Radical Leftists Stock Up on Guns Preparing for Violent Resistance to Trump

Oh how quickly the roles have changed.  Just a year ago, only crazy “deplorables” were clinging to their bibles and guns.  Now it looks as though the Leftists are suddenly glad they didn’t ban all firearms and are arming themselves by the thousands.  However, I seriously doubt this salient point resonated and I would be curious to know if they are suddenly swelling the ranks of the NRA…Yes, I doubt it too.  Nonetheless, from where we stood just six months ago, the radical elements within the political Left are now suddenly far more, not less, dangerous.  I am writing today to warn fellow patriots that the war is not won.  It has only begun and elements on the Left are actively plotting a violent resistance to President Trump’s Administration. 

Six months ago, the most dangerous domestic terrorist organization aligned with a Left was arguably the New Black Panther Party.  This organization boasted numbers in the hundreds or thousands if you extended its membership to the BLM movement.  At its core were extremely radical domestic terrorists that were armed and preached outright violence and revolution against all whites and the United States Government.  Even though Obama’s Justice Department turned a blind eye towards their illegal activities, they were every bit domestic terrorists.  In fact, even after an associated party member assassinated police officers in Dallas, Texas, no action was taken by the Obama Administration against the organization.  Now, emboldened by the lack of previous action by the Obama Administration, these groups are still on the loose and feel even more justified using violence.  Further, they are now joined by a host of radical Leftist groups that are actively organizing to recreate the terrorism perpetrated by the communist Red Brigades of the 60s, 70s, and early 80s.

What we can be sure of is that many Leftist radicals are arming.  Of these, some will actually train.  Of these, some will take action.  We must be constantly vigilant, monitor and shut down their social media, and penetrate their organizations.    This is not idle speculation.  We now know that some groups are actively prepping for a violent Leftist Revolution.  These groups have taken steps to make this a reality and shouldn’t be discounted.  These actions include bringing in Socialist/Communist military advisors from Central America to help with their training.  There is no doubt the Left failed to generate the numbers it claimed and stop anything at President Trump’s inauguration.  However, don’t think for a second you can let your guard down or that small groups will not soon attempt to carry out terrorist attacks against the US.  You have been warned.

By Guiles Hendrik

January 25, 2017


See:  http://www.vocativ.com/390175/liberal-preppers-stock-up-on-guns-food/

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