Former Maryland Congressman Roscoe Bartlett Becomes a West Virginia Prepper

Following up on our article on prepper communities and West Virginia as the go-to location for preppers east of the Mississippi, it appears former Congressman Roscoe Bartlett agrees.  In fact he has left his more conservative constituency in western Maryland and headed for the mountains of West Virginia just as we recommended.  Congressman Bartlett has established a beautiful self-sufficient, off grid sanctuary any of us would be happy to have.  Whether you agree with Congressman Bartlett’s political actions, we can all agree he is right about his chosen style of living and opted out of our fragile grid and poisoned food supply.

Once again, West Virginia has proved a haven for preppers like none other.  Please join our growing communities and help us rebuild our nation from the ground up starting with West Virginia.

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By Guiles Hendrik

January 5, 2014

All rights reserved

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