Ebola Update: Obama Administration Carrying Out Bio-Terrorism inside the US

Ebola is now here.  I told you so.

Earlier this week I thought it was time to write a post alerting our readers to the fact the Obama Administration is intentionally spreading disease throughout the US and killing thousands.  By intentional, I meant it exactly.  The Administration has been mandating polices that they know will lead to the deaths of Americans, but our lives and security have been superseded by the needs of the Party.  In particular, I warned of how the failure to secure our borders would lead to the inevitable spread of a host of deadly diseases to America.  I also predicted the enterovirus would claim its first lives.  Sadly, both have now been confirmed.  I recommended that you stock up on your pandemic supplies and demand the borders to be secured.  I also would recommend reviewing that article if you haven’t read it, post it, and pass it on to friends and relative.


Specific to Ebola, back on August 8th, I wrote a post predicting this very scenario and calling into question the discrepancies between CDC actions and their statements.  http://www.lastminutesurvival.com/2014/08/17/ebola-when-to-act/  Further, I pointed out that the notion of a “low probability” of Ebola coming to the US was absurd because our government was intentionally preventing sane preventative measures such as shutting down air traffic to and from West Africa and not allowing people into the US coming from Ebola endemic areas without proper screening.  Now that Ebola is here, the US government is again telling people to stay calm and that they have it under control.  Well, if they had it under control, why were they dead wrong about the disease spreading like wildfire in Africa and not coming to the US?  That’s two strikes.  Dangerously, if the government gets a third strike, it is us that will be out.

Ebola’s spread has been largely underestimated.  In my previous article I provided a baseline to help readers decide for themselves how contagious the virus is.  Based on the estimated rate of contagion (originally it was estimated each infected person would infect 1.85 people, but I believed that to be low and only suitable for modeling Ebola’s spread in the thinly populated remote jungle villages), it was clear to me that if the disease infected around 10,000 by the end of September 2014, it was spreading at an exponential rate.  The data coming in from Africa that includes both confirmed plus the estimated unconfirmed infections shows the disease has infected well over 10,000 and may in fact be quickly approaching 20,000.  As such, I have to confirm my model and declare Ebola has broken out of containment and will spread globally.  Now that it is in the US, expect confirmed cases of Ebola to begin popping up globally.  This will only get worse so the time to prepare has become limited.  By Christmas, we may be dealing with a full blown global crisis.  Further, the worst case will be realized if the virus mutates and becomes airborne.  This would become a global disaster and would be a worst case scenario with the potential to kill half the world’s population and utterly bring modern civilization to a halt.

In upcoming articles, I will detail the ripple effects this disease and others will have on economies and our very fragile logistics and supply chain life style so stayed tuned.  Hint: It brings it to a halt and leads to a total break down of society.

By Guiles Hendrik

September 30, 2014




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