Warning: Healthcare is the new call to arms for domestic terrorists

As the farce of Russian meddling in the United States’ election has turned to focus on the very real collusion amongst senior Democrats, the story is quickly being killed by the mainstream media.  In its place, a new hysteria is being created to distract and divide the nation.  This hysteria is extremely dangerous and focuses on the lie that President Trump’s healthcare plan is “killing” Americans.  This extremist narrative needs little translation.  It is a thinly veiled message to radical leftwing extremists that they are now fully justified in killing people to promote their agenda.  I do not say this lightly.  By making the claim that President Trump and the Republicans are killing people, they have provided a moral justification and call to arms that can’t be ignored by the insurgents organized under the banners of the Left.  The media propagandists are knowingly yelling “fire” in a theater.  They are creating an insurgency in this nation that will lead to many more deaths, injuries, and huge amounts of property damage.  The leadership of these domestic terrorist organizations must be legally taken down now or our nation will continue to spiral closer to an all-out civil war, which the Left desires, but no intelligent person wants.

To inspire the growing leftist insurgency, MSM has now seized on the failure of the healthcare system in the US.  It comes as no surprise that the propagandists working for discredited “news” organizations such as CNN have been creating another “fake” news story.  If one reads headlines related to the “Republican” Healthcare Plan, the entire failure of the healthcare system is the fault of President Trump.  The seditious MSM will not inform the public, which CNN producers consider “stupid as shit” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dRGMME4VnM&t=50s) that there has been no Republican or Trump inspired healthcare laws enacted that have adversely effected anyone getting health insurance.  Further, at no point do MSM propagandists mention that the system that is failing is directly the fault Obama and his fellow Democrats, which rammed through the current, miserably failing, and socialist inspired healthcare system against the will of the majority of Americans.  Instead of getting to the root of the issue and explaining in simple, nonpartisan facts why “any” government run healthcare system in the US is doomed to failure; they instead intentionally instigate violence through their propaganda.  The seditious MSM doesn’t just blame President Trump and Republicans writ large for the failure of healthcare, but crosses a major line by implying they are “killing” Americans.  This is the message that provides moral justification to the Left for launching attacks and killing people as a matter of “self-defense.”  See:  https://www.nytimes.com/2017/01/05/opinion/the-gop-health-care-hoax.html  https://www.commondreams.org/views/2017/04/03/most-americans-are-getting-poorer-how-healthcare-rich-killing-many-them

After the attack on the Republicans practicing for a ball game, there is real blood on the hands of the MSM propagandists.  Although, I have argued the assassination of police officers under the protection of the Obama Justice Department was the real start of the Second American Civil War, the attempted assassination of congressmen is confirmation.  There is now no argument that the radical leftwing agenda to take down Trump and the US government has now directly inspired their insurgent foot soldiers, aligned loosely under Bernie Sanders, to commit acts of political assassination.  These attacks and assassinations will not stop and only grow in intensity if the MSM and leftwing terrorists are allowed to continue to freely operate against the US.

For those old enough to remember, we are a very short distance now from the riots and assassinations of the 60’s and 70’s.  The Left presents a far greater threat than any Islamic terrorist organization to freedom and liberty.  I am warning this is not a game, but a legitimate war being waged by the Left against America.  When radical self-avowed communists like Bernie Sanders and Bill Ayers call for “revolution,” they are not talking about the ballot box.  They are talking about a violent overthrow.  Ayers in particular is a convicted domestic terrorist that tried to overthrow the US and impose a communist government.  He hasn’t changed his beliefs.  When the person that bombed the Pentagon and US Capitol Building (Ayers) calls for revolution, you need to arrest him and send him back to jail for the rest of his life for treason.  Why this man is still on the street is a huge failure of the Justice Department and shows the level of leftwing collusion, which goes to the very top.  The Left has made no secret of its plans to violently overthrow the US if necessary.  It is hard to find better proof this conspiracy goes to the very top than the fact Ayers is good friends with the senior leadership of the Democrat Party to include a frequent guest, close friend, and advisor of the former president, Barrack Obama.  The only difference between Ayers and Osama bin Laden is that bin Laden was more successful with his attacks against the Pentagon.  Can you imagine a sitting president having his “buddy and advisor” bin Laden over to the White House for dinner?  This is the degree of lawlessness within the Democrat Party and MSM.

Irrespective of who is president, if as Americans, we cannot address and combat the poison of leftwing ideologies that fall under names like communism, socialism, progressivism, etc. we will fall victim to it.  The US will not endure and certainly will not remain free and prosperous under a leftist government.  They will destroy our nation.  It is happening right now as the MSM and our government create artificial divisions to polarize and exploit citizens to their advantage.  The narrative that President Trump’s healthcare program is killing Americans is just the most recent example of how the Left will create false narratives to energize a misled and brainwashed population to rise up and effectively destroy itself.  The conditions for freedom, liberty, and broad prosperity are absolutely incompatible with a totalitarian leftist ideology.  We stop it now through our legal systems or it will have to be stopped violently in the streets later.  There really isn’t an exception to this maxim when the trajectory of leftist revolutions are examined globally over the last century.

By Guiles Hendrik

July 7, 2017

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