The plan to suspend open carry at the RNC is a dangerous setup

After the assassination of three police officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Fox News began broadcasting comments from various “conservative” commentators demanding that Ohio’s open carry law be suspended in Cleveland for the duration of the Republic Convention.  This was a very scary precedent that Fox News seemed all too happy to endorse.  Thankfully, Ohio Governor John Kasich denied the request on quite legitimate grounds.  However, I fear something more insidious is afoot.

The mere consideration that laws protecting basic Constitutional Rights should be suspended is terrifying.  Let’s consider the precedent dictatorial police union leaders are setting by calling for the suspension of open carry in Ohio.  First of all, those calling for the ban base their demand for emergency powers on the fact three police officers over a thousand miles away were killed in a nation of over 320 million people.  If the bar in our nation for the institution of martial law is the death of three officers, we will be living under military rule by August.  What happened in Dallas and Baton Rouge is horrific.  However, if anyone thinks that draconian actions and suspension of our rights will make things better, they are not just stupid, but treasonous.  Our “rights” are not granted so they can be denied when we need them the most.  That is precisely when things are dangerous and difficult.

Second, Governor Kasich does not have the power to pick and choose which laws he would like to see enforced or not.  Can you imagine an executive such as President Obama with the ability to declare a state of emergency because of three deaths?  I am sure Obama could have it arranged and would certainly love for the public to give him the authority to immediately and arbitrarily suspend whatever laws he doesn’t like.  However, I am curious why anyone would think the man that has in a large part engineered and instigated this violence will do anything to stop it if he is awarded with more power?  Unless you want to live under martial law with President Obama wielding literal dictatorial powers, I would suggest we tell those “well intentioned” law enforcement members demanding a suspension of our rights to move to North Korea where they can enjoy a land with total law and order.

Finally, I am disgusted anyone would suggest that our freedoms are at fault for the assassination of police by radical black terrorists hell bent on committing violent hate crimes as defined by the Department of Justice (DOJ).  The DOJ and the Obama Administration are directly responsible for the deaths, not guns.  The DOJ has a long standing policy of not only ignoring, but at least passively supporting radical black terrorists even after their racist rants advocating for the murder of white babies and children became well known.  At least as early as Obama’s first term this was apparent and I was actively sounding the alarm and pleading with people to take immediate action to stop these terrorists before they killed innocent people.  To be specific, I wrote the following in 2012:

Readers should advocate for the prosecution of the New Black Panthers Party and demand the F.B.I and Justice Department take action.  Sadly, based on the current inaction, they must also prepare for law enforcement to do nothing and be ready for another explosive wave of racial violence in major metropolitan areas.  Law enforcement officers need to blow the whistle and step up to expose the internal political pressures to take no action.  Write your government representatives and organize to protect your civil rights.  Independent lawyers and firms should bring suit against the government if it fails to act.  Finally, the media needs to place a spotlight on the hypocrisy of this Administration and demand action.  Only by resisting this blatantly despicable inaction, can the true justice and freedom of all Americans be protected. (For full article see:

Every one of you needs to know who is on your side.  Ask yourself, where was the DOJ and these law enforcement “union” leaders a half decade ago when it became apparent these racist black terrorist groups were organizing and spreading?  I certainly didn’t have to look hard and saw it coming and warned you this was coming.  The DOJ saw it too, but did nothing because their political agenda was more important than your life and the safety of our nation.  This problem didn’t arise because of Donald Trump or open carry; it was deliberately engineered by treasonous leftist elites carrying out a communist coup in this country.  These same elites remain in power and will continue to destabilize our nation until run out office and placed in jail.

This brings me to my deeper concern.  When did Governor Kasich suddenly become a big advocate of civil liberties and the Constitution?  I don’t mean to slander the man and he may indeed be acting out of true principle, but his sudden stand for the rule of law honestly surprised me.  If that is the case, I truly would like to thank him personally.  However, I have my doubts and I am quite worried that the real reason open carry is being allowed to continue is because certain political elites are not just planning on violence, but counting on it to further their gun control agenda.  Obama and his band of leftist traitors already have the press releases readied for the predictable outcome of someone tossing the match into the powder keg of armed, radicalized, revolutionaries he created.  When the shooting starts, no matter why; it will be the fault of white racists with guns.  This will be the agenda and “emergency actions” for “national security” will be announced.  You can bet there is a high likelihood that top on the agenda for “emergency national security” actions will be gun bans with restrictions on assembly and speech to follow.

To conclude, the open carry at the RNC is a trap that has been baited.  All it will take is one honest person to defend himself using lethal force against an attack from the leftist mobs and the trap will be sprung.  Within minutes the Obama propaganda machine will spin into high gear to manipulate the incident to serve their agenda.  No matter how justified or not, the media propaganda will blame racist white gun owners for all of society’s problems.  At that point, Obama and his complicit media will open the flood gates for an all-out violent insurgency that will ultimately lead to martial law, gun confiscation, and a civil war.  Make no mistake, if Obama and his treasonous leftist coup succeeds, the end state will be the imposition of a true communist state.

By Guiles Hendrik

July 18, 2016

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