SOFREP’s Most Important Story Reveals How US being Tricked into WWIII

Jack Murphy, an author at SOFREP recently had the opportunity to interview Syrian President Assad.  Whether or not you like President Assad, you need to hear Andrew Wilkow’s short interview with Jack about the meeting broadcast on The Wilkow Majority radio show.  Jack may not realize it, but his observations are accurate and completely contradict Washington’s talking points.  To be specific, our government is lying to us about Syria.  If you do not get smart about the real facts on the ground that Jack discusses, you will be tricked into World War III by your propaganda masters.

As I have detailed from the beginning, the war in Syria has been engineered by global elites using terrorist proxies.  (See  These special interests are solely interested in advancing their own agendas and care not for the damage it does to others.  If successful, their strategy will result in disastrous strategic consequences for the region and the US.  Although, SOFREP tends to have good writers with great experience, their focus and expertise, as their site would suggest, are on SOF related issues that are generally tactical in perspective.  As such, whether they realize it or not, the brutal truth is that much of the work the SOF community and greater US military does today supports this globalist agenda and actually hurts the American people.  They are good people being lied to and used as useful idiots.  This is very hard for many people, including myself, which have served or have close friends and family that have served, to admit.  However, that doesn’t make it any less true.  In this interview, Jack moves squarely into a strategic role, perhaps unwittingly, opposing US policy and the work his SOF friends are doing on behalf of Washington’s special interests simply by exposing the truth in Syria.

Jack’s statements are very dangerous to the establishment.  His remarks aren’t dangerous because they are false, but because they are completely honest and accurate.  As such, they directly attack Obama’s narrative in Syria.  Point number one of the key issues that have been repeatedly recycled by the White House is that the Syrian government is responsible for chemical attacks against civilians.  This has been Washington’s go-to claim in its pursuit of starting a broader war through the manipulation of facts and engineered false flags attacks.  I have written numerous articles about this and Jack is the latest to weigh in stating that he believes that the rebels, not Assad are responsible for the chemical attacks.  I have stated over and over that Americans must wake up and realize that not only do the “rebels” have chemical weapons, but they were in part provided those weapons with US complicity and have since used those weapons against civilians and US troops.  Assad on the other hand has completely dismantled his chemical weapons capability and cooperated fully with international inspectors.  Only a dope would believe Assad would risk US military intervention by launching a small scale chemical attack against militarily insignificant civilian target while international inspectors watch over his shoulder.

Point number two is a cornerstone of Washington’s position on Syria.  It states that the rebel opposition is moderate and not tied to Islamic terrorist organizations actively targeting US and Western interests.  Jack stated quite clearly that all of the major rebel groups practice Sharia.  These are groups directly linked to both al-Qaeda and ISIS and are sworn enemies of the West.  Nonetheless, these are also the very same groups US Special Forces and air strikes are helping with the lone exception of the Kurds, which Washington is actively betraying and allowing to be massacred as it buckles to Turkish pressure.

Point number three of the Administration is that Assad is an evil, brutal dictator that must go.  Jack directly contradicts this and discusses how life is relatively normal under Assad’s secular rule.  He notes he saw women going about their business wearing western clothing and Christians openly worshipping in safety.  In fact, it is this secular nature of Syria that the rebels hate, which Washington and its crony media operatives will do anything to hide from you.  The truth is that if the rebels are allowed to take over Syria, it would obliterate the secular nation that has existed under Assad’s regime.  Further, Jack states that the rebels that would replace Assad are far worse.  A rebel regime in charge of Syria would be a hard line, anti-American, anti-Christian Islamic state that would become the launch point for much broader and bloodier wars across the region.  In no way would this be good for America, yet the entire US military is being used by our corrupt leaders to create this horrific reality of an Islamic Caliphate.

One need not dive further than these three main policy positions on Syria by Obama’s Administration.  They are all patently false and Jack has witnessed it personally.  If the Administration’s propaganda and lies are not debunked and the treachery they conspire to commit are not exposed, the US will pave the way for a bloody conquest of Syria by radical Islamic extremists.  Further, if Hillary Clinton is elected, she will not only continue to support the establishment of a radical anti-Western caliphate, but will be willing to force a military showdown with Russia to achieve this.  Hillary’s proposed no-fly zone over Syria would place US and Russian aircraft in direct conflict.  If neither side backs down, Hillary will march the US directly into WWIII with Russia.  Note that the war will not be fought to protect Americans, but to protect jihadists trying to kill Americans.  Let that sink in for a moment.

Once you grasp the evil of these leaders I want to close with some questions for Jack, SOF, and the rest of the US military.  We all have seen the truth with our own eyes and know the facts.  Are we going to deny reality, salute, and carry on with the mission to overthrow Assad and allow millions of innocent people to be murdered by radical Islamists or are we going to wake up and make the connection we are the problem?  Do we realize Washington cannot do this without the support from the US military?  Are we going to uphold our oaths?  Are we going to allow the Administration to use us as the enforcers of the global elite that are pouring billions into the reelection campaigns of our “leaders?”  Are we going to allow these globalists to trick us into fighting for an agenda that destroys the country we swore to protect?  Ultimately, it comes down to you.  Are you going to be a useful idiot or are you going to actually wake-up and protect our nation and innocent people?  Will you be a leader?


By Guiles Hendrik

November 1, 2016


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