To serve in the military today is to swear an oath to destroy America and serve the global elite

Today, I watched as Secretary of Defense Carter gave “a major announcement” that transgender people will now be allowed to openly serve in the military.  As absurd as this should appear to a rational human, this was their “big” announcement.  I admit that I thought for a second this was going to actually be something legitimate the Department of Defense (DoD) was going to unveil like how to win the wars we have been fighting for over a decade and a half.  Rather than waste your time like Secretary Carter, I am going to get right to the important point.  The military is more concerned with pushing radical political agendas and creating special socially divisive rights for the Democrat’s electoral base than fighting and winning wars.  The only way to fix this problem is to utterly abandon the institution.  Whether or not you took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, this is the time to start drawing lines.  Fortunately, this doesn’t require anything beyond quite literally doing nothing.  The “most powerful military in the world” can literally be destroyed without firing a shot.  To reign in and stop the DoD we must starve it of human and financial capital until such time that it begs for our return on our terms.  My thesis argument is that only by utterly rejecting the military establishment by not serving or funding it can we fix it. 

To establish a baseline, the DoD no longer serves the interests of the nation we collectively “knew.”  It is purely the tool of the elite special interests.  Defense contractors use never ending war as a way to perpetually rob the citizens by creating threats and fear that must be answered by an ever growing defense budget.  Financial institutions are making billions off of the interest on the debt our nation accumulates paying for needless wars.  Other globalists to include the petroleum and fruit industries have historically leveraged the military to force countries to concede to their business interests, which only fuels hostilities toward the US.  Still others such as the Saudi and Israeli lobbies use huge campaign donations to buy politicians that will use our men, money, and blood to fight their foreign wars, which makes their foreign problems our domestic ones.  Finally, we have a political class that sees insecurity and persistent threats as a way to seize more power while convincing the public to voluntarily give up their Rights for the hollow promises of “security.”  In fact, the more attacks and threats, the more power and money these politicians can seize from a brainwashed and apathetic public.  Specific to the current Administration, the never ending “War on Terror” has given unprecedented ability to President Obama to implement his radical leftist agenda, which is hell bent on destroying the US and our way of life.  Obama, more than any of his predecessors has politicized the military to the detriment of America and it will not cease unless a hard line is drawn.  We must resist this defacto coup of our government by what amounts to leftist extremists from within the government.

You will notice that at no point in the paragraph above did I ever mention the DoD and our military serving the interests of “our” citizens.  To be clear, the US military is being used against our citizens.  The “War on Terror” would more aptly be named the “War on American Civil Liberties.”  The US military has been more effective than any foreign military at destroying our nation.  We are financially bankrupt from trillions in military spending and now beholden to the banks and foreign nations that hold our debt.  We have lost our Constitutional Rights and now live under a soft tyranny where the rule of law is flagrantly ignored by elites.  We have had to suffer the forced importation of millions of people from countries we are at war with, which do not share our nation’s values and would be better called a self-imposed hostile invasion.  Our tax dollars are being spent by the billions funding a very rich defense industry (thanks to a never ending gravy train of tax dollars from Congress) to establish a police state of unprecedented proportions to control, not protect you.  Any service or support to the DoD and military only serves to further bolster the very entities that seek to destroy you and your way of life.

If you feel nostalgic and fear leaving or not serving would be detrimental to the US, remember, the military has failed to decisively win a war since 1945.  Our “most powerful military in the world” has not only failed to defeat radical Islam, it has probably done more to arm, train, equip, and fund them than any other institution outside of the Saudi government.  This has led to the deaths of thousands of Americans both domestic and abroad.  These brave and honorably Americans died in vain.  Even more disturbingly, their deaths were used to further an agenda quite different than what nearly every one of those good people swore and oath to defend.  Now you may say that this isn’t the military’s fault and that it is the political class to blame and you wouldn’t be totally wrong.  However, I ask you what has the military done to stop this take over?  Has there been a mass resignation of generals in protest over our strategic policies?  Has the officer corps come out en masse and provided better plans to defeat radical Islam and end our wars decisively?  Where are the military members testifying in front of Congress that the budget must be cut and strategy changed?  The facts are the military has done nothing to prevent itself from becoming the blunt fist of the conspirators motivated by greed, power, and radical ideologies.

