Wake Up America: A “State of Emergency” in Ferguson is a nice way to say “Martial Law” and the police chief wants to disarm you!

The news this week again highlighted Ferguson, Missouri as new riots and protests broke loose. In response, a “state of emergency” was declared. People need to wake up and realize what is really going on is martial law is now being routinely declared. Disturbingly, people are being conditioned to accept imposition of martial law as a legitimate response to everything from a snowstorm to a lawful protest. Just like martial law, these states of emergency are being used to unlawfully justify a suspension of the Bill of Rights and to disarm the public.
If anyone had any doubts about the government’s intent to suspend civil rights during martial law/state of emergency, look no further than Ferguson. The government is using the presence of armed private security, requested by business owners left helpless by the government, as an excuse to ban firearms during these states of emergency. This situation echoes the unconstitutional abuses that occurred at the hands of government forces after Hurricane Katrina. As many media outlets reported (See: http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2015/08/11/who-are-the-oath-keepers-and-why-has-the-armed-group-returned-to-ferguson/) it is clear that the police and government view anyone trying to protect their own lives, families, homes, and businesses via the lawful open carry of weapons as the bad guys. St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar went so far as to say “Their presence was both unnecessary and inflammatory” and that they were working with the “prosecuting attorney’s office” to see if they could bring charges against these brave citizens. In fact, the government’s angle is that during a state of emergency (read martial law) people are not allowed to be armed and therefore must be disarmed.
Excuse me Chief? WTF? So let me get this straight…your cops fail the public so badly people are forced to plead for outside help and now when help arrives you claim that it is “unnecessary and inflammatory?” Perhaps you didn’t get the memo, but these private citizens don’t have an army of cops outside their homes and businesses to protect them like you do. They also haven’t treated the local citizens so badly the entire city rose up against them. Perhaps, if your residence was located in one of the affected neighborhoods and burned to the ground you would rethink the “unnecessariness” of your asinine statement. Perhaps, if your cops served the citizens and treated them with basic dignity and respect, you wouldn’t have this mess. In fact Chief, my information shows that there has not been a single incident related to these armed individuals and that no business protected by them has been in anyway damaged or looted under their watch. They have managed to do this without a single can of teargas, armored car, arrest, or brutal beat down of a protestor. Your police force can’t even make a joke about having that kind of record. Further, these brave citizens that you are trashing and trying to trump up charges against took up arms for their fellow citizens and asked nothing in return. They are taking huge personal risk, sacrificing their time, and are asking for nothing in return…they are selfless heroes. Are your officers working to serve and protect for free like these men? Perhaps, the community is better off being protected by citizens.
Is it desirable to have mobs of unaccountable armed men running wild in the streets? Of course not and no one is suggesting it nor is anyone actually doing anything close to running wild with assault rifles as the leftist media would love to report. However, does a man have a right to defend himself, his family, his home, his business, and his property? Absolutely, a man has a god given right to self-defense. My warning to you is this: Watch with great suspicion anyone that tries to conflate the two very different situations to achieve the ends of public disarmament. As soon as you witness this act, stop at nothing to permanently remove the individual or individuals that sought to deprive you of your natural rights from office. What we are witnessing is the predictable response of an out of control and desperate government. As expected, the government is spinning the lawful activity of civil defense into one of a vigilante mob for use as anti-gun propaganda to justify greater power grabs and control. The government thugs won’t be happy until the citizenry is completely disarmed and at the mercy of their gestapo. Don’t be surprised if you witness in the near future an intentionally provoked and or outright staged situation designed to portray one of these armed defenders as a violent anti-government extremist. “When” it happens, be prepared to resist the false propaganda with truth, the rule of law, and if necessary, even greater civil disobedience. Finally, sensitize the public to the government’s use of “soft” words to describe hard tyranny. Don’t let anyone be fooled into thinking a state of emergency is anything less than full martial law.

One final note.  I challenge St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar and his family to take up residence in the middle of the areas that have been the most effected by rioting and unilaterally disarm.  He should have to live just like those citizens he thinks it is okay to disarm and leave helpless.  I believe the man to be a hypocrite and unwilling to take my bet, but then again, I would welcome being wrong.

By Guiles Hendrik
August 12, 2015

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