Treason in our day: H.R.4269 – Assault Weapons Ban of 2015

When does an act reach the bar for high treason? If not when powerful men conspire to abolish the Constitution and your basic God given rights, then when?  I ask this question of all citizens because it is relevant in our time.  No longer do the Washington elite even try to conceal their hatred of your rights and the lust for absolute power.

While America was enjoying Christmas with family and friends, one of the most egregious pieces of legislative tyranny was introduced to Congress. This was deliberately timed to pass without attention because the framers of this conspiracy know exactly the level of treason they are trying to commit.  If we as Americans quietly accept this as mere politics, we are truly doomed to tyranny.  The legislation proposed is absolutely nothing short of the government giving itself the power to abolish the Constitution along with your rights without regard for the amendment process and rule of law.  Every sponsor of this bill should not only be recalled immediately from office, but placed in jail to await a trial on the charges of conspiracy and treason.

For reference, compare the language of the bill with the Second Amendment. Anyone with even basic intellect should immediately realize they are legally incompatible and the former is a direct attack and violation of the latter.

“To regulate assault weapons, to ensure that the right to keep and bear arms is not unlimited, and for other purposes.” H.R.4269 – Assault Weapons Ban of 2015

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Second Amendment of the United States Constitution

For those of you that read LMS on a regular basis, you know that I have clearly laid out time and again the agenda to ban and confiscate your firearms. You can read many of these articles to include my three part series (Gun Confiscation Goes Mainstream: Tyranny in the Land of the “Free”) at  What you will see is that I the government is following the script I forecasted would play out almost to the letter.  This is very ominous.  Based on the language and number of sponsors of the bill, it is conclusive evidence of a Washington conspiracy to not just limit, but outright ban and confiscate firearms in the United States.

House Bill HR 4269, which tracks nearly exactly with the predicted route I identified the Administration would take, is the next major step toward total gun confiscation. In summary, it is a more draconian “Brady Bill” that bans any semiautomatic weapon or magazine above ten rounds.  It is written to eviscerate the Second Amendment and explicitly states this in the first line of the bill as quoted above.  Further, it is written dangerously vague and broad so that under close legal scrutiny, the bill could be used to justify an outright ban and confiscation of all weapons when the government deems the “right” to keep and bear arms is in fact so limited it only applies to government goon squads.  It also includes provisions for a 90 day registration period for grandfathered firearms, which is an essential piece to creating a national gun registry in advance of confiscation.  Further, it dictates that any item restricted by the bill made after the bill’s passage must be serialized, date stamped, and tracked to include magazines.  This would literally be hundreds of millions of items and is not really feasible, but that isn’t of course the point.

The good news is that as Congress stands today, the bill will be defeated. However, eventually, the establishment will jam it through riding public outrage at the next staged mass shooting or enabled domestic terrorist attack for our “safety.”  Of course it will be sold as “common sense,” which has become the Left’s propaganda point designed to trick the unthinking.  In fact, if you hear or see “common sense…,” it should set off warning bells.  Either way, we could be only the next election away from Congress having the votes to pass this and more gun control legislation.  Note too that with this legislation, Congress will also ram through the already signed U.N. Gun Ban Treaty.  This will back door U.S. law and set the stage for a complete ban and move toward confiscation by introducing massive tax increases on owning firearms and purchasing ammunition as well as creating a national gun registry and huge legal obstacles to acquiring a “permit” to own a firearm of any type.

Below is the list of the bill’s sponsors in Congress to date cut and pasted directly from the bill. If you have even the slightest interest in protecting your rights and fighting tyranny, then you need to organize to defeat every single one of these representatives during their primary when they are very vulnerable.  I can promise you this, it won’t be easy, but defeating these attacks now through political and electoral action will be far easier than resisting the bill once implemented as law.

By Guiles Hendrik

December 29, 2015



Mr.  Cicilline (for himself, Ms.  Adams, Mr.  Aguilar, Ms.  Bass, Mr.  Becerra, Mr.  Beyer, Mr.  Blumenauer, Ms.  Bonamici, Mr.  Brendan F. Boyle of Pennsylvania, Mr.  Brady of Pennsylvania, Ms.  Brown of Florida, Ms.  Brownley of California, Mrs.  Capps, Mr.  Capuano, Mr.  Cárdenas, Mr.  Carney, Mr.  Carson of Indiana, Mr.  Cartwright, Ms.  Judy Chu of California, Ms.  Clark of Massachusetts, Ms.  Clarke of New York, Mr.  Cohen, Mr.  Connolly, Mr.  Conyers, Mr.  Courtney, Mr.  Crowley, Mr.  Cummings, Mr.  Danny K. Davis of Illinois, Mrs.  Davis of California, Ms.  DeGette, Mr.  Delaney, Ms.  DeLauro, Mr.  DeSaulnier, Mr.  Deutch, Mr.  Doggett, Mr.  Michael F. Doyle of Pennsylvania, Ms.  Duckworth, Ms.  Edwards, Mr.  Ellison, Mr.  Engel, Ms.  Eshoo, Ms.  Esty, Mr.  Farr, Mr.  Foster, Ms.  Frankel of Florida, Ms.  Fudge, Mr.  Gallego, Mr.  Grayson, Mr.  Grijalva, Mr.  Gutiérrez, Ms.  Hahn, Mr.  Hastings, Mr.  Higgins, Mr.  Himes, Mr.  Honda, Mr.  Hoyer, Mr.  Huffman, Mr.  Israel, Ms.  Jackson Lee, Mr.  Jeffries, Mr.  Johnson of Georgia, Mr.  Keating, Ms.  Kelly of Illinois, Mr.  Kennedy, Mr.  Langevin, Mr.  Larson of Connecticut, Mrs.  Lawrence, Ms.  Lee, Mr.  Levin, Mr.  Ted Lieu of California, Ms.  Lofgren, Mr.  Lowenthal, Mrs.  Lowey, Ms.  Michelle Lujan Grisham of New Mexico, Mr.  Lynch, Mr.  McDermott, Mrs.  Carolyn B. Maloney of New York, Ms.  Matsui, Ms.  McCollum, Mr.  McGovern, Mr.  Meeks, Ms.  Meng, Ms.  Moore, Mr.  Moulton, Mr.  Nadler, Mrs.  Napolitano, Mr.  Neal, Mr.  Norcross, Ms.  Norton, Mr.  Pallone, Mr.  Pascrell, Ms.  Pingree, Ms.  Plaskett, Mr.  Pocan, Mr.  Price of North Carolina, Mr.  Quigley, Mr.  Rangel, Miss Rice of New York, Mr.  Richmond, Ms.  Roybal-Allard, Mr.  Ruppersberger, Mr.  Rush, Mr.  Sarbanes, Ms.  Schakowsky, Mr.  Schiff, Mr.  Scott of Virginia, Mr.  Serrano, Mr.  Sherman, Mr.  Sires, Ms.  Slaughter, Ms.  Speier, Mr.  Swalwell of California, Mr.  Takano, Mr.  Tonko, Mrs.  Torres, Ms.  Tsongas, Mr.  Van Hollen, Mr.  Veasey, Ms.  Velázquez, Mr.  Vargas, Ms.  Wasserman Schultz, Mrs.  Watson Coleman, Ms.  Wilson of Florida, and Mr.  Yarmuth)

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