China Threatens to Attack United States if US Strikes North Korea

Spoiler:  This is the wild card worst case scenario I warned could materialize. 

Before today’s announcement in China’s state run press, we could only speculate what China’s response would be to a war with North Korea.  Today, China signaled as directly as China will ever signal that it is prepared to go to war with the United States in the event the US preemptively strikes North Korea or attempts to change the strategic balance in the region.  This is a catastrophic game changer that could ultimately lead to a massive nuclear exchange and the deaths of over one billion people. 

At this juncture, some fingers need to be pointed.  The US is being held at gun point by a mad man because the communist North Koreans and Chinese have been allowed to become powerful enough to potentially defeat the US in a war.  This only occurred because of weak leadership in the US beginning with President Harry Truman, a Democrat, which rapidly accelerated under President Clinton, a Democrat, and ended with the America “last” policies of President Obama, not so coincidentally, also a Democrat.  Further the “academic” morons, such as Dr. Paul Pillar, which repeatedly pushed policies that enabled and empowered one of the primary enemies of Western Civilization, the Chinese, have been cheerleading America’s decline and calling it “progress.”  Their treason allowed an utterly defeated nation to recover to the point it outnumbers the US more than 4:1, mastered nuclear, cyber, chemical, biological, and spaced based weapons, monopolized both manufacturing and high tech industry, and built a massive standing military.

What has been done in the past can’t be undone.  Nonetheless, in all probability, the Democrats will have cost the US not just its superpower status, but potentially millions of innocent lives for its corruption and incompetence.  Even now, the Democrats are attacking and dividing our nation seemingly oblivious to the lethal threat at our doorstep.  What they to fail to understand is that Chinese missiles tipped with nuclear warheads won’t make partisan distinctions when it vaporizes cities like Washington, Seattle, New York, and Los Angeles.  We will all die together.  It is time to drop the insane partisan demonization of anyone not a liberal “progressive.”

Now that blame has been laid, what to do about it?  Well, there isn’t a good answer.  You have two choices with a few possible outcomes.  You can fight both China and North Korea or you surrender to them.  Given enough time, one of those two will be inevitable.  Diplomacy will only prolong the inevitable while China and North Korea become stronger and the US weaker.  The best case scenario is that China backs down, but I would not make that bet considering they didn’t hesitate to send in their troops during Korean War.  I honestly fear a long, tough war with China.  The US has become so polarized and divided even war and possible annihilation would not unify this nation.  Half the nation can’t serve and nearly the other half would refuse to serve in the military.  Of those, a strong percentage that voted for Hillary or backed Bernie would actively support the Chinese against the US.  Hell, the Chinese may not even need to fire a shot.  They can just wait and allow the Democrats to rip this nation apart in the insane belief that it will somehow bring about a better system of government and higher living standards.  So I ask, can we defeat China?  Yes, I still believe we can, but the costs are enormous and look pretty close to a Soviet style mutually assured destruction.  As such, we are entering an extremely dangerous time when the US is surrounded by enemies, both foreign and domestic, which are ready to attack.  Trust me on this though, we must fear the domestic enemies the most.

Speaking of fear.  I fear for our troops.  They are good men and women and will be some of the first to be sacrificed in vain should a miscalculation be made.  I much rather see the Democrats and the mob of progressive agitators, which are primarily responsible for this mess, be drafted into service while conservatives stay home.  Of course that will never happen.  Since we don’t have the ability to make any decisions, rather than becoming the victims of bad decisions, let the fools suffer their fate.  I wouldn’t think any less of you if you decided to sit this one out in South America and in fact; I recommend it.  None of us as far as I am aware can stop this train wreck.  There will be hell to pay even if “diplomatic breakthroughs” are made to kick the can down the road another few years when China will have a demonstrated military superiority over the United States and North Korea is embolden to attack.  I can only hope and pray our best rise to the occasion and if we strike, we strike hard, fast, and with overwhelming force.  Anything short will be tallied by the millions of lives lost.

By Guiles Hendrik

August 10, 2017


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