New Evidence of Intentional US Escalation with China

South China Sea and the Spratly Islands Source:

South China Sea and the Spratly Islands

In yesterday’s Global Updates (May 21, 2015), I noted that the US was beginning to escalate tensions with China.  My commentary focused on the reasons for the recent escalation.  Contrary to a simple “China is expansionist” argument, I argued it was far bigger and about global economic dominance.  The facts are China is now a peer competitor to the US and has established a counter to the post-Bretton Woods financial order.  China’s monetary challenges directly attack the US Dollar’s world reserve status and the hegemonic control of the IMF/World Bank.  If the US dollar loses its status as the world’s reserve currency, it is game over as we know life in the US.  This has set the stage within the White House for an elite power struggle since some in the new world order/globalist camp, to include President Obama, welcome this US downfall while others in the old world banking elite fear significant financial losses and strongly oppose China’s rise.  In simple terms, some of the Western banking elite’s most powerful will lose massive sums of wealth and power from an ascension of China’s currency.  As such, I fear based on historical precedence that to prevent financial loss, the bankers will again be key contributors behind the scenes to engineering a new world war.

Ironically, released an article yesterday dealing with just this topic.  In the article, none other than George Soros, the billionaire globalist, argues that the US must relinquish its dollar’s status as the world’s reserve currency to prevent a war with China.  I certainly do not agree with Soros’ leftist/globalist political agenda, but he is giving you a glimpse behind the scenes and a smart man will take note  Further, if you were searching for proof that the US is trying intentionally to escalate the situation with China, look no further than yesterday’s news of China’s attempt to deny airspace to a US surveillance plane.  When you investigate the story deeper, you find out that the US military intentionally placed a CNN news team onboard a highly classified Navy P8-A aircraft and flew over an area it knew would illicit a response from China.  The US military was more than capable of releasing the story without a CNN news crew onboard so it is curious why this was permitted unless it was a blatant attempt to place global attention on China.  In fact, I would go so far as to argue the military secretly hoped the plane would be attacked to cause a major incident.  I am glad it didn’t happen, but I don’t think the US military would have been upset.

Although the evidence at this point is still debatable, the trend is very clear to a seasoned analyst.  The US and China are drawing swords and about to face off.  I pray this can and will be averted, but for the time being I am forecasting an uptick in military tensions between the US and China that will peripherally include Japan, South Korea, North Korea, Russia, and a scattered contingent of smaller Asian nations such as Vietnam.  The impact will be negligible at first, but one can count on an increase in cyber-attacks that steal sensitive information.  Japan will also likely cross a threshold and begin to rearm in an offensive fashion while North Korea moves to detonate a functional nuclear weapon.  Further, China will conduct more aircraft carrier drills, anti-ship missile tests, and most likely another anti-satellite test thinly veiled as a space mission all to demonstrate it is now a peer competitor.  Expect Russia and China to also continue to move closer together and more economic agreements that solidify oil/gas deals without the use of the US Dollar.  Over the longer course, if cards still yet to be played force China in a corner, it will put the US on the course for a major global war.  Any war with China today will go nuclear and likely kill hundreds of millions of people.  Should I see those cards being played, I will be one of the first to provide updates.  To survive that conflagration, there really is only one viable course of action and that is to completely move to a nation in the far south of the Southern Hemisphere.

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By Guiles Hendrik

May 22, 2015


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