Launches Petition to Abolish the Electoral College and Start a Revolution

The on-going Leftist Coup against America sponsored by globalists suffered a major defeat this November when Hillary Clinton was legitimately defeated by Donald Trump.  Even though the globalists rigged the election so that their expected seizure of power would be protected by the façade of legitimate election, the overwhelming popular support for Trump overcame their rigging.  Right up to the election, the Democrat operatives extolled the values of a peaceful democratic transition of power and derided Trump for his indictment of the electoral system by these globalists.  However, the lies and false pretenses of the Left quickly fell away as they realized their attempt to take over the US had failed.  Now their true colors are coming out and they are openly calling for the destruction of that cherished democratic process they were embracing just a week ago.

Following what LMS predicted would be an attempt to rig the election via manipulation of the Electoral College, radical Leftists at have begun a petition drive to abolish it completely.  See: is one more piece to a wide reaching plan to completely undermine the rule-of-law and democratic processes in the United States.  This is only the beginning.  These traitors are now openly calling for violent revolution to undermine the system.  In true communist fashion, if they are unable to seize power through ostensibly “legitimate” channels, then they will move to seize power through violence and illegitimate means.

The destruction of the US and the coming civil war are not foregone conclusions.  If people are educated to know that their enemies are not each other, but the globalists using them, it is possible to wake up enough people to quell the dissent.  The perception being created by the complicit media is completely false, but nonetheless working effectively to convince people that the Left speaks for a majority.  They want everyone to believe people are up in arms across the nation and are using it to further polarize the US population against itself.  The reality is there are only small bands of radical agitators given a disproportionate amount of media coverage, but don’t expect to get that information from CNN or MSNBC.  If the alternative media can expose these lies and distortions before the Left’s false reality can be turned into an actual reality, we have a good chance of stopping this revolution.  Further, if wealthy elite financiers of this revolution like George Soros are arrested on charges of inciting riots, conspiracy, and sedition, there is the possibility to pull the plug on their operations financially.  The latter would be the most effective means of stopping the Leftist Coup.  However, I believe that in the last days of Obama’s presidency, the Left will use all means possible to plunge America into violence. They are determined to so polarize the people that a revolution cannot be averted before Trump even takes office.

In the coming days and weeks, expect the full weight of the globalists to be thrown behind polarizing the US into violence before Trump takes power.  Once he takes power, they know their game will have to change, but until then, they have a small opportunity to create the conditions that could make the country nearly ungovernable.  Remember, if the globalists can’t win, they will kick over the game board and burn it all.  This is precisely what is occurring now.  Be prepared.

By Guiles Hendrik

November 12, 2016

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