Gun owners are labeled terrorists by the Attorney General: You must challenge the government’s narrative on “excessive” guns and ammunition

As the terrorist attack played out in San Bernardino, the propaganda machine spun into high gear. Even before it was finished, Islam had been exonerated and instead, you were made to believe it was caused by people with too many weapons.  Is having “too many” guns bad?  What exactly constitutes too many guns?  Is it a “stockpile” or “arsenal” and what exactly defines that?  Is it a few guns?  Is it a black rifle and a pistol?  Is it a box of .22 rounds?  You better know because your Attorney General Loretta Lynch uses this seemingly unknowable number to define a terrorist.  You heard that right.  Even if you have even just one rifle you have an “arsenal.”  Not a couple, not a few, not a dozen, not even a hundred rifles…just one gun with barely enough rounds to train with and you are a terrorist by the definition of the Attorney General of the United States.  It would be easy to dismiss this as the foolish ramblings of an imbecile, but this is deadly serious.  Lynch is not joking and knows exactly what she is saying.  Her statements are just a small part of a coordinated plot to recast legal gun owners as terrorists and then deal with them accordingly.

It was obvious from the very beginning of the shooting spree in San Bernardino that the government knew the shooters were radical Islamic terrorists and were trying to cover it up. Immediately, the White House and its media drones began deflecting attention from the radicalized Muslim terrorists to the fact they had guns.  This was not accidental.  This was pre-orchestrated plan to redirect the blame of any attack resulting from the President’s disastrous policies onto your Bill of Rights in order to demonize and destroy those freedoms.  Disagree?  Let’s look at the available evidence in the mass media. 

In the vast majority of mainstream news reports or government statements on the subject, clear talking points developed on how the firearms and ammunition possessed by the alleged shooters were described without any analysis or corroborating facts. These articles and statements all either directly or indirectly implied that there was something unusual, unnecessary, and illegal about the number of weapons and rounds of ammunition the San Bernardino terrorists possessed.  The terms “extensive arsenal, stockpiled, massive weapons stash, and huge arsenal” are used repeatedly and the readers are led to believe that “only” someone involved in terrorism would have or need this many weapons.  This is brainwashing.  Fox News has been no exception stating the shooters had an “arsenal of weaponry used in the attack.”  Further, the government doubled down in a prime time address by President Obama, where Obama all but exonerated radical Islam while proclaiming the evils of guns and why they needed to be outlawed and confiscated.  Obama’s very own Gestapo head, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, also made clear her position on what constitutes a terrorist threat.  “Obviously, we have concerns whenever we see people who have large stockpiles of weapons or appear to be in the process of accumulated weapons and ammunition,” Lynch stated.  So, I ask again, just how many firearms and how much ammunition constitutes this one to one connection between guns and terrorist in Lynch’s diabolical mind?

Well, I have not seen anything official that is a concrete total on exactly what and how much of anything they possessed. Nonetheless, from San Bernardino police reports and FBI statements, it is safe to assume the suspects, Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik, had two .223-caliber AR-15 style rifles (a DPMS A-15 and Smith & Wesson M&P15) with four magazines, two 9mm pistols, 2,000 9 millimeter rounds, and 2,500 .223-caliber rifle rounds.  Specific to the ammo, it appears they had approximately 1,000 of the .223-caliber rounds and 200 of the 9 millimeter rounds on their persons and in their vehicle when they were killed by the police.  Applying basic division to those numbers leads to you conclude that each person possessed a grand total of one AR-15 rifle with two magazines and one 9mm handgun with about 1,000 rounds and 1250 rounds of pistol and rifle rounds respectively.  Broken down like this, it is clear that this is anything but an “arsenal.”  In fact, it makes you wonder why anyone hasn’t called out the press for the sensationalist yellow journalism.  Perhaps, saying the terrorists possessed a “couple common firearms” or “only a pistol and a rifle” didn’t sound scary enough?

Are we to really believe that a rifle and a pistol…two guns…make up a massive arsenal? This is ridiculous propaganda that must be challenged and debunked.  Anyone that shoots knows that a 1,000 rounds of 9mm ammunition is nothing and certainly not a “stockpile.”  On a good day at the range training, you could easily burn through 1,000 rounds of 9mm, which often is bought in bulk by the hundreds for just this reason.  The same applies to the .223-caliber ammunition.  Considering that most every cop, veteran, hunter, collector, and/or shooter I know has this number of rounds times a lot more and dozens of rifles and pistols, are they all terrorists?   Hell no, they are not terrorists and this isn’t unusual in the least! Hunters in particular have a wide variety of rifles, shotguns, and pistols because each is specialized for hunting a different type of game.  As for ammunition, shooters in particular buy and keep large quantities of ammunition when they can get discounts because ammunition is now expensive and it takes thousands of rounds to be a proficient shooter.  No one questions an NBA star for shooting thousands of baskets a week to stay competitive, but a shooter that requires every bit that number of rounds to stay sharp is a terrorist.  We have to wake people up from this brain dead logic.

Considering the facts, it is clear that the media and government are not just spinning this into an anti-gun crusade, but are characterizing “all” gun owners as terrorists. If you are skeptical, then do some basic math.  What is 1-1?  Zero of course.  Well, if the shooters had one less rifle, they wouldn’t have had a rifle.  Therefore, even one gun is an “arsenal” in the eyes of your leaders and enough to brand you a terrorist that could be justifiably gunned down in the street with no due process. So here is the equation the government wants you to burn into your mind: (1 Gun = “Arsenal” = “Terrorist”).  I think this gets precisely to the point the government and their media lackeys are trying to convey.  That is, “any” amount of firearms or ammunition is too much.  It is time to wake up America.  The government is now openly discussing the “need” for total confiscation.  There is indeed a war and you are in it.  It just isn’t against Islamists.  I challenge all of my readers to go out and wake people up, challenge their false-logic, and expose this “massive arsenal” propaganda for what it is…mental conditioning of the people to see any and all firearms as bad and anyone that has them as a terrorist.

By Guiles Hendrik

December 11, 2015

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