Will the Islamic Invasion Destroy Europe?

Nearly daily there are articles reporting new attacks in Europe perpetrated by immigrants.  These attacks range in severity from petty crime and assaults to mass sexual assaults, riots, and terrorism.  Recent terrorist attacks have almost exclusively been perpetrated by Islamic extremists.  The situation has become so bad in countries like Germany, France, Belgium, and Sweden that entire neighborhoods are essentially off limits to the native peoples of these countries and the police.  This has prompted many to question the future of Europe and if these nations can survive with their European identities intact.  The answer is that Europe is headed toward conflict and greater bloodshed, but I assess Europeans will ultimately prevail at the cost of a major geopolitical shift in the the European order.

It has been said that you cannot bring there here without here becoming there.  Europe is learning this hard lesson.  One cannot safely walk the streets of Mogadishu or Raqqa or even Baghdad safely as a Westerner.  Your half-life is approximately 1 hour in any of these cities as a white or Christian.  You will be attacked and murdered.  However, the delusional sickness of the liberal mind believes these very same people that condone these actions against Westerners in their countries can be imported in large numbers to Europe without causing massive problems.  It is true that a few people could be brought and assimilated, but it is equally true that too many, too fast overwhelms any nation’s ability to assimilate a population.  Most European countries have crossed this ill-defined tipping point, which has absolved the migrants of the natural social pressures to assimilate.  Instead, the pressure is now upon the indigenous peoples of Europe to assimilate to the invaders.  These horrific policies pushed by communists like Angela Merkel of Germany have created and bred a massive welfare state that emboldens the migrants to extort more and more from their hosts using violence.  The native populations are now held hostage by the violent mobs and their governments that are forcing a globalist agenda upon Europe.

If this trend continues unabated, Europe will become “there” and collapse.  It is simply not sustainable.  Europe and all it embodies respective of Western Civilization will be destroyed.  However, this will not happen even if the globalists are secretly trying to engineer just such a collapse.  True, it is hard for many to see how the utterly brainwashed populations that are still embracing these migrants can see the light before it is too late.  It is so bad the women raped by these savages are sympathizing with their attackers while the government suppresses all reporting and punishes the natural outrage.  This mass mental illness suggests it’s already too late.  However, it is not.  It will cause a massive backlash, which has already started among those predisposed to independent thinking.  The freeloaders, which include the globalists that have hijacked the European governments, have always overplayed their hands and are again.  This will galvanize a rising resistance that will ultimately overthrow the current order and expel non-Europeans.

Specifically, I predict you will witness in the coming years two overlapping responses in Europe.  The first will be internal awakenings.  The populations of nation states have very strong identities that are nearly impossible to completely erase through government propaganda and brainwashing.  Even the Germans, which have been heavily brainwashed since the end of World War II, still carry a strong nationalistic pride just under the surface.  Further, many of these peoples have what I would consider a natural genetic programming for nationalistic warfare, which if activated, will precipitate massive uprisings and violence against these migrants.  At the ballot boxes, it will sweep the old establishment from power.  In the streets, it will lead to violent protests and attacks.  This will be the first wave of resistance.

If the first wave fails in any single European country to eject the invaders and the globalists, the second wave will begin.  Failure to resist being overrun by an invasion of migrants will guarantee the collapse of a European state.  The social fabric cannot survive the cultural obliteration of Western values and Christianity.  The government cannot survive the anger of a dispossessed majority.  The welfare states cannot survive the drain on resources.  Civil war will erupt if a nation is brought to the brink.  This will be followed by the collapse of a state and will signal the beginning of the second wave.  However, this will not and cannot simultaneously occur all across Europe.  The nations that comprise Eastern Europe will remain stable and actually gain significant power because they have refused to admit large numbers of migrants and commit cultural suicide.  Even if Germany, France, Sweden, and Belgium were to all collapse, Eastern European countries would be able to intervene and crush any Islamic insurgency, which would be a direct threat to their interests.  Of course this would completely redraw the map of Europe once more, but as you will see, this is not new or unique.

The ultimate outcome of the East versus West struggle in Europe isn’t hard to predict because it has repeatedly happened throughout Europe’s history.  Most people have no idea that King Sobieksi of Poland-Lithuania “saved” Europe once before from an Islamic invasion.  This invasion was far more dangerous and culminated in 1683.  In that year, the powerful army of the Ottoman Turks was decisively defeated at the Gates of Vienna because of the unifying leadership of King Sobieski.  Had King Sobieski failed, Europe would have been overrun by the Islamic armies of the Ottoman Turks.  The scope of this victory can’t be overstated and neither can be its magnitude.  It literally preserved Western Civilization to modern day.  Sobieski’s unified army of Poles and Germans numbered around 70,000.  Heavily outnumbered it attacked and defeated a Turkish force of about 350,000 men.  The odds were staggering, but the victory was complete.  Europeans proved superior and European dominance was assured thanks to Germans and Slavs.  This pattern of being pushed to the brink before unifying and obliterating an invader is common throughout European history.  I predict the future will be no different and fully expect to see Eastern Europeans leading the resistance if traditional Western European nations again falter.

In conclusion, whether or not the brainwashed, the willfully ignorant, or the globalists want to brand Europe’s resistance to being overrun as mean or cruel, it won’t matter.  Terms like xenophobia will become cool and normal.  Populist uprisings will grow against the on-going, forced Islamization and destruction of Europe and Western Civilization.  They will take down the corrupt and sick governments and throw migrants, “good” and “bad,” out of Europe.  Hopefully, they will send the globalists with them.  However, it is possible some countries are so unsalvageable they will collapse, but this isn’t to be mourned.  Where a sick and corrupt government once ruled, armies from Eastern European nations will eject non-Europeans and reestablish order.  They will again be the saviors of Western Civilization against another Islamic invasion.


By Guiles Hendrik

February 21, 2017

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  1. Jack Smith says:

    Most of the above material about Islam is repetitous. You say the same thing, literally under 15-30 different titles. What’s up with you? Are you a fool? Do you have only one idea that you repeat endlessly.
    Although I agree with your one idea about the evil of Islam and why it must be destroyed, but you may be a stupid fellow who is not worth listening too. Is that it? Are you a commie/black racist/moslem maniac using a method to piss us off further and make us feel impotent?