The Baltimore Riots again prove the government cannot and will not protect you. Why local organization is your best security.

Baltimore thugs proving they are thugs. Source: Breitbart

Baltimore thugs proving they are thugs. Source: Breitbart

Once again, the evidence is overwhelming that government orchestrated civil disorder led to the destruction of large parts of Baltimore.  Again, like in Ferguson, the “dog whistles” of the American Left have signaled it was justified to burn, to destroy, to loot, to assault, and to vandalize.  These rioters, not the protestors, were by and large scum and certainly presented the image of a career criminal class living on welfare unleashed on society.  If any of the rioters find that assessment offensive, then perhaps you shouldn’t act and look like a heathen. 

Post riots, the violence in Baltimore has skyrocketed while the police claim they have been undermined and cannot do their job.  I certainly will side with the police over what I witnessed rioting, but for them to intentionally disengage in protest is a dereliction of duty.  I am sorry some (possibly good cops), got wrapped up in what appears to be a politically motivated knee jerk reaction, but then, when someone gets their neck broke and you are the only one around, the average person would expect to be arrested.  If the Baltimore Police have become so accustomed to killing people with no consequences that this comes as a shock, then perhaps it was a necessary overreaction by the prosecuting attorney.  Either way, I won’t accept thug rule any more than an utterly corrupt police department with the nerve to refuse service.  Allowing gang rule to “punish” the citizens, while still collecting pay checks is despicable and has no honor in it.  I do empathize with the police and believe in law and order, but they cannot act as though they had no role to play in the chaos that has plagued Baltimore. 

If the people rise up against you that is a clue that your style policing and enforcement needs to change.  It is not all the cops or all the people.  They both have responsibility in the fate of the city.  Further, I refuse to entertain the police state logic that in plain language argues if the police cannot preemptively crack heads that they cannot do their job.  This is draconian filth.  If Baltimore wants to be a leftist cesspool than let it marinate.  However, the police are paid to do a job.  If they are unwilling to do their job properly and in accordance with the law, even if that is difficult, they should resign.  No one said being a cop was going to be an easy job and it is even tougher in a city so corrupt and mismanaged by the Left as Baltimore.

Not to just throw stones, I am again offering solutions.  If the people don’t like the cops and the cops refuse to do their job, there answer is simple.  Get rid of the bad cops and police yourselves locally.  The best answer has always been community policing.  Don’t let smug cops “punish” you into begging for them to come rough you up and slap you with false charges.  Don’t let corrupt politicians manipulate you either.  Get rid of both.  Vote them out of office and cut their funding until they change for the better.  In the interim, band together by neighborhood and set up your own community watch programs.  You will find you don’t need them and this is what they fear most.  LMS has been organizing these type operations for some time and it is amazing how a community can come together.  If any residents/neighborhoods are interested in this support, please contact us at, subject line “Security and Protective Services.”  Further, when people are suddenly given some responsibility to take ownership of their communities and work together, very good things can happen.  However, should the population choose to vote and live under leftist regimes as wards of the state (welfare slaves), they get what they deserve and the violent, impoverished world we now know as the city of Baltimore will be their fate.

By Guiles Hendrik

May 29, 2015

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