UPDATE: How the Election is being Legally Rigged

Before the first votes were cast, I penned a unique piece on how the election could be “legally rigged” by manipulating the votes of state electors.  LMS was the only alternative news…or any source warning about this possibility.  In particular, I singled out Michigan and Pennsylvania as key states to watch and they turned out to be key swing states for Trump, just as predicted.  See: (http://www.lastminutesurvival.com/2016/11/07/1325/).  Today, news is breaking, just as I had warned in the above linked to article, the Left is trying to lobby the Electoral College to ignore their pledges and vote for Hillary.  This is feasible and actually legal, but would clearly cause a crisis within the US.  See: (https://www.yahoo.com/news/millions-sign-petition-urging-electoral-college-to-elect-hillary-clinton-175038196.html).  Make no mistake, Donald Trump was legitimately elected as the next president and will be president, but that doesn’t mean the Left will not try to disrupt this in every way possible.  You can expect this push to sway the Electoral College to gain significant momentum in the coming days once the government propaganda outlets catch on that this is a viable.  The implications of this action, should it gain traction, are serious. 

Donald Trump’s victory was a strong counterpunch against the leftist coup that occurred when President Obama assumed the office.  The media is right that this was not supposed to happen.  Let me be clear, the election was rigged heavily in favor of Hillary Clinton, but just as with the rigged Brexit vote, the massive populist uprising was so big, it overcame the rigging allowing for an upset win.  Unlike the “99.9%” of pundits and pollsters, we were not “surprised” by the result.  Supporting this conclusion, I had pointed out repeatedly that polls are always biased 3-6% in favor of the Democrat candidate.  Thus, I said if Trump was within this margin, barring massive rigging and voter fraud, he would win.  This accurate prediction when everyone else was massively wrong was possible because we analyzed the facts and weren’t blinded by political bias.  This continues LMS’ 100% success rate for calling elections far in advance of the pundits.  In fact, we called the 2012 election for Obama the moment Romney was nominated.  A solid track record of getting it right when others get it wrong is a good thing when giving weight to predictive analysis.  However, in this case, the problem with getting it right is when we predict things going poorly.  In these cases, like the on-going attempt to rig the Electoral College, I much rather be wrong because it means America is in for more trouble.

Recapping, we know that the Left are sore losers and have vowed to continue to the fight.  The primary tactic being employed to “continue this fight” is quite literal.  Their braindead goons will attack, burn, and loot anything and everything to destabilize this nation, polarize the population, spread fear, and ultimately foment a revolt against anything or anyone that challenges their ideology.  This will also be fought through frivolous lawsuits, social media, and “political activism.”  This activism is not benign.  The plan to pressure the electors to vote for Hillary irrespective of the popular vote in their states just as I predicted is quite dangerous.  What this means is that even if the electors stand firm to their pledges and deny the Left their chance to cause a constitutional crisis, they are going to try very hard to disrupt the legitimate and peaceful transfer of power in the US.  They will use all means at their disposal.  If manipulating our system to give the facade of legitimacy doesn’t work, they will simply operate as insurgents using violence.

What everyone must realize is that the Left’s endstate isn’t necessarily to illegally overturn the results of the election, even though they would do that in a second if allowed; their goal is to destabilize this nation so badly that no one can govern until they are back in charge.  This comes directly from the communist playbook.  If you can’t control it, then destroy it.  As I have repeatedly warned, the Leftist “Revolution” called for by Bernie Sanders and the Left is not one of semantics and hyperbole.  The “Revolution” they are calling for is real in the classic sense and every bit as violent.  Even if you failed to foresee the Trump victory, don’t continue to delude yourself.  Wake up now and recognize the tyrannical leftist forces attempting to take over this nation.


By Guiles Hendrik

November 11, 2016

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  1. […] LMS then posted an update to show that indeed the Democrat’s plan I had exposed to steal the Electoral College had built support and was gaining attention after the election.  This proved that our exclusive warning was indeed accurate.  The major media corporations certainly didn’t mention this possibility and have remained quiet on the subject.  See: http://www.lastminutesurvival.com/2016/11/11/update-how-the-election-is-being-legally-rigged/. […]