Organic Food Shortages and Why You Should Smile

Today as I browsed news headlines from around the world I noticed that news outlets were reporting on organic food shortages due to high demand.  I could interpret this headline in both positive and negative ways, but generally speaking, I read this as good news.  I see this as proof people are becoming aware of the poisonous food being sold to us by industrialized agricultural corporations like Monsanto and rejecting it.  I see this as proof that we are winning the war against a centrally controlled monopoly of the global food supply.  Even if the bought politicians in Washington have done all they can to silence critics of genetically modified organisms (GMO) and forced organizations that are supposed to look out for food safety like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) to certify poisons as “safe” for consumption, people are rejecting the faux science of overpaid lobbyists.  Instead, people are opting for natural and organic foods.  Remarkably, this has not been because of market and government pressure, but in spite of it.  Rather than accepting that GMO crops are just as “healthy” and “safe” as non-GMO crops, consumers have overwhelmingly opted to purchase far more expensive produce because of health, taste, and nutritional value.  In this regard, the consumer has passed its verdict against the evil profiteers at Monsanto and similar corporations in spite of what the bought media may try to tell you.

This phenomenon demonstrates that in spite of corporate and government lies, dirty legal tactics, fancy marketing, and paramilitary raids designed to intimidate and scare farmers, the consumers can still think for themselves and back down billion dollar global corporations.  If it can be done at the supermarket, it can be done on other fronts such as domestic surveillance, illegal wars, and the demonization of firearms.  This should give us all hope.  It should also give Monsanto sponsored politicians like the current head of the USDA, Tom Vilsack, a man that has done immense damage to the health of millions in the US by forcing GMO crops into the grocery stores of America, to pause because their legacy will be one of dishonor and disgrace.  They will be seen and remembered as vile creatures that poisoned our children for profits.

The shortage in organic food also signals that the market for healthy, natural, and organic foods is growing and is profitable.  Anyone with good agricultural land should consider even small scale farming of organic crops as a way to supplement your diet and offset food costs during good and bad times.  Further, on a larger scale, investing in organic farming will be a lucrative enterprise.  As demand grows, these local farms will reap greater and greater profits.  After all, as the world population grows, so does the demand for good food.  However, land suitable for farming is inversely related to population growth so as the world becomes more crowded and requires more food, farmland acreage decreases.  This creates a classic example of economic supply and demand where higher demand for dwindling supplies of organic foods will continue to drive the cost of produce higher and higher.  Those of you able to capitalize on this basic business principle stand to handsomely profit as well as feed your community.

In summary, I welcome the growing demand for organic food because every cent redirected from industrialized, GMO farming to local growers weakens Monsanto and their despicable lobby while strengthening local communities and the health and security of our food supply.  I recommend all of you become informed on these topics and support your local organic and native food growers employing sustainable agricultural practices.  Even if organic food currently costs you slightly more, your health and taste buds will make it worth every dollar.

By Guiles Hendrik

January 21, 2014

All rights reserved. 


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