Product Review – Briotech HOCL Topical Skin Solution

Hours spent on rifle and pistol ranges leads to occasional cuts, scrapes, and other accidents.  Most of us handle these issues with small bandages and move on, sometimes that’s not enough.  Enter Briotech, a small business with a big impact based in Washington.  In short, Briotech makes a product that is similar to a bottled  immune system.  Specifically, they produce hypochlorous acid (HOCL) based products for personal and commercial uses.  The beauty of HOCL is that our bodies use it to fight off harmful bacteria, spores, and viruses.  Why does this matter to us?  If you are reading this then you are likely not a dandy and probably get out and work with your hands in one way or another.  Hands on work leads to minor injuries where the application of some Briotech HOCL can lead to a well healed laceration instead of a nasty infection.

After learning about the DOD purchasing mass quantities of HOCL during the ebola scare, the staff at LMS contacted Briotech in October of last year.  A request for testing materials was granted and now, four month later, we have some basic results to share with our readership.  The tested product was Briotech’s HOCL Topical Skin Solution.  For more info on this product see  Various bottles of the solution were distributed among LMS staff and associates.  The results were all positive….

One of our reviewers had an infected finger and used a Briotech saturated bandage on the finger, which seemed to reduce the inflammation and after a couple days seemed to alleviate the infection.

Another was a high velocity penetrating leg injury (ricochet from a bullet impact) that penetrated the patient’s thigh.  The site was sprayed with Briotech within minutes of the injury and repeated after the bullet fragment was removed.  The wound did not become infected and healed well.

Another case was a laceration to the arm from a jagged piece of metal.  The wound was cleaned and irrigated and then treated with Briotech saturated bandages.  The wound healed quickly, with very little inflammation, and no discernible infection.

We are pleased to inform LMS readers that our testing of Briotech’s HOCL Topical Skin Solution gets the ‘thumbs up nod’.  This conclusion is supported by external reports of HOCL having positive effects in field hospitals, healing amputation ulcers, and burn treatment.  This simple product would be a great addition to our first aid kits and bug out bags.  Of special note is a test conducted at the University of Washington on the effectiveness of HOCL against MRSA and A. Baumannli.  See below for the visual results.

A special thanks goes to Dan Terry, founder of Briotech, for providing LMS with plenty of product samples with which to carry out the review.  We hope that his company continues to grow and provide our troops in harms way an edge against  the health challenges they encounter.

   -LMS Staff

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