An Open Letter to Connecticut Law Enforcement

Connecticut has a storied history in the founding of our republic.  As a state at the forefront of the Revolutionary War, its patriots stood firm in the face of tyranny.  What they helped achieve was nothing short of miraculous in respect to the new nation with freedoms and liberties never before known to previous generations of countless subjects.  In the coming days and weeks, you as law enforcement officers will be ordered to enforce a draconian gun control law against the wishes of the very same type of men that stood against tyrants and freed our nation from monarchy.  Will you go door to door and arrest those patriots that refuse to lay down their arms in the face of unconstitutional legislative action?  I ask that you do stand down and refuse to obey those orders for the common good.

Many of these peaceful citizens will be farmers, teachers, carpenters, doctors, soldiers, sportsmen, fireman, and former law enforcement that have dedicated their professional lives to the betterment and protection of their fellow citizens.  They are the true first line of defense for their families and communities.  They are you and me.  You will be told that these “former” law abiding citizens are suddenly now dangerous felons that pose an existential threat to peace in your state.  Those that refuse to hand over their lawfully obtained and peacefully maintained firearms will be deemed outlaws and you will be tasked with stamping out this rebellion.  How will you justify your actions?  Are you “just doing your job” like the Gestapo’s foot soldiers?  Will you use maximum force for officer safety at the risk of innocent citizens being harmed or killed?  When you have to kill your fellow citizens to disarm them will it be worth it?  When your actions lead to more deaths of children and innocents will it be justified?  Will your actions truly serve good or evil?  Are you willing to risk your life for the leftist bureaucrats that care nothing for you and look with contempt at law enforcement behind closed doors as brutish, uneducated, hired guns?  Will you stand with the people of your communities or the tyrants in government?  Do you realize that this issue is far bigger than Connecticut?

Consider that until you begin to breach doors and enter the homes of peaceful citizens at gunpoint, there was no threat.   There was no bloodshed.  There was no violence in these communities emanating from these lawful gun owners.  If you enforce this unconstitutional law, it will be you that brings violence and bloodshed to the innocent.  You will surrender your title of protector of the innocent and become the very evil you claim to stand against.  You will lose all standing amongst the citizenry as legitimate.  You will become nothing more than the armed thugs of the elite and deserve your earned fate.  Ironically, you will be the very threat against which, citizens were given the right by law to be armed.

A healthy republic relies on the action of free men with unimpeachable integrity, inquisitive minds, and steadfast moral constitutions.  Your founding fathers left a clear mandate for you to resist tyranny in every form at every opportunity.  Every one of you should intuitively understand that surrendering arms is not about protection but about the total power and control of the state at the expense of a citizen’s freedom and liberty.  The power of the government is inversely proportional to the freedom of the people; the more powerful the government, the less free the people.  However, the power of a nation is directly proportional to its freedom and liberty; the more free the peopl                                                                                                                                                                                             e, the stronger the nation.  Remember that even the United States Attorney General, Eric Holder, stated as recently as last month that you should not enforce laws you feel are unconstitutional.  Further, the oath many of us took was to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.  This is your moment to stand firm with your fellow citizens against tyranny and let it be known that you will not be a part of their oppression.  Do what tyrants fear most and stand up to them.  Without their brutish enforcers, the schemers have no power.  I ask each and every one of you to show true courage and utterly refuse to enforce Connecticut’s unconstitutional gun control laws.  Prove to the tyrants that the old blood of patriots is still alive and well amongst New England’s citizens and you will defend liberty and freedom today as your forefathers did in 1776.  Stand firm, stand united, but do not stand for the schemers that seek to disarm and control our nation.  Refuse to enforce this law.



Guiles Hendrik