Exposing the Fake News Spin: Fox News misses “small fact” and fails to mention group trying to influence Trump’s Iran policy is a long time radical Islamic-Marxist terrorist organization

Today, I read a Fox News article entitled, “Iranian dissidents seeking meeting with Trump.”  See: (http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2016/12/23/iranian-dissidents-seeking-meeting-with-trump.html).  According to the article, Iranian dissidents have penned a letter to Trump urging him to consider renegotiating the so-called, Iran Nuclear Deal.  This alone was not a problem.  The problem was when the article brings up the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) as one of the dissident groups.  Allegedly, the NCRI was not involved with the letter, which I find to be a dubious claim, but according to Fox News, the NCRI is being pushed as a legitimate dissident group and stated, “The NCRI is widely seen as the most organized Iranian opposition group – and also is welcoming engagement with Trump.”   Of course, there is just one small problem with this false narrative.  The NCRI is not just some innocent dissident group oppressed by Iran.  The NCRI is the polished up and renamed political organization of the same terrorist group formerly known as the PMOI and MEK.  As mentioned in my previous article, Trump does not know the behind the scenes intelligence driving many foreign policy decisions and how it has been manipulated by special interests.  As a result, he is dangerously at risk of falling victim to lies of “false news,” being misled, and making a disastrous decision with regards to Iran and the Middle East. 

Most have never heard of the NCRI and will have to do quick web search to get familiar with the organization.  Most likely, your search returned a number of “their” sites telling you how secular, pro-American, and anti-Iranian their group is.  I am telling you from firsthand experience with this organization that their official narrative is false.  They are not who they pretend or what the real architects of “fake news” claim.  What you see and read today is the result of over a decade of buying the best of the K Street lobbyists and media marketing groups to recreate their image.  They paid top dollar in order to convince the US government to delist them from the Department of State’s List of Terrorist Organizations.  Yes, you read that correctly.  They brazenly lobbied our government and media outlets from their rented office space in Pentagon City, Virginia, while still listed as a terrorist organization, so that the Department of State would “delist” their terrorist organization.

The truth is the group now called the NCRI had been recognized and listed as terrorist organization since the 1980s and rightfully remained there until the Obama Administration officially had it delisted.  It is worth noting that the corrupt “In-Justice” Department has not charged a single lobbying outfit or media promotion group with taking money from and providing material support to this terrorist organization.  Amazing isn’t it?  Perhaps, all the Islamic State needs to do is start diverting funds to K Street and they too will soon be advising the White House like the Muslim Brotherhood.  Either way, although the NCRI has done an excellent job of cleaning up their public relations, they are still the same MEK/PMOI organization of radical Islamo-Marxists that got them listed in the first place.

The MEK and PMOI are the two most well-known names for the same organization now calling itself the NCRI.  This organization is a self-professed radical Islamic-Marxist organization.  However, I would best describe it as a cult.  To simplify your research about this organization, go to: http://www.blackboxwire.com/2012/10/02/us-covers-up-botched-policy-by-de-listing-mek-as-terrorist-organization/.  I wrote this article back in 2012 when these nuts were officially delisted.  The article contains most of the salient points you need to know, but to summarize, the MEK/PMOI was an even more extreme group than the Ayatollahs and competed for power with them in the 79 Iranian Revolution.  During the fighting, they were responsible for the deaths of Americans.  The MEK/PMOI eventually were run out of Iran and defected to Iraq during the Iran-Iraq War.  In exchange for sanctuary, the MEK/PMOI did Saddam’s dirty work like training the Republican Guard, massacring the Shia, and gassing the Kurds.  In fact, in a few short years, they succeeded in getting the Iraqis to hate them even more than the Iranians.  Jump forward to the US invasion of Iraq and they made a shrewd decision to surrender if they were given protected persons status.  The US in its infinite wisdom agreed and immediately set itself in the middle of the crossfire “protecting” terrorists against both Iranians and Iraqis that hated them for their brutality and mass murders of innocent civilians.  The Iranians see this group as their top terrorist threat so continued to target this group in Iraq.  The problem for us was that US military personnel were now having to protect them and were getting killed in the attacks.  Basically, US forces were now collateral damage in Iran’s war against the MEK/PMOI.  This is the untold truth to the bulk of the government’s propaganda regarding Iran killing Americans in Iraq.  Iran was targeting the MEK/PMOI, not the US military.  America’s stupid decisions in the region are what pulled Iran into the fight, not the reverse.  However, when did the US government ever let the truth get in the way of starting another illegal war to serve elitist interests?  Note that the Iraqis also targeted them for the same purposes.  The Iraqis suffered horribly at the hands of the MEK/PMOI and wanted revenge.  The brutality of the group was so bad, the new Iraqi government that saw them as terrorists and wanted them run out of the country, arrested, or preferably executed.  In a deal with the US, the Iraqi government eventually forced them from their base at Camp Ashraf to Camp Liberty, where they were placed in internment.  While there, their camp was attacked at least once and a number of their members were killed or wounded.

Let me be clear, contrary to what the group publicly states, they are every bit as brutal and radical as they have ever been.  This is a group that has no problem putting thousands to death for brutal dictators, espouses a communist ideology, and professes a radical brand of Shia Islam so fringe, they have been run out of every country they have occupied.  Is this really the group you want providing inside memos and advising the Trump team when it comes to Iran?  If you think it is a bad idea, you would be correct.  However, according to Fox News, a source speaking on the condition of anonymity, told Fox News that is exactly what is occurring.  According to the source, senior Trump advisers such as Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giuliani and former ambassador John Bolton have, “very close ties to the strongest component of the Iranian opposition, the NCRI.”  I don’t know who this source is, but I would assess their source as very accurate on this point, which is scary.  In my 2012 article, I called out these traitors (like Bolton and Gingrich) for who they were and what they were doing.  In particular, the likes of Gingrich and Bolton were publicizing information from a highly biased source regarding Iran’s nuclear program as vetted “intelligence” assessments in their effort to convince America we needed to pay, bleed, and die for another elitist war.  I find it worthwhile to note that both Gingrich and Bolton were unapologetic draft dodgers during Vietnam, but have no issues sending my generation off to fight and die in their bogus wars.

If Trump gets some bad advice from establishment insiders that is bad, but it is far worse if he believes it and begins to base policy around it.  This may actually be the case.  According to Fox News, we get a glimpse of how Trump’s policy with Iran may start to coalesce.  Fox News states, “these advisers, though, will be pushing a cooperation with the Iranian opposition to force Iran to cooperate.”  Let me be the first to say it.  If Trump is dumb enough to buy this garbage from the likes of Bolton and thinks he can leverage anything constructive with Iran by using the NCRI, his policy will be an absolute disaster.  Even more dangerous is if the NCRI is allowed to directly influence policy.  Make no mistake; their goal is to foment a war between Iran and the US by any means just like the disgusting traitor Bolton.  The US will not benefit from the false logic that good can come from allying with evil.  The NCRI may have changed its name and public image, but it is still a terrorist organization that given the chance, would murder any number of innocent people to achieve its objective to take over Iran.  The Trump Administration needs good advice and to get it, he will have to reach beyond the “swamp.”  I think it is also safe to say he shouldn’t be reaching out to terrorist organizations.


By Guiles Hendrik

December 24, 2016

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