Why you need to buy a “registered” gun in the calibers you shoot.

Most of us immediately recognize and value the benefits of the freedom to individually engage in a personal firearms transfer without government intervention or oversight.  In fact, the general rule in buying firearms is the less information that has to be recorded and on the books and still remain legal, the better.  My short article today is not to debate or detail this fact beyond saying it is a good thing that should be protected.  Instead, I am going to pose a counterintuitive point.  Consider having a gun “registered” in the calibers you shoot the most.  If everyone gets on board with this and spreads the word now, we may be able to defang one of the most insidious anti-gun strategies currently being developed before it ever comes to maturity.

Many people right now probably think I have lost my mind or have sold out.  I assure you that is not the case.  I am trying to keep you off the radar and out of trouble.  After reviewing anti-gun laws in Connecticut and California, it is clear that the government is targeting ammunition for regulation and is moving to institute a policy to conduct background checks and register anyone that buys ammunition.  This will spread to other states.  What you need to know is that the record keeping on ammunition sales isn’t being solely done to make owning and using firearms more difficult and expensive.  In fact, after a more detailed review of anti-gun lobbyist strategy, this is being done as a backdoor source of information for analysts to target anyone that didn’t “self-report” or turn in a “banned” firearm.  The gun confiscation lobby’s plan is to cross reference databases of firearms owners with purchases of ammunition.  Any discrepancy between ammunition purchased and the type of firearms you own will be flagged for further investigation.  In short, if you are buying ammunition for a firearm you don’t own according to the books, expect that to be used as probable cause for a knock on your door in the middle of the night.

Obviously this isn’t good and a huge overstep of authority explicitly withheld from the government.  Nonetheless, my readers in numerous states across the US are facing this reality.  I am not telling you to break any laws; I am simply providing you some important information to consider so that you don’t draw unnecessary attention and scrutiny.  To circumvent this attempt at backdoor gun registration and confiscation going overt with your purchases may be a better option.  This is particularly valid if you intend to continue shooting and purchasing ammunition at any time in the future.  What I recommend is that you purchase the most “innocent” firearm you can on the books in the calibers you intend to shoot so you always have an alibi for why you are buying, for example, ammunition for an AR-15.  A person with a single shot over under Savage in .223 and 12 gauge on the books looks legitimate to an analyst when they see that person also buys .223 and 12 gauge ammunition.  It adds up.  What doesn’t is the person that buys a case of 500 5.56x45mm rounds and owns no firearm “registered” in that caliber.  For example, if you are running an AR system, buy a single shot or bolt action rifle in .223 or 5.56.  The same goes with 9mm.  Rather than announcing you have a Glock with standard capacity magazines, perhaps consider buying a rifle chambered in 9mm that doesn’t use any type of detachable magazine.

By using this method of deception, you will disrupt a major backdoor effort to identify “black gun” owners prior to confiscation.  A massive procurement of these “hunting” weapons in popular calibers will so taint any government data that it will be rendered more or less useless for the original intent it was collected.  Again, I am not advocating that you break any laws irrespective of whether you view them as just or unjust.  If you choose to maintain weapons off the books in spite of government demands to turn in and register, that is solely your personal decision.  Nonetheless, for now, while it is still legal, you have this choice.  By spreading the word now, we may be able to so effectively counter and mitigate this backdoor strategy of the anti-gun lobby’s targeting of ammunition that it no longer serves any benefit and they simply drop pushing the issue.

By Guiles Hendrik

June 30, 2016

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