Coalition to Stop Gun Violence and Senator Chris Murphy Targeting US Citizens as “Dangerous Insurrectionists”

Senator Chris Murphy thinks you are a dangerous terrorist.

Senator Chris Murphy thinks you are a dangerous terrorist.

The “Coalition to Stop Gun Violence” (CSGV) is a radical leftist front organization funded by donations from globalists and sponsored by some of the most crackpot organizations, such as “Code Pink.”  Their clearly stated intent is to aggressively force gun control upon the United States are willing to use “social justice,” which is code for social terrorist campaigns designed to ruin anyone that resists their agenda.  Recently, they have started a campaign designed to force WTTG General Manager Patrick Paolini to fire a pro-Second Amendment reporter Emily Miller  Emily’s high crime was exercising her First Amendment right to support the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL).  The VCDL has been an effective and vocal advocate of gun rights for Virginians and thus, Emily has been targeted by CSGV and has become a victim of social terrorism.  I want to take the time today to expose these treasonous enemies of a free and sovereign nation and shine the light on their leadership, which to date has enjoyed immunity from their harassment and terrorist tactics.  I also want everyone to stand up for Emily and make sure her Manager Patrick Paolini stands by her.

I coined the term “social terrorism” because anyone that has been victimized by one of these well-funded smear campaigns labeled “social justice” can literally have their lives ruined.  Social justice is social terrorism so correct anyone when you hear it improperly used.  If you think the term is too severe then consider the implications.  Victims of social terrorism generally are condemned for supporting Christian virtue, the rule of law, and republican values.  These victims have been targeted by the IRS and Justice Department with frivolous investigations, arrests, audits, delays, and fines; have had their businesses destroyed and lost their jobs; have been blacklisted at public events, been unable to get business loans or new jobs; had their children abducted by social services; had their reputations smeared; and have been harassed, physically assaulted, and targeted for killing.  If this doesn’t constitute systematic terrorism of an individual, nothing does.  Now Emily Miller, a lady that has worked hard in her career is under attack for advocating for our Bill of Rights and everyone needs to know she must be defended.

To fight the CSGV, you first need to know a little about them and how they view “us.”  According to their website, part of their stated strategy is “to use the term ‘insurrectionism’ to describe the NRA’s treasonous interpretation of the Second Amendment.” Apparently, they have found some success because Senator Chris Murphy is on record supporting their organization and making the statement, “The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence has led the way in exposing the dangerous insurrectionist ideology promoted by the NRA and others in the pro-gun movement”  Think about the term “insurrectionist” for a moment.  Insurrectionist is defined as an act or instance of rising in revolt, rebellion, or resistance against civil authority or an established government.  It is a carefully crafted and very strong word that sets the stage to label anyone supporting gun rights as a terrorist that should be rounded up and executed for treason.  When coupled with the term “dangerous” as used by the Senator from Connecticut, it is blatantly clear you are being targeted and labeled a terrorist.  This is a high crime punishable by death.  Anyone actively taking part in an insurrection could be subdued by military force.  If this isn’t chilling to freedom and liberty you need to step back and take another look at what is taking place against you.

It is clear CSVG is hell bent on destroying you and your way of life so resistance should be obligatory.  The first thing to do is get in touch with Emily’s employer WTTG and her manager Patrick Paolini and let them know that you support Emily, want to see WTTG openly endorse Emily’s right to free speech and association, and make sure that if anything negative happens to Emily’s career you will boycott WTTG.  Remember, Emily is having to fight for her career for standing up to the tyrants.  Specifically, on February 11, 2015, Miller spoke at a rally in Annapolis organized by Maryland Shall Issue (MSI), telling those in attendance, “I live in D.C. now, so our gun laws, your gun laws, I feel your pain … No American should ever have to move to have their constitutional rights recognized … God gave us these rights. These are human rights.”  Wow, if this kind of language gets you fired in the US today, we are in serious trouble!  Here is WTTG’s contact page  Please write in to support her and spread this all over the internet.

Second, we need to counter attack CSVG.  CSVG is an arm of a true insurrectionist movement and is trying to topple our free society and does need to be stopped.  To begin resisting, we must turn their tactics against them.  If they think that they can smear law abiding, hardworking, honest Americans with no repercussions, they need to feel the burn and be proved wrong.  Let’s out them, press their employers to fire them, and boycott their sponsors.  Conveniently, they have provided a list of not just their Staff and Board of Directors, but a list of their sponsor organizations  I have copied much of this information below.  Get this information out on the web and plaster social media with their treasonous resumes.  Take independent action and urge others to do the same.  You need to write their bosses, expose their agendas, and boycott the organizations.  Many LMS readers are located in the Northern Virginia/DC area where most of their staff and directors live and work so we can bring heavy and direct pressure against many of these firms and organizations sponsoring and backing their social terrorism.  Tell them you won’t stand for it.  Finally, as an opening volley, destroy the political career of Senator Chris Murphy.  He sees you as a terrorist based on his own admission and will use his power to turn the federal government, law enforcement, and the military against you.  Senator Murphy and his globalist handlers need to be stopped today so please take action and get the word out NOW.

By Guiles Hendrik

June 2, 2015



CSGV Board of Directors:

Joel Kanter, CSGV Board Chair

Joel Kanter has been a health care venture capital investor for the past 30 years, investing in a wide array of device, life sciences, services, and consumer product companies like Plax Mouthwash, SoniCare toothbrushes, and the Clarisonic facial cleanser. In that capacity, he serves on a number of private and public company boards. He has been involved in the gun violence prevention movement primarily because of the time he spent on Capitol Hill working for then-Congressman Abner J. Mikva (D-Ill.), a champion of firearm regulation. Joel is also a former Board Chair and Trustee Emeritus at the Langley School in McLean, Virginia; a former Trustee of the Georgetown Day School; and a member of the Executive Committee of the Kennedy Center’s National Committee for the Performing Arts.

