US Moves Closer to Full Scale War in Syria with Russia and Iran

To say there have been a few distractions in the news cycle lately is an understatement.  The establishment (aka: Deep State) will continue to create scandals to mire the Trump Administration in a never ending cycle of chasing his tell to prevent his agenda moving forward.  In all of this chaos, it is often difficult to separate fact from fiction and recognize true news of consequence.  One such important event occurred today when the US directly attacked Syrian government forces in southern Syria.  This event, even more than the previous missile strike, signals the true motives of US intervention in Syria.  These motives can only spell disaster for the US and are laying the ground work to create the context for the US to enter the next stage of the conflict.  As I have correctly forecasted the evolution of this conflict from its very beginnings in Iraq, I can tell you with authority that this doesn’t end with ISIS.  It begins. 

The need to defeat ISIS is the one issue that all of the major powers “overtly” agree on in Syria.  However, just below the surface, the facts clearly demonstrate ISIS is nothing more than a proxy army for the Gulf Arab countries and Turkey.  Further, the US was in large part responsible for its creation to covertly overthrow the Assad regime, referring innocuously to it as the rebel force.  Once it became clear ISIS would be defeated, it became expendable.  The US then shifted strategies and proclaimed ISIS the enemy.  This allowed the US to simultaneously create a justification for more war and bigger defense budgets while creating a false context to illegally invade Syria.  Using the ISIS pretext, the US has incrementally increased its military presence to the point it now constitutes a small conventional military invasion of Syria.  Although, US forces in Syria have been primarily used to combat ISIS, the strike today makes it clear that the true intention of the US is regime change.  This will be accomplished through well-crafted propaganda and attacks on the Syria government designed to provoke a retaliation that can then be used to justify a full scale invasion of Syria.  To be clear, the US is not leaving Syria once ISIS rebrands itself as “moderate rebels” and evacuates Raqqa.

The “defeat” of ISIS is a critical tipping point in the Syrian War.  The serious consequences of this coming event must be understood.  The “defeat” of ISIS means that the proxy that has to date served as a buffer between the armies of nation states is removed.  Once the proxy for a proxy war is removed, you just have a war.  In order to justify its continued occupation of Syria, the US military will create a false narrative that makes it “vital to national security” that the “brutal dictator Assad” is brought down.  Of course it will all be based on lies and in the event we were “successful,” Syria at best would be turned into a failed state run by warlords and terrorists similar to Libya.  “When” the US begins a full scale military effort to depose and/or assassinate Assad, US and Kurdish forces allied with radical Islamic rebel groups will face off against Russian and Iranian backed Syrian government forces.  This will lead to massive escalation of the war for the US, which will come with a reciprocally increasing price tag and body count.  As such, once it is clear ISIS has been routed and the US military is still occupying Syria and preparing to depose President Assad, they will come under attack in both Iraq and Syria.  This will be an untenable and very costly position for the US.

The cost of escalating the war in Syria could be enough to undo not just Trump’s presidency, but US influence in the region.  Short of a unilateral pull out after pushing ISIS out of Raqqa, this is nearly a foregone conclusion.  Iranian backed Shia forces will, without doubt, attack and persistently attrit US forces once the US begins a systematic campaign to topple Assad’s regime.  Not only will this allow ISIS to reconstitute, but it will rip Iraq apart at its ethnic seams and lead to a major conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran that will leave the entire region in ruin and the US badly wounded militarily, economically, and politically.  This is the best case scenario and assumes the conflict doesn’t spark an even bigger world war with Russia, which would be a cataclysmic event for the entire world and pretty much end life as we know it in the US.  The costs of waging a war are simply too high to justify the continued presence in Syria.  If Trump is smart, he will return to his campaign promises and remove us from the conflicts.  However, I believe the Deep State has already gained a majority stake in the control of the Administration and as a result, the US will be irreversibly duped into another major Middle East war that historians will in large part attribute to the final undoing of American global dominance.

Going forward, watch events closely in Syria for the war to shift from ISIS to Assad.  This will be the signal that a major escalation in the war is approaching an imminent transition.  Once you see this, if I am correct, you will also begin to see Shia militia groups begin to attack US positions.  I also predict that once this occurs we will be only weeks or a few months from a major escalation with Russia that will most likely be triggered by Russian air defense systems engaging one of our aircraft or their special forces coming in direct conflict with our military advisors.  The Russians will counter our moves either directly or indirectly.  There is always a price to be paid.  As the proxy war ends and the big war develops, it will suck the US deeper into Syria while emboldening our enemies on other fronts to act.  We will find ourselves particularly spread thin in Afghanistan as that country also unravels and transitions back to Taliban control.  This literally will be our unwinding if not halted now.  In the interim, continue your relocation planning and train for counter insurgency operations within the US proper.  As the US Empire comes unglued, so will the social fabric at home.  Make no mistake, the enemy is not just at our gates, he is amongst us and waiting to attack.

By Guiles Hendrik

May 18, 2017

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