Success in Ferguson: The Untold Story

Pictures of the criminal Michael Brown Robbing a Convenience Store

Pictures of the criminal Michael Brown violently assaulting a clerk and robbing a convenience store

As news broke last night that Officer Darren Wilson would not be indicted by a grand jury, events unfolded as I warned.  Legitimate, peaceful protests were hijacked by a host of unsavory groups to included anarchists and domestic terrorist organizations like the New Black Panther Party.  The New Black Panther Party is racist terrorist organization whose members were planning to carry out a Boston Marathon style bombing of the Ferguson protests (see:, which could have maimed and killed dozens of people.  As predicted, the protests provided cover for this mob of anarchists, domestic terrorists, and criminals to congregate and then begin to riot.  Further, because of political pressure, the police were impotent to stop the violence and the National Guard was held back, which left innocent citizens helpless as their cars were torched and businesses looted.  As the sun rose today over Ferguson, the damage was clear.  Entire blocks were burned to the ground, cars were destroyed, stores were looted, citizens were assaulted, and in general, all hell had broken loose.  So where is the success in Fergusson you ask?  The untold story of Ferguson is that many businesses, homes, and property were left untouched not by the design of the mob or by the “protection” of the state, but by brave actions armed, private citizens.  Seeing the increasing societal tensions and risk pointing toward greater civil disorder, Last Minute Survival began a movement to organize a qualified force of citizen volunteers to help protect innocent lives and property nationwide.  From this genesis, the Civilian Response Force was formed (See:  Since then, I have been working to discretely prioritize and fulfill requests for help from around the nation using a growing pool of qualified volunteers willing to provide security related services.  The CRF teams work as unpaid volunteers in very dangerous areas only to protect other citizens they most likely have never met.  These teams demonstrate the highest ideals one could ever ask of a fellow neighbor and citizen, and they do it selflessly.  The CRF teams joined by thousands of other private citizens acting unilaterally and paid private security contractors proved effective last night in preventing wider spread destruction.

More to the core of the issue, these private citizens successfully provided security and stability where the police and National Guard failed.  What we don’t need is martial law and a police state.  What we need are more citizens willing to stand up to those bent on destroying our communities and take action. Last night was just the beginning of violence, which in all likelihood will be even greater tonight and spread beyond primarily black neighborhoods and to other cities around the nation.

It is now clear the protests were targeted by inside organizers bent on causing havoc and they intend on using this politically motivated and created injustice for all they can.  Over the past months, these agitators whipped the protestors into a frenzy in hopes of inciting maximum violence and destruction to further divide this nation along racial lines.  This type of action has historically served the aims of leftist/communists and anarchists alike, which are destructive ideologies that have long sought the demolition of this nation from the inside.  Dangerously, the rhetoric has created the perception that this wanton violence and destruction is “justified” even though it is now evident that the officer did act properly and in accordance with the law when he shot a violent criminal determined to kill named Michael Brown.  Even Missouri State Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadali (D) said of the riots, “This is St. Louis’s race war.” (See:  How much more direct can one be?

The nation has fractured and more violence will be forthcoming.  We will need to remain vigilant and be prepared to protect each other in the face of violent criminal actions because the police and government, which arguably are a part of the problem, cannot and will not be able to protect you and your family. Today, I am asking our readers again to volunteer here ( with the CRF.

To those that have already contacted LMS I want to personally thank you.  Your dedication is noble and you have made a difference where it counts most at home, but I humbly must ask for more help.  I still need your help to continue to protect innocent lives and property and to get the word out.  Talk to like-minded friends and organizations, call into radio shows, blog, post on Facebook and Twitter, post fliers, use whatever grassroots resources you have at your disposal to inform the public there is a better option and a solution to living at the mercy of fear and violence.  Let them know what we are doing and how it is taking back power from the government and the mob and putting it in the people’s hands and how our solution is more effective.  Go to local businesses and the homes of elderly and ask if they need help.  Let those most in need know we are here to help.  The response to our launch of the CRF has been beyond expectations, but we are far from reaching our goal of having CRFs stood up and ready to respond to requests in all 50 states.  As citizens, we are the majority.  As the citizenry our numbers are greater than those of the police and the mob combined by magnitudes of order.  It is time we the silent majority stand up and say enough.  It is time we take back our communities from the mobs on the street and the agitators Washington.  Please contact us today and help.

Thank you,

Guiles Hendrik

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