when they are not cornered.  It is this perception of law enforcement that is so effective at deterring potential assailants.  Further, the radio is generally not a restricted item that security will take from you or that you can be punished for possessing.  As such, it can be carried concealed, overseas, and even through airport security.  It is also an object that is recognized worldwide as associated with official government activities that the public generally would prefer not to be involved with.  The effect can be amplified by purchasing and using the stereotypical “pigtail” earpiece often associated with Secret Service Agents.  Finally, if the radio is actually functional, you can even use it to legitimately call for backup if in trouble.  Employed properly, the criminal will generally pick another target and you live another day.

We are not suggesting that carrying a police style radio is going to stop all potential attacks and may not even be visible during low light conditions or at night.  However, it certainly causes any potential assailant to hesitate and second guess whether or not to go through with their criminal act.  It is within this window of opportunity created where you can effect escape, execute a defense, or potentially avert the attack completely.  Further, when no firearms are available or allowed, it is one item that is available, but goes overlooked as potentially useful for deterrence.  Also, the weight of the radio makes it suitable as an expedient bludgeon.  Although new Motorola XTS 5000 style radios can be extremely expensive, plenty of very affordable Motorola radios such as the Motorola CP185 have the look and function you need for effective deterrence.  Ultimately, you must evaluate your own personal defense plan, but in a pinch, this Last Minute Survival Tip is certainly one to consider.


By Guiles Hendrik

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