Irony of the Day: Why Leftist opinions don’t matter and how to fight back

Few people are more vocal and utterly driven by blind ideology than the adherents to leftist ideologies  By leftist I generally umbrella anyone ascribing to communist, socialist, fascist, or other “progressive” ideologies even though in a purest political science realm we could debate over the semantics.  At no point is logic or even historical precedence, respective of the validity of their political arguments, allowed to enter into their conscious understanding of the world.  Their world is a nonsensical false utopia based on long ago debunked political alchemy and universal truths cannot be entertained.  Their world is one of emotional opinion based on the manipulation of the facts and reality as it stands.  These leftist ideologies have led to the deaths of hundreds of millions of people globally and are unmatched in their totalitarian brutality, yet both academia and the masses spout this vile rhetoric.  These facts are inescapable to the unbiased student of political science.  The left’s ideological war must be countered because it is poison to a free society.  As such, I want to take a moment to point out one of the most glaring, ironic, hypocrisies of the left.   

Those that adhere to leftist ideologies are well known for their strong opinions (to the point of hysterics), but are apparently too brain washed or incapable of logical reasoning to see the glaring hypocrisy staring them in the mirror.  The ironic hypocrisy I speak of is any supporter of the “Left” having an opinion.  The ideology they espouse provides no room for independent thought, opinions, or even a free press, but they are too dull to understand this fact.  One that adheres to a leftist ideology by default cedes all decision making power and responsibility to the state.  In effect, the servants of the Left’s ideology have voluntarily become a slave to the state.  As a slave, when the full effect of a leftist regime is in place, they will be allowed no independent action, statements, or news and will be utterly reliant on the state for survival.  Nonetheless, when engaging a leftist foot soldier, you will hear a long list of totally disjointed aspirations, claims, and perceived injustices that they believe will be best served by joining ranks with leftists.  How sad and misguided it is they actually believe the government they want to create cares about them and is willing and able to champion their causes.  Have they not read Animal Farm?

These masses are nothing more than political fodder that have each been told their sacred cow is what really matters to their government.  Interestingly, there is no limit to the sacred cows the government claims it can champion or limit to the lies they will believe.  Even in the face of overwhelming evidence, criminal conduct, or failure they will still ardently defend their chosen champions.  In fairness, this applies in the US to both political parties that have demonstrated themselves not as liberal and conservative, but as communist and fascist.  Collectively, these worshippers of government are all too stupid to see that they are just being used.  Contemporarily, this has been best demonstrated by the immediate and intentional racial polarization of inner city blacks around the country against “racist cops” instead of dealing with the true problem of a government far exceeding its power and becoming militant in its oppression of “all” people within its proclaimed borders.  Leftists are so blinded by the political quackery they fail to see that the thing they are told is the cure for all their ills is actually the poison that is causing their sickness.  The more of the “cure” they take, the sicker they become.  To those inner city black rioters against racist cops that believe the “left” is the answer, I would challenge them to name the last true conservative, “little r” republican that governed their city.  The truth is that leftist governments and policies have been at the root of every single failed city and state in this country.  Soon it will just be a failed country if we allow this leftist insurgency to continue.  These political apparatchiks are the mortal enemy to the rule of law, the Constitution, and such valuable qualities as freedom, liberty, prosperity, self-determination, and religious morality and must be stopped.  This is an ideological war that must be won because there will be no quarter given and there is no place to retreat.  Though they profess tolerance, they are the most intolerant of all when it comes to anyone that dares to dissent and speak the truth.

Often we feel there is little we can do.  However, when confronting leftists, there is an extraordinary amount you can do individually and collectively.  In fact, much of what you can do comes directly from the left’s playbook.  To begin, vote them out of office or at least challenge them at the ballot box and force them to spend excessive cash to fend off primary challenges.  Debate and challenge their false logic at every opportunity.  You must win the war for the minds of our nation’s youth to include immigrants coming from what are already socialist/communist nations.  Expose the leftists’ hypocrisy and those that espouse it via mass media such as the internet (to include social networking), radio, film, and television.  Never allow the left’s operatives to hide in the shadows or behind bureaucracy.  Call them out publicly.  If you are a lawyer, sue them whenever they try to force their will on everyone else.  As law enforcement, charge them when they become lawless.  Further, if at all possible, refuse to work for or with these idiots.  You must intelligently deny your energy, skills, and services to them through legal means.  Depriving them of talent and funding are essential to weaken their cause.   Specifically, both people and companies that support and donate to leftist causes and candidates should be abandoned and boycotted.  Don’t work for them, provide services to them, or patronize them; expose them.  Also, attack the reputation of these companies and their products and services.  If you must work for them, take a page from their playbook and be an insider.  I would go as far as saying if charge them premium rates for even the most basic of tasks and services to deny them funds for leftist causes.  Give them no quarter just as they have refused you yours.  Play their game and change the terms of the argument.  Don’t let Republicans and Democrats get away with their political sleight of hand.  Call them for what they are…fascists and communists “dis”respectfully.  Whatever you do, don’t be apathetic because by the time you are “forced” to act, it will be too late.  Please pass on and feel free to email me if you support me in this war against the Left at; subject line: Fight the Left

By Guiles Hendrik

May 19, 2015

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