ISIS Threat against Election likely US Government False Flag

Last week, news broke that the Islamic State (IS) had issued threats against New York, Virginia, and Texas.  The report claimed that intelligence sources indicated that IS may be planning an attack to disrupt US elections.  After the announcement, I had a few questions.  Is it real and if so, then what is being done?  If not, why would the threat information be publicized and who made the announcement?  The answers are disturbing. 

From the beginning, the timing and release of this threat information did not feel right.  I began to do my research, and it became immediately clear I wasn’t alone.  Other connected people were questioning the sources and vetting of this “intelligence.”  It smacked of political spin.  The more I tried to dig into who actually released the threat and where that stream of intelligence came from, the more people seemed to not have any clue.  In fact, at this point, I am willing to say that aside from it being announced by an insider group in the US to distract and/or set the stage for an insider false flag attack, there isn’t any strong intelligence to support the claim IS is going to attack anything in the US on Election Day.  I am even going to predict that it will eventually come out that this was bogus.  This is a very dangerous game and someone should be held accountable if it turns out to be true.  Next time, like the boy that cried wolf, when it is a real threat, no one will take it seriously.

This brings me to my next question.  Why would someone fake a threat report?  I am openly admitting that I am theorizing here, because I don’t know.  However, I do know DHS officials are very worried of potential violence in the aftermath of the election, but do not want to stoke tensions by publicly acknowledging the fact.  Therefore, I believe it is conceivable that DHS leaked this information to justify a heavy police and possible military presence on Election Day.  This is actually occurring and should raise eyebrows in a nation where we pride ourselves on “peaceful” democratic elections.  This would have been done with the intent to protect the public, but really only sets the stage for a violent government crackdown on whichever element of American society will find out tomorrow night that it has been dispossessed.  The bottom line is whether or not it was a false threat report, DHS and other government/law enforcement entities DO have intelligence that Americans are planning violence.  Either way, I see the chance for violence as far greater if Hillary loses.  Her legions of paid anarchists and thugs are prepped and waiting for the green light, which would be a Trump victory, to put our cities to the torch.

A much darker option is the threat was released to condition the minds of Americans in the advance of a false flag attack.  This is conspiracy theory right now, but there is solid precedent to prove that this type of psychological preparation of the battlefield is a classic psyop.  This worries me because they are done to support a bigger operation, which do accompany false flag attacks.  “Attacks,” is the operative word that worries me.  Bear in mind that the threat report has already prepped Americans to immediately blame any attack on IS and allow the government to take “appropriate” security measures.  Those measures would no doubt be used to promote a specific policy and/or insulate draconian government actions against criticism.  This would be a text book false flag.  In the event of this worst case theory, you can be assured that a full scale internal coup of our government is taking place and more violence across the US will be integral to the achievement of that takeover.  Let’s hope it is just some hacks that just got some information wrong.

In summary, if something happens, you can bet that it wasn’t IS and a coup is underway that will lead to a leftist revolution to take full control of this country.  The war is already underway and our country is now insurgent, but you won’t hear that from the people leading it.  It is in their interest to keep you in the dark and distracted while they consolidate power.  Even if you mentally haven’t woken up to the reality around you, let agree that we all should be very uncomfortable with the precedent of police and military being deployed on our streets for an election.  As a nation, we should reject and be outraged by the draconian presence.  Seriously, we need to wake up and see what we are becoming as a country before it is too late.

By Guiles Hendrik

November 7, 2016

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