White House Answers Petition to Label Black Lives Matter a Terrorist Organization: Careful What You Wish For

Tanks in the street in Turkey. Image Source: http://www.trbimg.com/img-5789788e/turbine/la-fg-turkey-coup-pictures-20160715-028/900/900x506

Tanks in the street in Turkey. Image Source: http://www.trbimg.com/img-5789788e/turbine/la-fg-turkey-coup-pictures-20160715-028/900/900×506

A White House petition was generated that gathered over 100,000 signatures to label the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement a terrorist organization.  In response, the White House stated it didn’t have the power to label anyone a terrorist organization.  Although, the White House clearly was ignoring the petition, be glad they did ignore it.  Irrespective of whether or not you support BLM or not, declaring it a terrorist organization would have been a huge mistake and disaster for freedom and liberty.  Whoever started the petition was probably good intentioned, but if you considered for a moment the true implications of what you were asking for, you would realize you are a complete idiot. 

Yes, BLM is inspiring racial hatred and anti-cop sentiment.  Yes, BLM likely inspired the recent murders of police officers.  I got it.  However, that in no way justifies a terrorist label and be glad it doesn’t.  I don’t like their comments, but they have a right to say them.  Further, just because someone commits a crime sympathizes with what they see as a legitimate grievance or cause, it doesn’t make everyone that believes that way terrorists.  Imagine that if someone that was pro-gun committed a violent crime and all gun owners that supported the Second Amendment were implicated.  If that was the bar for terrorism, then a whole lot of organizations to include the NRA could and would be categorized as terrorist organizations by a very leftist, anti-gun elite in power in Washington.  Yes, I know the NRA isn’t calling for the murder of cops, but the people that would make the decision at the State Department already despise the NRA and many in Congress to include Nancy Pelosi already call gun owners terrorists.  In short, the leftists would love this power and waste no time declaring every conservative, pro-gun, Christian group a terrorist organization.

You should also think very hard about what our nation would look like with the military actively fighting a “domestic terrorist organization” centered in our inner cities across the nation.  If you think anti-police sentiment amongst blacks is causing problems, wait till Abrams tanks are rolling down city streets and Delta Force is carrying out direct action raids to kill leaders of the black community.  For those of you that still think this ridiculous petition is a good idea, answer me these questions.  How do you think very real military brutality is going to fix the much exaggerated problem of police brutality?  Further, how is giving the power to brand BLM a terrorist group to the same government elites that created and funded BLM going to work out for you?  If you want our country ripped apart, our cities burned, and dictatorial powers handed to the government to kill their political enemies at will, this is how to do it.

In summary, petitioning to hand power over to the President to unilaterally declare groups, organizations, and social movements terrorist organizations is utter stupidity if you value your life and freedom.  Chances are very good that if you read the articles on this site, you would quickly find yourself in a group deemed a terrorist organization by our very leftist president.  If you think for a second this power wouldn’t be abused to remove political enemies you are “dead” wrong.  Please don’t fall for these red herrings and think first before signing away your rights and life in a kneejerk, feel good petition.

By Guiles Hendrik

July 21, 2016

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