Why No One Should Serve in the US Military: Your leaders are incompetent and your next Secretary of Defense is no exception.

The face of your next wartime leader...really?

The face of your next wartime leader…really?

As a combat veteran of the wars in both Afghanistan and Iraq, I am going to be very blunt.  Lives depend on being direct and the need for military personnel to come forward and tell the truth.  In fact, it is chilling that no one has called out the insanity taking place before our very eyes within the ranks of the military.  The senior military leadership is incompetent to lead.  Our failures in both Iraq and Afghanistan bare this out.  Today’s testimony by the soon to be next Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter should make it blatantly clear that no one should consider joining our military.  For current active duty and reserve members, run for the door and get the hell out as soon as your obligations allow.

Your soon to be Defense Secretary Ashton Carter is a bright scientist, but has no damn clue what he is doing respective of military operations.  This will get you killed.  As a professional soldier I don’t come to the lab and tell scientists how to conduct research and neither should a scientist tell me how to fight a war.  Putting a career bureaucrat in charge will assure the US will continue to lose our current and future wars.  If you have any doubt whether or not the pencil pushing Obama lackey is completely out of touch with reality and totally incapable of doing the job, you need to listen to his Senate confirmation testimony.

In Senate hearings today, Carter’s testimony can be summarized as falling far short of someone prepared and capable to lead the Department of Defense at any time and much less during an on-going war.  I could have provided more coherent testimony while drunk, standing on my head, and blindfolded after 72 hours of no sleep.  To be specific, during the hearing Senator McCain of Arizona asked Carter, “What do you understand the strategy for combating ISIS to be?”  Carter responded, “The, uh… uh, uh, um…uh, strategy connects ends and means, and our ends with respect to, uh, ISIL needs to be its lasting defeat.  Uh, I say ‘lasting’ because it’s important that when they get defeated they stay defeated. Uh, and, uh that is why it’s important that, uhhh, we have, uhhhh, uh-uh, uh, those on the ground there who will ensure that they stay defeated once defeated.”  Are you kidding me?  When asked point blank by Senator John McCain what the strategy for fighting ISIS is all Carter could do was utter a string of unintelligible rambling of ums and uhs concluded by a statement about how we will make sure they stay defeated once defeated.  This answer requires a response of equal impact and none better than the principal’s response in the movie Billy Madison to Billy’s answer.  “Mr. Madison, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.”  In the movie it was hilarious, in real life, this is terrifying.

To think the man that is about to head the Department of Defense probably couldn’t even spell ISIL is without doubt another military disaster in the making.  The truth is staring every single rational person in the face, but not a single “leader” will stand up and say this is outrageous.  The Obama Administration cares so little about our fighting men and women that it is willing to appoint a person that doesn’t have a clue about the difference between a strategy and a goal.  Further, Carter cannot form even the remotest notion of what a strategy to fight ISIS would look like.  The brazen arrogance of a man to stand in front of the nation and demonstrate he hasn’t the slightest idea about what challenges and dangers our fighting men are currently facing, but state that he is ready to lead the Department of Defense during war, is utterly incomprehensible for an honest man.  Any rational human wouldn’t follow this man anywhere so how are you to believe he is fit to lead the world’s largest bureaucracy?  The answer is you shouldn’t, but the sellouts in Congress, at the Pentagon, in the media, and at the White House not just hope, but are betting you are dumb enough to maintain the status quo and risk your life for this idiot that cares nothing about you, your family, or even the war he is supposed to manage.  I don’t know you, but I know your life is your most precious gift.  Don’t be the idiot and die in vain for these scumbags.  Open your eyes and see the truth and get out.  There is no longer honor in this charade.

I have already witnessed too many great men (and women) pay too great a sacrifice for Washington’s bogus wars orchestrated by draft dodging, hypocritical cowards that are scum in comparison.  It pains me deeply to see even a single American wounded or worse, killed for needless wars we all know are being fought in vain for special interests.  I ask that each and every one of you deny this traitorous cancer we cynically refer to as “leadership” your talents.  Leave them to fight their own endless, losing wars.  Leave them to pay for their reckless adventures in their own blood and treasure.  Let their political allies spend years away from their families while enduring extreme hardship and danger.  Let them become victim to their own suicidal policies.  For too long, we the capable have allowed the incapable to prosper by covering for their incompetence.  Let them experience what their policies really look like without capable warfighters.  Let them suffer and own their failures.  Please, see the bigger picture and realize you are being used as a disposable pawn they care nothing about and reject that status.  They laugh at you behind closed doors and see you as dumb peasants.  Your greatest service to the oath you took to defend this nation is to completely reject the utter disregard for competent leadership.  As officers, it is your sworn duty to resign en masse to this treason.  You have a choice.  Recognize you are being used by a domestic enemy and refuse it your service or waste your life fighting in vain for the enemy of what you swore to defend.  The choice is yours, but please choose wisely.

By Guiles Hendrik

February 4, 2015





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