The Baltimore Riots, the Racism Scapegoat, and the Hypocrisy of the Left

Today, May Day, is fitting timing for the below article.  Communist agitators have long used this day to protest, burn, and riot.  What I discuss below in regards to the Baltimore riots is overtly an issue of how race is being politically manipulated in the USA.  However, the deeper, more “fundamental change” that is occurring as a result of racial politics that dangerously parallel the classic Marxist strategies used to overthrow nations.

Baltimore is still at a slow boil as the other cities around the nation brace for civil disorder after the death of a man taken into police custody in Baltimore.  The official investigation is still on-going and no conclusive evidence for exactly how or why the man was killed has been released.  However, in spite of the fact we don’t know what happened, Baltimore was allowed to be sacked by rioters whipped up into a frenzy by the American Left over charges of racism.  Personally, I am sick of the distortions, hypocrisy, and outright lies being used to manipulate and tear apart our nation.  Today, I am frankly discussing the topic and political abuse of the term “racism” so drop your biases, open your eyes, and engage your brains.  As a nation, we need to reject this garbage propaganda, lock up the elite perpetrators, and “ALL” get back to living responsible lives.  We must live lives that justify being treated with dignity and respect, not just demand it.  These are hallmarks earned not given in any civilized society. 

The propaganda ministers of the left spared no expense blaming racism to enflame the public as soon as it was revealed a “black” man died while in police custody.  It is no secret that I utterly oppose excessive force and the militarization of the police, but I also recognize that racism is all too often used and abused as an excuse to blame unjustifiable conduct by the “victim.”  The rioting in Baltimore would appear to be a case of the latter even though it is the former that is the bigger issue at hand.  Nonetheless, for the propaganda ministers and rioters, it didn’t matter that they had zero evidence to support this claim or even how the man died.  They didn’t stop there though and soon we heard the classic communist cries of economic marginalization and inequality stemming from this alleged racism being proclaimed as the underlying cause of the ensuing riots.  Of course the Left’s, to date completely unfounded, race baiting and lies had nothing to do with the riots!  However, these same people that jumped to what amounted to a very racist conclusion failed to mention some of the officers involved, the police chief, and even the mayor are all black.  More specifically, these communist agitators utterly failed to explain how racism was the cause of the man’s death in what would be an inexplicable case of black on black racism being conducted under the auspices of a government run by black leaders.  Nonetheless, racism has been proclaimed as the undisputable culprit.  As such, their logic is highly flawed, but then again, truth and facts never did matter to these leftist hypocrites.

Not only is all of this outrage extremely premature and presumptive, but serves to bolster a long running false narrative fabricated by the left to polarize our nation as racist for politic gain.  It also negates the bigger and more dangerous issues of a heavy handed police state being impressed upon our nation.  The effects of the Left criminally inciting riots have caused millions of dollars in damage to Baltimore and utterly destroyed many homes and businesses. It is time that people speak out against the grave harm this political race baiting is doing to our nation and call out the fraudsters like Al Sharpton and former Attorney General Eric Holder for what they are.  In fact, I would suggest a movement is started to criminally charge these “leaders” with inciting riots and hold them financially responsible for the damage inflicted.  Further, citizens of all races should be highly suspicious of the end goal of any person or group that tries to divide this nation through violence.  I can say first hand that I have not witnessed a nation torn by riots, anywhere in the world, where anyone but the elite ruling class benefited.  However, I have seen time and again where social unrest was used to spark bigger revolts, revolution, and ultimate overthrows of nations…usually for the worse.  Disturbingly, this unrest follows a very Marxist strategy that has been globally employed.  Think long and hard on this and then ask yourself who is inciting racial division inside the United States, what they represent, and what they stand to gain from it.  If you are honest and unbiased, the answers are very disturbing to anyone that values a free republic.

As previously mentioned it is the American Left that is hypocritically leveling claims of racism on this nation and creating a false narrative.  For example, even though it was completely disproven that the “hands up, don’t shoot” didn’t happen and the shooting death of Michael Brown was justifiable self-defense by Officer Darren Wilson, the left continues to this day to push the false narrative of a totally innocent and unarmed black man being wantonly gunned down by a white cop.  This is criminal by the Left because these lies have been repeatedly used to incite riots and revenge killings against truly innocent whites.  Hypocritically, the Left conjures a victim mentality by blaming all the ills of any black, whether self-inflicted or not, on what they claim as racism by white conservative Republicans.  They then use this race baiting ploy to dupe and control their black constituents into doing their bidding at the polls.  Disagree?  Allow me to explain.

In the current case of racism being cited in Baltimore, we find that it is black Democrats, not white Republicans that have controlled the politics of Baltimore for over a half century.  If indeed racism was at the root of the riots, one must conclude that this racism was the institutional product of leftist, liberal politics that have controlled nearly every aspect of Baltimore for generations.  Further, Maryland as a whole has been a long time left leaning state and has up until the most recent gubernatorial election had extremely liberal Democrats as governors.  Extending this further, in every heavily black urban area in this nation, the area has been run almost exclusively by Democrats.  These areas are also not so coincidentally the same areas with the highest rates of violence, crime, poverty, drug use, teen pregnancy, high school dropout rates, illiteracy, regulation, and gun control.  However, rather than the masses recognizing this glaring contradiction between leftist pro-black/anti-racist rhetoric and the fact it has been the Left that has utterly led them to communal destruction, they continue to support and re-elect liberal Democrats.

Instead of rising against the Democrat leadership that has exploited blacks for decades; a large portion of inner city blacks are allowing themselves to be whipped up into a violent frenzy against whites.  Routinely now, militant black terrorist organizations such as the New Black Panther Party have called for and carried out the murder of whites and cops.  However, no indictments have been handed down by the “Justice Department,” which claims to be at the forefront of combating racism.  In fact, no publicized investigations or arrests have been made of the leadership of these racist, terrorist organizations at all.  Why would the “Justice” Department seize control of entire local police departments and attempt to find anything…even an off colored joke…to “prove” racism, while blatantly ignoring domestic terrorist threats to murder cops and whites posted boldly on social media?  Could it be that they want racial tension, violence, and social unrest?  How else could one explain this overt bias in law enforcement?  Has no one noticed that the very same hypocrites calling for action against racism are also the same people that agitate for racially motivated attacks against non-blacks?  Has anyone called these race baiting frauds out as the true racists?  If not, it is time.

Sadly though, I predict that the blacks of Baltimore will not wake up and boot out the Democrats (of whatever race), but will instead strike out against whites and elect an even more liberal set of leaders.  They will again allow themselves to be lied to and exploited by Democrats promising to improve the city and to fight “racism.”  Some may say my conclusion is proof I have a racial bias, but in fact, this isn’t my prediction at all.  It is actually what the Left has always intended and relied on for votes and power for decades.  If this wasn’t the predictable result, the Left’s agitators wouldn’t be pushing this false agenda of racism.  Ultimately, if blacks believe they are truly being racially oppressed and their economic conditions are so bad, my first recommendation would not be to burn and loot, but to boot the liberal Democrats out of office.  To allow the current Democrats to maintain power while simultaneously blaming institutional racism is the very definition of self-destructive insanity.  Blacks that fail to see how the Left has used them should wakeup, standup, and call out these false prophets like Al Sharpton and President Obama.  Only by suspending reason and logic could one disconnect the Democrat’s failed liberal leftist policies pushed for generations across Maryland with the economic situation in Baltimore.  If Baltimore rallied against the true root of their problems, the city would be far better off and not tearing itself apart.


By Guiles Hendrik

May 1, 2015


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