Now is the time to split the Democratic Party and defeat the Leftists, but prepare for violence and chaos

Forget for the moment the broken Republican Party and focus on the civil war brewing within the Democratic Party.  Pending the outcome of the primaries in Wisconsin and New York where Bernie Sanders may not just do well, but beat Hillary Clinton; the Democratic Party may be headed for a major showdown.  In particular, if Bernie wins New York, it will be interesting to see if the delegates still vote for Hillary as many have publicly declared.  What is for sure is that Hillary must soundly win New York to prevent a disastrous split for the Democrats within the party.  In the event of a popular vote win for Bernie and a delegate win for Hillary, the party may fracture into violence or even split with Bernie launching an independent bid if Hillary remains the anointed nominee.  This would be a best case scenario for Republicans.  When Sanders’ anti-establishment success is considered holistically with Donald Trump’s popularity, it should give everyone hope that the people are finally waking up and rejecting the malignant establishment destroying our nation regardless of each voter’s specific motives.  In short, the opportunity presented by Sanders’ recent victories to split the Democratic ticket cannot be wasted.  However, as you will read, the awakening of the masses also is a harbinger of the evils an establishment unwilling to cede power will bring upon our nation so be aware and prepare.

Bernie Sanders was allowed to run by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) as a weak challenger to Hillary to maintain the farce of a representative government.  Bernie was never supposed to last this long and was considered to be a very weak candidate for Hillary to “beat.”  At best, Bernie was supposed to go down in the first few rounds.  However, Bernie appears to not have thrown the fight as he was told and has co-opted an entirely new generation of Bolsheviks to propel him and his communist revolution forward in the polls.  Quietly, this has terrified the establishment and his communist rhetoric makes me sick.  If Bernie’s grassroots movement is not snuffed out quickly by the establishment in Wisconsin and New York, the establishment faces a worst case scenario of a two front war against Sanders and Trump heading into the election.  For the first time in at least a generation, the establishment must choose between the lesser of two evils that openly seek to overturn the current corrupt and decadent social order.  For the people, this has the potential to be a major win, but it will be bought at a very high price.

Irrespective of the fact delegates are not necessarily constrained to vote in accordance with the popular vote, the Democrat voters will rightfully cry foul and rise up if it becomes too obvious the primary was rigged for Hillary.  Even though Hillary still attracts a large percentage of Democrats, the Bernie supporters will feel robbed if Bernie is defeated by anything less than the full popular vote.  In the least, the Bernie supporters will stay home and not vote in protest if Hillary is seen to “steal” the delegate count.  This is great for the Republican’s, but a Hillary nomination is too dangerous to chance.  On the other hand, in the extreme, Bernie supporters will create havoc and break away from the Democratic Party looking for Bernie to run as a third party candidate if the nomination is outright stolen.  In the process, there is likely to be violence if this scenario plays out regardless of whether or not Donald Trump is still in the race.

Hillary is by far the greater immediate threat to our nation; however, one must understand that when Bernie Sanders talks about revolution, he isn’t speaking metaphorically.  Sanders means revolution quite literally.  He views himself as the reincarnate of the likes of the original communist Bolsheviks.  Contrary to his relatively innocent crazy old grandfather looks, Sanders is organizing a communist uprising in this country with his Leftist rhetoric.  Sanders’ supporters are today’s proletariat and are being organized to rise up and destroy the current social order and elites.  Like in Russia, they want to purge the society and establish a very totalitarian communist regime inside the U.S. even though most of his supporters are too ignorant to even know what that entails.  Sanders supporters are not small in number and have the very real ability to disrupt daily life and burn many of our cities.  The most radical within his ranks will not just protest, but target both government and economic targets and even carry out assassinations like the Red Brigades of the 60’s, 70’s, and early 80’s.  This is a very dangerous situation and has the potential to get out of control very quickly should a few pieces fall into place, but is easier to deal with than Hillary as the Democratic nominee for president.

The current establishment must go and this requires an anti-establishment candidate.  The elites are decadent, inept, and totally evil.  They have wrought disaster upon our nation and the world.  However, ridding ourselves of these parasites will not be easy.  What you need to take away is that the resulting reaction of the establishment in the event of a successful bid for president by Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump is predictable and the people will be made to pay.  Whenever the establishment is faced with a popular rebellion that correctly identifies the establishment as the problem, the elites turns to their age old and time tested playbook of divide and conquer.  First they will try to rig the game and maintain status quo.  If that fails, they generally look beyond the borders for an event to distract and unify the public such as a major war.  If that fails or if they are directly threatened at home, they will try to pit the masses against each other and then use the chaos created to justify a heavy handed crack down to firm up their power and crush any dissent.  Ultimately, if all of the above fails, the elites always try to flee to a safe haven in another country they still control while leaving their former country aflame and in ruins like a spoiled child that knocks over the game board before he loses.  Option B is an establishment candidate is elected.  In this event, which I consider far worse, you continue on a path of soft slavery where you are brutally oppressed by an ever increasingly centralized power until you have literally nothing left and every aspect of your life is dictated to you.  Unless you possess a second passport, you will have to weather the storm for better or worse.

If this sounds like a no win situation, you are right.  Everyone will pay a steep price before there is any chance of order, prosperity, and freedom being restored…if ever.  However, if it is any consolation, the elites don’t always get away and the tyrants don’t always rise to power.  Most importantly, we did this once in the US and ran out some, but not enough of the monarchists.  In Russia the royal family was wiped out during the Russian Revolution.  In France, Louis XVI was executed during the French Revolution.  Unfortunately, in both Russia and France the countries then descended into a chaos and bloodshed ending with a dictator.  At least in the case of France, the people eventually shook off Napoleon and formed their republic after immense bloodshed.  Even today in Egypt, the people overthrew the American puppet Mubarak and then defeated the Muslim Brotherhood, which was the CIA’s proxy.  Countries can and do get through these cataclysmic times, but it requires brilliant leadership, careful planning, and an unwavering moral underpinning.  Foreign support, heavy weapons, and a lot of luck also help.

If you want to help shape events, you can help.  It may sound counterintuitive, but for now, defeating Hillary is paramount for reasons I have previously written volumes about.  Falsely backing Bernie Sanders is the single best way to accomplish this goal while still attacking at the heart of the establishment.  Sanders is in immediate need of both volunteers and financial support against Hillary.  Look, I understand.  Sanders is nuts and I detest his political ideology.  However, if he gets enough votes in the next few major primary states, he can cause a split within the Democratic Party that can bring down both candidates.  Yes, this may result in violence, but it will be far less than the draconian gestapo’s violence we will face under their regime if either is elected.  Removing what amounts to both Bolsheviks (Hillary and Bernie) by splitting their party is the easiest way to defeat the Democrats this fall.  Regardless of what you think of Trump and Cruz, either is far better than anyone on the Democratic ticket and we can deal with them later.  Splitting the Democratic ticket is currently our best bet to defeating these Leftists save an indictment of Hillary Clinton by the Justice Department.  The critical threat these Democrats pose to the future of our country has polarized even me to move from my usual strictly independent voting toward a Machiavellian realpolitik dictated by the necessities of the day.  I know it is difficult, but every one of you must take action on this while we still have the ability to resist.  Be glad you at least have the pretense of choice.  Apathy now will guarantee you won’t have any choice in the future America.

By Guiles Hendrik

April 4, 2016

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