Cellphones Now Linked to Cancer

As I have repeatedly warned, radiation from cellphones will eventually be clearly linked to cancers and especially brain tumors contrary to the initial claims by the government and cell phone manufacturers.  The data will soon become overwhelming that there is a direct link between cancers and cell phone use and it will have massive implications for wireless technologies.  Today, a massive federal study conducted over two and a half years by the National Toxicology Program linked radio-frequency (RF) radiation emitted by cellphones can cause cancer.

According to Mother Jones, “the findings from a $25 million study, conducted over two and a half years by the National Toxicology Program (NTP), showed that male rats exposed to two types of RF radiation were significantly more likely than unexposed rats to develop a type of brain cancer called a glioma, and also had a higher chance of developing the rare, malignant form of tumor known as a schwannoma of the heart.”  This is the first study to provide truly damning evidence that links malignant tumors with cell phones.  If this study holds up and the findings are valid, it means that we are likely on the verge of experiencing a global epidemic respective of these types of cancers.  Cell phone linked cancers will be like smoking linked lung cancers of the 20th Century.  The lawsuits will be massive and dwarf anything the penalties ordered against the tobacco companies.

Beyond cell phones, this could eventually call into question the safety of the entire wireless technology market.  In particular, items that emit electromagnetic radiation such as cell phones, Wi-Fi devices, and even the “safer” Blue Tooth devices could be shown to promote the growth of cancers.  Also, this study should call into question the safety of devices like the millimeter wave scanners used by TSA in airports, which essentially microwave a person’s entire body for a short period of time.  In fact, armed with this information, if the government was acting in our best interests, they would put an immediate halt to the use of such scanning devices by TSA until more substantive studies can be done over longer periods of time.

Armed with this knowledge, you are faced with a choice.  Do you trust your government and the cell phone manufacturers or a team of highly regarded scientists conducting what to date looks like the best study into the effects of RF radiation?  One clearly is biased to deny any links and the other is arguably much more impartial.  Further, what does your common sense tell you about placing an object repeatedly against the side of your head that is constantly emitting radiation?  Do you really believe that is safe?  When has being radiated for long periods of time ever been good for you?  I for one know of just too many people recently that have been perfectly healthy, but have died from the sudden appearance of a brain tumor.  My sense tells me that it is only a matter time before the true deadly nature of cell phone use is exposed and I have been taking steps to limit my use.  Perhaps it is already too late, but like with smoking, it is never too late to quit.  If you are concerned, in the least, limit the exposure young children get with anything emitting RF radiation and when you must use a cell phone, skip the also potentially dangerous Blue Tooth device and just use speaker phone.

By Guiles Hendrik

May 27, 2016



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