If you have read this far you either agree or are really angry.  Irrespective of what you feel, you really have only two options.  If you like the situation, then by all means, join up and go get wounded or killed for your enlightened leaders you incorrectly believe give a damn about you.  In fact, if you take exception with my arguments, then please go and join the military.  I dare you, but the truth is those of you that take issue with my points were never the ones that were going to serve anyhow.  You were always the ones too “important” to risk your life, but had no issue allowing others to do your dirty work.  You are the hypocrite and problem.  In truth, just like most people, I honestly could care less about one’s sex life.  The perpetual fixation upon a service member’s sexuality is bordering on mental illness by our senior government officials.  However, it is the politicization of the military and the focus on radical ideological agendas vice defending our nation and winning wars that is the problem.  It is no wonder that the Taliban, the weakest enemy the US has ever qualitatively or quantitatively faced in its history, has defeated the US military on the ground in Afghanistan.  This should concern you deeply because the factors that led to our defeats in Afghanistan and Iraq persist to this day and will prove catastrophic given enough time to rot the military to the core.

As for the rest of you that agree, your choice is simple.  Refuse to serve.  If you are in, get out as soon as possible.  If you aren’t in the military, don’t ever join the military or work for any of its supporting industries.  Respective of funding the DoD, pay only what you absolutely must in taxes and raise hell with your elected leaders every time they even think of increasing the defense budget.  Even better, leave this country and work overseas for a foreign country so next to none of your earnings find their way into the pockets of the same people trying to destroy you.  Unlike your “leaders,” I actually care about you and our nation, but you ultimately have to choose who you are going to believe.  One is a politician and the other served side by side with you in war.  Your choice should be simple.

If you are not convinced, let me go further.  The military and our government have repeatedly demonstrated nothing but utter contempt for the bulk of our fighting forces, which are comprised of white, male, heterosexual Christians that represent the last bastion of masculinity.  They care nothing for their death or injury as Hillary Clinton clearly demonstrated when she blatantly lied to the mother of the dead GRS operator in Benghazi as his body was taken off the plane at Joint Base Andrews.  Fact, the government “leadership” despises the people that constitute the backbone of our military and nearly all of our elite forces, but has no problem sending us out to die to forward their agendas.  It is time you wake the hell up and realize you are a pawn that is getting used and refuse them a single ounce of your service going forward.  This goes for everyone else that isn’t “white” too because you are getting screwed just as bad if not worse.  Remember, it was the military and the government that had no issue giving blacks syphilis and interning Japanese.  If you trust these same people now, you are naïve at best.

If the government and the public want gays, transgender, and female fighters so bad, than give them exactly what they want and nothing more.  Let’s see how many of them actually enlist and how well they fight without the heterosexual male whipping boy shouldering the gunfights.  Let their hand-picked special interest groups shoulder the burden and fight the wars.  Let them die for the stupid causes and corrupt leaders they vote to support.  Let them deploy repeatedly to fight wars their incompetent elites refuse to allow us to fight and win.  Let the “leaders” that know better figure out how to force their agenda with a military of just women, gays, and transvestites so thin skinned they can’t even take a joke without filing a lawsuit.  Even better, when they can’t recruit even 1000th of the forces needed, let them institute a draft so that all of these people too good to serve, but quick to condemn and vote Democrat get their chance to dodge IEDs.  It would the healthiest exercise yet for “America.”  Liberals want to redistribute the wealth so let’s redistribute the responsibility just as they demand to their special interests…all of it!  If you have any sense of integrity and honor you will uphold your oath and not allow the military to operate one day longer in its current state.  For those unwilling, too brainwashed, or in the enemy’s camp, you get the leadership and fate you picked and deserve.

In conclusion, continued service or any future service in the military constitutes a suicidal action.  The oath you took to the Constitution demands you refuse further service to a military destroying the very fundamental rights you swore to defend.  Service to the military today only helps to destroy our nation, our freedoms, and our way of life.  The DoD and military industrial complex exclusively serve the interests of the global elite.  If the special interests want to serve so bad, let them.  When they utterly fail they will demand our return.  Laugh in their faces and walk away until they completely and totally surrendered and a healthy balance of power is reestablished.  We will only come back on our terms, with our leaders, and fight the way we see fit.  Outside of that, we sit back like Bill Clinton and watch the “suckers” die for their country.  I know this is a dense article, but it is one of the most important messages I have delivered.  I have long since voted my conscience and resigned my commission, but without broad support, you are doomed.  Please spread the word and save the lives of the good men and women serving today.

By Guiles Hendrik

June 30, 2016


PS:  I have never taken the editorial liberty of a post script.  However, the seriousness of the subject today has moved me to make one more final plea to those currently serving or thinking of serving.  Please don’t.  Please.  You will only be serving the interests of those intent on destroying you, your family, and your nation.  Whether a conceited statement or not, I sit on knowledge, experience, and intelligence you simply don’t have.  Mark my words…those of you that continue to serve will soon be sent to a far more hostile and completely unnecessary war engineered by elites that will end the lives of hundreds of thousands in the US military.  This isn’t a forecast, it is a certainty.  Get out before they quite literally kill you when the reset the global order.

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