Last Minute Survival Analysis Confirmed: Former head of Defense Intelligence Agency confirms US leaders committed the treason of the century when US secretly created terrorist organization known as ISIS/ISIL/IS

Well, once again, I told you so (see and search term “ISIL”). It baffles me how so often people are either willfully ignorant or naively trusting of government even in face of a nearly uninterrupted history of abuses. In just one more case of government deceit and treachery, the truth has finally emerged about how the worst Islamic terrorist organization to emerge in our lifetime rose to power. The truth is the United States armed, trained, equipped, and advised ISIS/ISIL/IS terrorists to carry out the policy plans of the global elite, just as I have explicitly stated for years. This illegal action, more than any other recent revelation, should confirm once and for all that the entire “war on terrorism” has been a manufactured lie from the very beginning. The terrorism “big lie” was fabricated to serve the interests of the global elite. The terrorism boogeyman was created, nursed, and used to convince you through fear, propaganda, and false patriotism to surrender your rights and freedoms in the name of “security.” Now that the truth is out, it is time to use our legal system to root out these enemies of the state by indicting, prosecuting, and punishing every single military and political leader involved in the treason of the century against the US.

Nobody less than the former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, General Flynn, just confirmed that the US knowingly supported Islamic terrorists to form the organization known as ISIS/ISIL/IS. Let me state this again in simple terms so there is zero misconception. The United States secretly and willfully, with full knowledge of the disastrous consequences, set up bases, provided weapons, training, and funding, and then provided intelligence and advisor support to the worst known Islamic terrorists in the world to overthrow a nation that had done nothing to the United States. These terrorists were known at the time to be actively seeking to kill all Christians, crush the West, and specifically destroy the United States. These terrorists were dedicated to killing Americans and many had already taken part in operations against US personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan. Nonetheless, the secret program was ordered so that the ultra-wealthy oil cartels could build a gas pipeline and get richer, undermine Russia, and placate the Israeli lobby in the lead up to a war with Iran.

The policy to actively support Islamic terrorists to destabilize Syria and overthrow President Assad is completely contrary to US interests, our laws, and shows no regard for human rights. In short, it is the pure embodiment of evil materialized as policy. The policy ordering the covert action began under President George W. Bush and expanded under President Obama. The operation is utterly lawless and illegal. While you have been told by our government you must surrender your rights for security and that our nation is doing all it can to protect you against terrorism, it has simultaneously been using your tax dollars to provide advanced weapons, training, and sanctuary to the worst terrorists in the world. These are no ordinary political lies. The acts are high treason and are in direct violation of the law and the oaths sworn by our leaders. Further, every military member swears an oath to protect our Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. As such, I would like to ask our military leadership including General Flynn who the real enemy is because it appears to be patently domestic. How can secretly arming terrorists with a bloodlust to kill Americans not be treason and a clear domestic threat to our citizens? Every decision maker involved should be impeached, thrown from office, tried for treason, and punished accordingly. This includes nearly every single senior appointee and elected official from the Director of the CIA and the Secretary of Defense to the Secretary of State and every member of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

The senior military brass involved all should be dishonorably discharged and court martialed for the high crimes. The senior military leadership like General Flynn knowingly provided material support to terrorists and violated their oaths. General Flynn is a coward with no honor and as such has earned a place in our LMS Commissar Hall of Shame. I am sick and tired of career military officers that suddenly become ethical after they retire. It takes real courage to “expose” crimes when your career is on the line. It only takes a coward to ignore crimes as long as the pay check arrives. Any man of honor and integrity would have immediately blown the whistle and if necessary resigned in opposition to such an obviously illegal and unconscionable operation. Not only has the policy led to the brutal deaths of over half a million innocent men, women, and children and displaced millions more, but it has set the entire Middle East on fire. Every day more and more families are displaced, children are killed, and Christians are slaughtered. Soon this global conflagration we initiated will come home to haunt us and Americans will die. The extent of the damage is far from over. In fact, mark my words, the worst bloodshed is yet to come.

By Guiles Hendrik

August 18, 2015


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