White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest believes Hillary Clinton should be disqualified from serving as president

It is said that if it wasn’t for double standards, Democrats wouldn’t have standards.  Case and point was demonstrated this week when White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest stated Donald Trump should be disqualified from serving as president because his comments about preventing Muslim immigration to the US were unconstitutional.  If Josh wasn’t a hypocrite, I would welcome this as great news.  I hate to break the news to Josh, but the Constitution doesn’t bar the government for setting standards on immigration to include racial and ethnic quotas.  However, the Constitution explicitly prohibits the government from engaging in infringements on free speech, the right to bear arms, and privacy specific to one being secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures in the first, second, and fourth amendments respectively.  These three amendments have been so heinously violated and perverted by both parties of our government, they are no longer recognizable.  Nonetheless, I agree with Josh that no one should be serving as president to violate the Constitution so let’s extend his logic to the rest of the candidates.

“The fact is what Donald Trump said yesterday disqualifies him from serving as president,” said Earnest referencing Trumps statement to ban Muslims from immigrating to the USA.  He then when on to clarify that every president must take an oath to “preserve, protect and defend” the U.S. Constitution, and thus, he said, Trump would not qualify.  I ask that this be equally applied to all candidates.  In fact, based on Josh’s criteria, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders should be immediately disqualified.  Further, his boss, President Obama, should be disqualified.  This trio sets the bar for unconstitutional actions, statements, and policies.  Specifically, all three should be eliminated for calling for outright gun confiscation, which even the most brainless of the left have to admit is irreconcilable with the Second Amendment.  Further, all have either voted for our ordered unconstitutional domestic surveillance of citizens without any due process, which is a clear violation of the Fourth Amendment.  I am also pretty sure using the Justice Department to investigate and harass journalists is also prohibited.  At this point we should also throw in assassinating US citizens without due process and invading sovereign nations without cause or authorization.  By Earnest condemning Trump’s comments, he also is treading dangerously close to the government abridging Trump’s right to freely express himself.  Trump has no authority at this point and is speaking as a free man, but Earnest is in a government position.

The Democrat candidates are not alone.  Most of the cast of characters running for the Republican nomination also have a checkered record when it comes to supporting the Constitution.  For example, George W. Bush launched unconstitutional wars, condoned torture, and authorized a huge domestic spying operation. His brother Jeb also believes that creating a domestic spy state is okay.  Mitt Romney’s record for supporting gun control was far worse than even Bill Clinton’s record and he sees no problem forcing you to submit to massive government healthcare schemes.  Marco Rubio has been back and forth on domestic surveillance and foreign wars, but for certain has no respect for the territorial integrity of the USA.  Ben Carson is also all over the field and has said some very disturbing things such as campus speech should be monitored and investigated by the Department of Education and Justice Department and that the government should have files on every American.  That is just scary.  In fact, the only candidate currently running on a major party ticket that hasn’t blatantly supported violations of the Constitution is Rand Paul, with perhaps Ted Cruz as a distant second, but even Cruz needs to review his Congressional voting record when it comes to domestic surveillance and other constitutionally prohibited actions.

The fact is that Earnest is right that we shouldn’t elect a president that will carry out unconstitutional activities, but Earnest doesn’t have even the most basic clue of what the Constitution states.  The blind partisanship and constitutional ignorance of not just Earnest, but all of Washington is killing this nation.  The sad fact is that hypocrites define Washington.  In fact, if Earnest was confronted with his own logic, he would without any doubt or hesitation pervert reality to argue that outright gun confiscation somehow doesn’t violate the Constitution.  Further, if we had an honest and independent press, they would pin him down on this and run not just Josh, but all of these treasonous actors out of politics forever.

Each of you has the right to vote.  We can debate whether it matters even in the least, but for those that do go to the ballot box, it is imperative that you vote for someone that does respect the Constitution.  I won’t tell you who to support, but I will tell you that backing a candidate that will turn out to be a fascist dictator or one that is all too happy to sacrifice your liberties for more government power camouflaged under the veil of “security” will be a painful mistake this nation cannot again afford.

By Guiles Hendrik

December 8, 2015


See: http://www.cnn.com/2015/12/08/politics/donald-trump-josh-earnest-disqualified-president-muslims/index.html

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