Tuberculosis is reemerging as a major health threat in the US

Following up to my previous articles on antibiotic resistant bacteria, Tuberculosis (TB) has reemerged as one of the major antibiotic resistant disease threats to the public.  TB in particular is highly contagious and is a disease you CAN get just from sitting beside someone on a bus or train.  TB used to be one of the biggest killers in the world until antibiotics all but erased the disease from the US.  However, TB persisted in other nations and is now returning in force to the US via illegal immigrants and refugees.  Unlike before though, the strands of TB carried by these illegals are resistant or highly resistant to antibiotic treatment and pose a huge threat to public safety.  Sadly, because of political correct insanity, our own government has chosen to risk the lives of the population and ignore this threat.

You read that correctly.  Even though antibiotic resistant TB has the ability to rapidly spread and become a death sentence for thousands of innocent American citizens, your government and media have ignored it.  They are more concerned about flooding your local towns with enemy combatants to create chaos and division or to create Democrat majorities in key swing states than they are concerned about your health.  This is deadly treason and will kill more Americans than any terrorist attack.  I have repeatedly warned about this bio-terrorism  Even worse, it is completely preventable, but our “leaders” refuse to do a thing about it.  Once resistant TB reaches epidemic proportions the politicians will feign ignorance and will act surprised, but make no mistake, they were fully briefed on the threat while it could still be contained and did nothing.

I have to give Breitbart News credit.  It has been doing an excellent job of tracking and reporting on the return of TB even though the major media outlets have completely ignored this looming health crisis.  In spite of the fact telling people the truth about illegal immigrants and refugees bringing previously eradicated diseases back to the US is not politically correct; Breitbart has been giving regular news updates.  Below are the links to three of their articles detailing this important topic:

I won’t dwell on the fact that our government is putting our lives at risk in order to push a political agenda.  Allowing the continuous flood of refugees and illegal immigrants into the US is inexcusable.  Being outraged by this has nothing to do with racism or hate (unless referring to the politicians that are gambling with our lives).  It is about a government failing in its most basic roll to protect the population it serves.  Antibiotic resistant TB will rapidly spread and is extremely difficult and expensive to effectively treat.  I warned of this years ago.  Resistant TB has the ability to kill millions globally and like other resistant bacteria strains, overwhelm and bankrupt our healthcare system.  Further, if not contained now, it will eventually merge with super resistant strains of bacteria that will make TB incurable.  With no cure, TB is a highly contagious disease that is fatal.  This means anyone coming in close contact with others such as when traveling by airplane will be at risk of contracting a fatal disease.

This is not a disease to take lightly.  It has killed millions globally and will continue to kill if not stopped.  Right now is the time to build awareness, educate the public, and demand action from our elected leaders if it is to be stopped from becoming a nightmare in our day.  I doubt politicians will act on emails alone so perhaps they need the real threat of millions of illegals being sent to their neighborhoods and schools with this deadly disease to drive the point home.  Sadly, I don’t think we will see any action until the politically correct editors and reporters from MSNBC contract the disease traveling on a plane or a Congressman’s child gets the deadly strain from a classroom.  Then it will become real, but it will be too late.  As such, we take one step closer to the time when bugging out is required simply to put distance between you and every other human being just to maintain your health.

By Guiles Hendrik

June 13, 2016

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