A Message to the Members of the US Military

Instead of exposing lies and treason within the top tiers of government, today, I am going to simply make a plea to the service members of the US armed forces and those thinking about joining. The message is simple.  If you aren’t in, don’t join.  If you are currently in the service, do what you have to do to survive, bring your troops home safely, and get out.  The missions are garbage, the wars are lies, and you are serving the special interests of the elite, not your nation.  Don’t be a fool and buy into the propaganda.  Contrary to your leadership that sold you out long ago, I actually care about your well-being and the future of this nation.  If I can wake even one person up and save them from being killed or heinously wounded in another unnecessary war, this post was worth infinitely more than the time it took to compose.

The issue of service in today’s military was directly put to me by a mother who asked whether I thought her son should enlist in the Marines. Knowing this lady and her son, I thought long and hard before answering her with a definitive, “No.”  The lady knew that I had spent many years in the military in both the enlisted and officer ranks and had served in combat in both Iraq and Afghanistan so seemed taken aback by my blunt answer.  Clearly surprised, she asked what my rationale was for saying it was a bad idea.  I told her the military was bad enough while I was in the service, but the waste and abuse of the lives of our service members is now at the worst levels since Vietnam.  Our troops are simply cannon fodder for wars the US not only has engineered, but has no intention of decisively ending.  Granted, the equipment and training the military provides is better than it ever has been, but our senior leadership is the worst I have ever seen, there is no will or strategy to win, and our troops are being left for dead in places like Afghanistan for political expedience.  Further, all of our efforts, as honorable as they were, were completely in vain in Iraq and Afghanistan because of the massive dereliction in our leadership.  If our leadership and all of NATO couldn’t even handle the Taliban, what does your survivability look like in the military when the elites pick the next fight with an actual competent enemy like Russia or China?  Until the US military purges its general staff and the country elects a competent Commander-in-Chief, run for the door.

Just today in Afghanistan we lost another American serving with a special operations unit. This makes me sick to my stomach with sadness.  Dropping all of the patriotic propaganda, what did that operator give his life for?  How is the loss even remotely justifiable?  How as a leader could you ever look the family members of that operator in the face?  The hard truth is that we lost the war in Afghanistan over a decade ago.  Like Vietnam, with the political will and competent leadership, Afghanistan should have been a rapid, decisive victory, but we have incompetent leaders in charge.  Our leadership has been far more worried about careers, sexual harassment, and enforcing political social experiments than they are about kicking the ever living hell out of a half-rate, illiterate, ragtag, child raping, bunch of inbred Pashtuns.  Further, not just the White House, but the Pentagon completely gave up on ever achieving a decisive victory years ago.  This is not because the Taliban were such fierce and effective warriors.  In fact, the Taliban are pretty bad fighters and technologically operate just above Stone Age man. We lost because the general staff of the US military have repeatedly proven to be intellectually incompetent and strategically inept coupled with the impossibility of fighting a “sterile” war where no one is killed or harmed.  The generals were so naïve, cowardly, and ignorant (or all too willing to sell a strategy on the cheap to Washington) that they allowed the entire Department of Defense to buy into the nonsense of a counterinsurgency strategy.  Any student of military science knows that in practice, a foreign counterinsurgent fighting against an enemy allowed sanctuary (read: Pakistan) historically equated to a near zero rate of victory.  If anyone had done their homework at the Pentagon, this would have been blatantly obvious.  We pulled the same stunt against the Soviets a decade before didn’t we?  Did we not learn anything?  If anyone had done their homework and didn’t stand up and resign in protest over the strategy, then they were a moral coward.  Either way, the general officer corps failed the nation and the military service members they were entrusted to lead.  Seriously people, how on earth are “we the people” allowing the military and our leaders to get away with TWO strategic military defeats without decimating the ranks with extreme prejudice?  We need to call for their resignations today!

To add insult to injury, the war in Afghanistan is still going on with the knowledge that in probably less than 24 months, the country will fall back into Taliban hands just as Iraq was left to fall back into the hands of ISIL. We know we aren’t going to even try to win, but are still allowing Americans to die fighting in vain.  The war in Afghanistan was unnecessary, but the war in Iraq was based on intentional lies and deceit.  These wars were initiated and fought, not to win, but to justify the massive budget lines of the military industrial complex and to scare the American people into allowing massive government overreaches of power.  If for a moment you actually believe anyone really cares about your “sacrifice,” you should take a tour of a local Veterans Administration hospital.  I can personally attest to the nightmare it is trying to get quality care in a timely fashion.  If not bad enough, try to get treatment for PTSD or other similar syndrome.  Rather than helping you, you will quickly find out the government is more concerned with suspending your security clearance and informing local law enforcement to come to your house and confiscate your guns.  So I asked the mother; “What was it again her son wanted to risk his life for?”

The bottom line is that Post-Cold War, the US government needed to create a new boogieman to control the masses and keep the money flowing to the Boeings and Lockheed Martins. “Terrorism” would become the new Soviet Union.  To the skeptical, brainwashed military officers exhibiting massive cognitive dissonance, I tell them to use some common sense and logic for once.  These wars never had a thing to do with ensuring your security and defending America, or we would have had to win those wars.  These wars were all about achieving elitist interests at our expense.  Applying simply logic, you would have to conclude either one of two things.  Option one would be the wars were critical as we were led to believe for our national security and we couldn’t afford to lose.  To be specific, that would have meant wiping out Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and any state or person supporting the Islamic extremist cause such as Saudi Arabia.  Failure to achieve a decisive victory would be the devastation of America.  Well, we lost in Iraq and should have gone home in Afghanistan over a decade ago because we lost there too and have no intention of achieving a decisive victory, but life goes on so option one has to be false.  Option two would be that the wars were not critical to our national security, they did not need to be fought, many people died unnecessarily, and the nation was massively lied to by criminal elites.  Well, Al Qaeda, ISIL, and the Taliban are alive and well.  In fact, there are more Islamic extremists and “terrorist” organizations today than ever before and we directly aided their creation.  Further, the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism and the financier of 9/11, Saudi Arabia, is still our “ally” that we sell billions of dollars of weapons to annually.  As such, option two is correct.

So, again, what does that tell you? If you have half a brain it should tell you the wars are all a lie and you have been used.  Why would you want to serve criminal elites that are only using you to forward their agenda at the expense of you, your family, and your way of life?  Do you not see that we are worse off today because of these wars?  Do you not see that you are not fighting to help America, but destroy it?  Wake up!  Stop risking your life in vain.  Come home and let the political and industrial elites and their kids go to war and fight.  Let the special classes created by the politicians have their war to themselves.  If they are so concerned with homosexuals and women getting their day in combat, let them.  Let them go and die.  They party and live well while you suffer and die.  They literally laugh about how they use you.  To use Hillary Clinton’s words, “what difference does it make” to the elites if you die.  She and her elite friends look down at you as garbage.  By opting out of the military you deny them the ability to use your talents for their evil purposes.  If you are really concerned about defending America and the Constitution, protecting liberty and freedom, and making a better world, then you must refuse to serve the elites determined to destroy those things you cherish.

By Guiles Hendrik

January 5, 2016

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