A Government of the Bureaucrats for the Globalists against the People

Anyone that stayed awake through their civics class will recognize the spin on this article’s title. No more do we have a government that is made up of the people, which serves the people’s best interests. No, today we have a government made up of career bureaucrats and a dynastically perpetuated political class that live extremely well on the ever increasing percentage of income the government extorts through force in the name of taxation from the dwindling few Americans still working. Further, this government is so far removed from the people, it neither has any idea what the daily life and struggles of the average citizen look like nor cares. They only answer to the globalists and the big banks. Anyone that points this out as something undesirable and organizes others to return to a representative system where the rule of law matters is considered a threat to their power monopoly. In fact, it has gotten so bad that the Orwellian Thought Police routinely label these law abiding patriots as terrorists and the “biggest” threat to the US. Step out of line and do something “revolutionary” like discuss your Christian beliefs or how you believe our system of taxation is nothing more than theft to benefit government cronies and you will find yourself “watchlisted” and labeled a terrorist. Ladies and gentlemen, this is truly perverse logic being peddled by “our” government. “Our” government has lost its way so badly it now considers the very people it draws its power and legitimacy from its number one enemy. The thought police appear under names such as the military, NSA, FBI, TSA, Department of Education, Department of Homeland Security, and the Environmental Protection Agency. In fact, nearly every government agency today has become synonymous with Orwellian acts against the people and this should scare you to action. We must turn the tide against the criminalizing of free thought, dissent, and our national sovereignty or the Republic this nation was will be lost forever.

Many of you tonight are watching the primary results and cheering Donald Trump as the man to stop the establishment. I hope you are right, but can identify many reasons why I have major doubts to include the fact that the man has spent his entire life as a part of that very same establishment. Nonetheless, my point isn’t whether to defend or attack Trump. I wish him the best. My point is to remind you not to be distracted and divided by the elites seeking to control you through their use of the Thought Police. Throughout history, whenever the power of the elitist establishment was challenged, they fomented dissent and division in the streets so that the people would be so focused and preoccupied fighting amongst themselves, they forgot about the real puppet masters. This social manipulation made the populations much easier to control and Leftist Communist Agitators are masters of this form of societal destruction. If on the rare occasion the people still managed to unite, the go to plan has always then been to start a war. Consider this carefully. When the establishment’s power is truly under attack, they have always sought to initiate war to redirect the people’s rage from the true cause (the Establishment) and refocus it on some engineered threat.

So referring back to Trump and his so far successful campaign to win the Republican nomination for President; if Trump is half the threat the establishment claims, we can expect all hell to break lose. Of course Trump will be blamed for this, but as we already saw in Chicago, billionaire leftist financier George Soros was behind the organized protests, violence, and attacks on Trump supporters. This was only the first major assault by the Left. Soros and his communist friends will continue to polarize the nation by creating a never ending list of special classes of “aggrieved” people that must be compensated by the oppressor class (“you”) even if they must use violence to get it. Of course the real culprit is the establishment, but the masses will be led to believe it was their neighbor that wronged them because of their skin color, sexual orientation, or even gender. You must fight this manipulation and continuously identify the true enemy of the state.

If Trump retains his lead, the attacks will become more violent and commonplace. In fact, you will be told that only a unifying leader like (enter establishment candidate x’s name here) can bring peace back to our nation all while the very same people are the ones engineering domestic terrorist attacks, legitimizing assassinations against the police, and funding the burning of our cities. Are you skeptical? As you read this, Soros, Obama, and their goons are drowning parts of the US in migrants from nations we are literally at war with. These enemy combatants never needed to conduct an invasion because our own government sold us out and imported the threat directly into our neighborhoods. In fact, they were specifically brought here because our subversive leaders know they will never assimilate, harbor radical beliefs that demand you submit to their religion or die, and some of them will ultimately kill Americans in attacks. The violent outcome of the conflict between two groups of people never meant to live together will be social unrest and terrorism. No matter what form the planned and predictable violence takes, it will then be used to reestablish total elitist control of the US. The violence in particular will be used to justify draconian acts such as total gun confiscation, comprehensive surveillance of all Americans, banning of cash, and a hard martial law, which all cede more power to the government at the expense of the people, their rights, and their freedoms.

The end result sought through this organized violence is the total destruction of any threat to the establishment. If they fail, they will incite a full civil war inside the US. If that fails, they will initiate an international war and not necessarily in that order. Either way, their plan will be to agitate and polarize Americans so badly that they literally will come to blows and see nothing but what is immediately in front of them. Do not fall victim to this. Know your true enemies and expose them at every opportunity. As we now enter a period of domestic unrest, anger, and violence you must be a leader and the voice of reason. Educate those around you and don’t fall victim to a tactic that the elites have literally used since the earliest days of civilization. If they win, we will see our nation burn. If we win, we will see those elite manipulators punished for treason.

By Guiles Hendrik
March 15, 2016

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