Beth York

Beth York is an attorney in McLean, Virginia who practices in the areas of estate and tax planning and trust administration. Prior to entering private practice, she was an attorney in the Division of Market Regulation at the Securities and Exchange Commission. She received her B.A. from Connecticut College in New London and her J.D. from the Washington College of Law at American University. Having come of age during the 1960s, she was deeply affected by the assassinations that took place during those years. She is saddened by the fact that killings in schools and other public places have not resulted in more effective gun regulation. Now more than ever, is the right time to work harder for changes in the law and Beth is grateful to have the opportunity to support this cause.

Bob Cheek

Bob Cheek is an attorney with his own practice, the Law Offices of Robert C Cheek. He serves as Chair of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence’s sister organization, the Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence. Bob formerly served as a board member of NARAL Pro Choice America and Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington. He serves on the CSGV board because he believes we must all redouble our efforts in favor of responsible gun violence prevention legislation to ensure our children are free and safe from gun violence.

Bob Guberman

Bob Guberman’s professional career spans more than 35 years working in the global electric utility industry. His primary focus has been managing the design and implementation of complex computer systems to support power and competitive electricity market operations. He has previously held senior utility practice leadership positions at Westinghouse Electric Corporation, Computer Sciences Corporations, EDS Corporation, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, IBM Corporation and was a co-founder and senior executive of ECC, Inc./KEMA Consulting. Presently Mr. Guberman, as President of SMCS, LLC, provides independent consulting services to the electric utility sector on the incorporation of “smart grid” technologies into the power network. He holds a BSEE degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and is a life member of the IEEE.

Carol Johnson

Carol Johnson is the President of Cobrin, Inc., a commercial interior design firm. She is a graduate of Queens University in Charlotte, North Carolina and the Mount Vernon School of George Washington University in Washington, D.C.  She joined the CSGV board because she believes the senseless loss of life is the ultimate tragedy, and that in this great country of ours, no special interest group like the NRA should wield such power as to control the moral judgement of our elected officials.

Chuck Work

Chuck Work is an attorney at McDermott, Will and Emery.  He is a former Assistant United States Attorney, a former Deputy Administrator of the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration and President of the District of Columbia Bar.  As a former prosecutor he has seen too many victims of gun violence and believes that Congress and other legislative bodies can do more to prevent it.

David Beier

David Beier, JD is a Managing Director with Bay City Capital, and has been with the firm since 2013. David served as a senior officer for nearly a decade in each of the two largest biotechnology firms, Genentech and Amgen. Most recently, Mr. Beier was a member of the senior management team at Amgen. As Senior Vice President, he had responsibility for global government affairs, as well as corporate communications, and philanthropy. During his Amgen tenure he also helped create and supervised the firm’s coverage, reimbursement, access, pricing, and healthcare economics activities globally. Earlier in his career, he was Chief Domestic Policy Advisor to the Vice President in the Clinton Administration. Mr. Beier has been a partner in a large international law firm as well as Counsel to the US House of Representatives Committee on the Judiciary. He is admitted to practice law in New York and the District of Columbia.

Iris Krasnow

Iris Krasnow is the mother of four sons, a university professor, an author of relationship books, and an activist who stands for anything that promotes the health of children and families. Working toward safer gun laws is a crucial component of that purpose and mission.

Jeff Menick

Jeff Menick is a native of Washington, D.C. He and his mother were shot and wounded during an attempted robbery of his family’s grocery store in 1969. Trained as a lawyer, he practiced law in the District of Columbia for a few years, but became an Investment Advisor in 1981. The Sandy Hook Tragedy motivated Jeff to join the CSGV board.

Jerry Clark

Jerry Clark graduated from Princeton University and the University of Chicago Law School, where he first became interested in gun violence prevention. He served in the Office of the Attorney General under Eliot Richardson and as Executive Director of the UMWA Health and Retirement Funds. Once retired, he served for 13 years on the board of the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force, including 4 years as Co-Chair. He currently serves as Chair of the D.C. Statehood Coalition and Political Director of D.C. for Democracy.

Kim Reed

Kimberly Reed is an international business lawyer and economic development consultant. Formerly with Hogan Lovells (Moscow, Warsaw and D.C. offices) and Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, she now operates her own law firm and consulting company. She is a graduate of Duke University and the University of Virginia School of Law. She has served on the CSGV Board for more than 20 years in order to help protect people from those who believe that their right to a gun trumps others’ right to live peacefully and without fear.

Kitty Lansdale

Kitty Lansdale is the President of Lansdale & Associates. After graduating from Smith College, Kitty began her career overseas as a newspaper reporter for The Australian. Upon moving to Washington, D.C. she worked for ABC News and eventually joined a small public relations firm that focused primarily on large high-profile events. Kitty eventually formed her own firm in 1983. She is proud to serve on the CSGV board because she believes it is the most effective, innovative, courageous and committed organization in the movement to bring about sensible gun laws.

Rev. Jim Atwood

Jim Atwood was the Pastor of the Wallace Presbyterian Church, Wallace, North Carolina for five years before he and his wife, Roxana, went to Japan as missionaries with the United Church of Christ. After nine years, they returned to the States where Jim was called to be the Pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church of Springfield, Virginia. In 1984, he became Pastor of Trinity Presbyterian in Arlington from which he retired in 1999. He was moved to join the CSGV board after a charter member of Grace Church was shot and killed by a robber with a Saturday Night Special. He is also a member of the National Committee of the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship and Heeding God’s Call of Greater Washington.

Member Organizations of the Campaign to Stop Gun Violence:

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