Today the Republic Dies with the Passage of the TPP: Welcome to the reality of debt, poverty, and serfdom compliments of your new global corporate leadership.

There are times when even the most dedicated amongst us have to sit down, take stock, and regroup.  I am physically ill from the treason that just occurred today in the halls of Congress.  No republic dies of a single blow, but dies many deaths before it is finally exhausted.  Today obliterated what was left of our Republic as the Senate voted 60-38 to approve the TPP.  With barely a blimp in the headlines crowded by relentless lunacy about the Confederate Flag and gay rights the Senate just approved a trade bill that will now go to the President to be signed into law.  In the dark of the night when no one was paying attention, this legislation was jammed through via political strong arming and corrupt buy-offs of Congress even though up to 90% of polled Americans opposed the legislation.  The passage of this bill will prove to be one of the major acts of America’s demise and mark a point where our nation descended into true tyranny.

Am I being alarmist and using hyperbole to describe this trade deal?  Sadly, if anything, I am understating the severity of the damage the passage of this deal will inflict.  To begin, this bill was drafted almost exclusively by foreigners and unelected corporate insiders for their exclusive interests.  When did we elect these global corporatists to rule us?  They have zero authority to negotiate or draft legislation on our behalf, yet have done so blatantly in our face.  Absolutely nothing done in secret by a government is for the benefit of the people.  If it was, it would have been done in broad daylight for everyone to see.  This bill from start to finish has been done in unprecedented complete secrecy!  Do you hear me?  This is a bill that was forced through Congress without our citizens being allowed to see what is in it or our elected representatives being able to discuss its contents, but we will by the force of law be compelled to comply with its edicts.  This trade deal will eliminate the already struggling middle class, further impoverish the lower class, and handsomely reward the ultra-rich.  It will in effect turn our nation into a third world hellhole of serfs, debtors, and slaves totally dependent upon the government for survival.  Further, what is known is that it will give unprecedented power to the President, which to date, was constitutionally assigned to the states and legislative branch of government.  This new power will allow the President to unilaterally act on issues ranging from immigration to trade, which will effectively dissolve the sovereignty of the United States and bypass any of the remaining facade of checks and balances.  Even worse, it allows unelected international bodies to effectively pass binding rulings on our nation without any say by our citizens.  If there ever was an introduction to what “conspiracy theorists” have predicted with respect to a One World Government, this is it people.  Welcome to the world run now exclusively by global corporations.

I for one am not going to accept this and it starts right here in Congress.  As I predicted, the Republican takeover of Congress meant nothing other than more of the same.  Passage of the TPP, failure to even touch Obamacare, and new pushes for gun control should certainly convince even the most bone headed and naïve amongst us of this fact.  It is time you wake up and recognize both Democrats and Republicans are one in the same.  They are both enemies of the people.  They are both leftists…one more communist and one slightly more fascist, but both want to control every aspect of your life.  The parties must be eviscerated and utterly discarded.  The infrastructure must be dismantled and the insiders must be fired, tried, and put in jail.  As promised, I am naming names.  Aside from a few intrepid Congressmen such as Rand Paul, the entire lot are filthy, corrupt, and treasonous.  Zerohedge covered the vote and did a good job of identifying the dirty, double dealing of Senators like Marco Rubio who initially voted for moving the bill forward, making it possible to have a final vote and then abstaining from the final vote.  I would have preferred him to have just voted for it and took a stand rather than his spineless backhanded support for it.  Senator Rubio’s dishonest tactics and sell out of the people he represents unquestionably should disqualify him from any future presidential aspirations.  Speaking of spineless, Senator Mike Lee, someone that in the past has shown promise, completely failed to show for either votes allowing for its passage.  Senator Lee’s gutless and thinly veiled attempt to pretend he didn’t support it while still taking the payoffs fooled no one here.  He is now on record as a sellout and will forever be held accountable for his act of omission.  Review the full list of who voted for and against this bill at

As a people, if we allow this bill to quietly become law and don’t do everything in our power to stop it, we arguably deserve the slavery that waits.  If ever there was a time to organize a 330 million citizen march on Congress (literally if necessary), this is the time for it.  Voting these bastards out of office isn’t enough.  We need to physically be out on the streets en masse and demand representation and the repeal of this act and recall our representatives.  Use your social networks and begin the grassroots movement to organize mass protests now or it will be too late.  Simply going along to get along and not make any waves will only lead to one end…yours.

By Guiles Hendrik

June 25, 2015

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