The Syrian Civil War and the Downfall of the Trump Administration

Here is a free piece of political advice.  When your enemies begin condoning your actions, you should be very worried.  President Trump has for the first time enjoyed what he believes to be the “support” and approval of the Establishment after launching a cruise missile attack against a Syrian air base.  However, he would be a fool to think they are cheering on his actions because they support his policy.  In fact, the Establishment is really laughing as they lead him by his ego down the path to destruction in Syria.  As I have repeatedly warned, the Syrian Civil War is a trap and will not just take down the Trump Administration, but will bring down the United States if it becomes entangled in the conflict.

The “chemical attack” in Syria was a false flag attack used to bait the US into the Syrian Civil War.  Trump fell for it because he surrounded himself by the “swamp,” which depends on a steady state of conflict for its continued profits and power.  I will say it here and now; Trump was lied to by his senior intelligence and military advisors.  He was naïve to trust them, ignorant for not knowing better himself, and incompetent for his knee jerk reaction to launch our nation into a war without showing the strategic discipline to properly investigate and get to the bottom of what happened.  For now, I am sure I will be labeled many things for disputing the official narrative, but history will prove that this was a staged event and I was correct.  Even if I am completely wrong, knowing that the US government has repeatedly lied to its citizens to justify war should have at least mandated a full accounting of the facts in front of Congress and the American people before an attack was launched.  Remember, there was no imminent threat against the US and there was no need to hastily respond.  In this case, I would argue the haste is proof of an agenda to force the US into a war before the facts can emerge.

To be candid, only a complete moron would believe Assad ordered a chemical attack against a non-strategic, civilian target for the hell of it when the war is going his way and the US was backing away from any demands of regime change.  Further, you would have to be even dumber to believe any type of “confirmation” of this attack by Turkey, which the US accepted as fact.  Turkey is very well known to be heavily invested in toppling Assad and has been caught plotting false flag attacks to justify Turkey and by default, NATO’s, entrance into the civil war.  Turkey has also provided significant support to ISIS and is alleged to have provided rebels with chemical weapons.  On top of that, there are dozens of problems specific to the details of the attack that any real expert would immediately recognize as fake.  The conflicting reports of Sarin being “sprayed” from aircraft, which is consistent with dispersing Sarin in its liquid form (most lethal), but then showing bomb craters to support the attack should be enough to make one question the narrative and ask at least for a more detailed investigation. The US is claiming it is sure of the attack because they said Syrian jets bombed the area.  Syrian jets wouldn’t have had the ability to carry both a chemical and conventional payload.  If indeed the agent was sprayed, then how did the aircraft also bomb the area?  After all, the social media showed lots of smoke and damage, which brings me to my next point.  Social media was used in a large and unscrupulous way to “verify” the attack.  President Trump is the first president that I am aware of that effectively launched an attack on a sovereign nation based on unsubstantiated rumors and “fake news,” which is a large portion of the blogosphere.  Oh, and it is worth mentioning Sarin is an odorless and colorless liquid.  The “smoke” and “fire” in the videos is not consistent with an effective military deployment of the nerve agent that is colorless and will burn up if exposed to high heat.  On a final, but not all inclusive note, the “casualties” of the alleged attack were being handled by first responders not wearing any chemical protective gear.  Sarin is a nerve agent with low persistence, but can be lethal if absorbed through the skin in the liquid form as it was allegedly dispersed.  If the narrative being peddled by the media is accurate, those first responders would all have died as soon as they came in contact with area where the casualties were located or handled anyone contaminated.

It is unsettling to say, but the Russian narrative fits the verifiable facts much better.  I can’t say I know exactly what happened, but when considering motives and sorting through the clues, it does appear that the Syrian aircraft could have bombed a rebel chemical weapons factory as Russia claims.  The radar track of the jets would be something easily verifiable so any story must explain why Syrian jets were in the area.  Being that the damage matches the US account of Syrian jets “bombing” the area, this is likely true.  However, bombing an area neither supports nor proves the jets sprayed nerve agent.  The casualties were much more consistent with an inadvertent dispersal from a bombed factory than a military deployment.  In fact, if military grade Sarin was dispersed in a liquid form as claimed, the casualties should have been far higher.

All said, even if you want to believe the government’s story, you should still recognize that the US was all too prepared to jump on this event and use it as justification to enter the war.  That alone should give you pause.  What should give you even stronger reservations is the fact that President Trump acted with the full support of the Establishment.  Why would the Establishment, the elite cabal hell bent on destroying Trump, suddenly support him?  Is it that they support him because he has suddenly aligned his policy positions with theirs or something darker?  Considering Trump’s enemies will stop at nothing to destroy him I tend to think it may be a marriage of both options.  The simply act of launching an attack against Syria did not suddenly make Trump acceptable, but it did bring him in line with a policy the Establishment knows will destroy his presidency and most likely bring down the US.  For these reasons Trump was applauded by his enemies.

Let me be clear, Trump foolishly believes he can control the war in Syria, but as time will prove, the events are already controlling Trump.   In a short period of time, you will start seeing a steady stream of “atrocities” that will make it impossible for Trump to back out of the Syrian conflict.  He will be forced to deploy tens of thousands of troops to a war where the US has no strategic interests.  Trump’s advisors and generals failed to win the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya, yet are telling him they know what they are doing now.  Once on the ground, Trump will quickly learn that nothing about Syria will go as he was told.  Most Syrians support Assad and are willing to fight to support his regime against radical Islamists and the US.  In fact, the Syrian people will fight to the death to prevent a takeover by Islamists.  This will make any regime change extremely costly and futile for the US.  Even if a puppet is installed after leveling Damascus, the people will not accept the rule and continue to fight.  Worse yet, the presence of a large US force in Iraq and Syria will galvanize nearly all factions fighting each other against the US.  Not only will ISIS and Syrian forces attack the US, but rebels, Russians, and Iranian proxies will attack the US from all sides.  Of these, the 122,000 Shia militiamen in Iraq waiting for orders from Tehran to attack US bases and personnel may prove to be the most potent adversary and have the capability to overrun the Green Zone in Baghdad within a day.  Hezbollah factions, also aligned as an Iranian proxy, will also inflict continuous casualties on any American force attempting to overthrow Assad.  This is the best case scenario.  If Trump overplays his hand, he could ignite World War III with Russia and China.

As Trump wades deeper into the mess, the same people that cheered his missile attack last week will again become his enemy.  Nuts like McCain and Graham will claim Trump is too weak and must attack Russia.  The media will also do their part to sabotage “Trump’s War.”  Expect non-stop coverage of every civilian killed and every US casualty just like they did to Bush.  No amount of success on the battlefield will be given air time.  Only the blunders and disasters will see prime time.  Further, Trump will be slammed for “foolishly” entering a war without a plan and causing an even greater refugee crisis.  Once engaged in the war, I wouldn’t be surprised for the “facts” to suddenly surface, which show he led us into the war knowing the alleged chemical attack was faked.  This could even lead to his impeachment.  He will also be blamed for destroying our military in a useless war “we could never win” and bankrupting the US.  Let me be clear on this point.  Even if the US somehow could militarily manage the situation in Syria, the costs of a war there will break our already bankrupt nation financially.  I have repeated the warning many times.  To win these wars we will have to lose.  We cannot afford another war.  Finally, as soon as Trump has our military mired in Syria, you can expect all hell to break lose across the rest of the world.  Let’s just hope that Trump didn’t get us into two simultaneous wars with Syria and North Korea, which would cripple the US much like the costs of Afghanistan, finished off the Soviet Union.


By Guiles Hendrik

April 14, 2017

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