Shia Militias Preparing to Unleash Attacks against US

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Members of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps
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Events in the Middle East have progressed as LMS predicted and are now transitioning to the next stage of war.  This is scary and you need to pay attention.  Specifically, the proxy war being fought in Syria against ISIS is coming to a conclusion.  However, this by no means peace will soon return to Syria.  In fact, it may prove to be quite the opposite.  After all, once the “proxy” is removed from a war, you just have a “war.”  The end of the ISIS is our enemy “consensus” leaves major state militaries standing around pointing guns at each other trying to decide who to attack next.  As long time subscribers of LMS know, this is a pivotal culminating point for events in the Middle East that I have extensively written and forewarned about.  With the collapse of the conventional military forces of ISIS, the United States is now forced to find a new justification for its illegal occupation of Syria.  Further, as Syria consolidates its gains and Iran strengthens its presence in the region, some of the main sponsors of ISIS such as Saudi Arabia and Israel are in full fledge panic.  As a result, they are in desperate need of a pretext to “justify” removing Iranian influence in the region.  This pretext will be created if it cannot be found.  “Conveniently,” President Trump’s announcement to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and relocate the US Embassy is just such an artificial catalyst to provoke Shia attacks against American interests, which will then be used to justify a broader war against Iran.  Make no mistake; the announcement will not go unanswered by the Islamic World and the Deep State is counting on it.  

To be clear, President Trump was under no obligation to announce his decision to move the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem when he did.  In fact, many policy and security experts urged the Administration to postpone the decision till after the New Year.  Further, there was simply no pressing national security or policy benefit to taking such action right now.  As such, it is no accident in timing that the Trump Administration in coordination with Israel leaked on December 1, 2017, the birthdate of the Prophet Muhammad, that the US planned to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.  This timing was anything but coincidental.  The recognition of Jerusalem was never going to be accepted by the Islamic world, but its timing made it so much more insulting and conveyed a clear challenge to war.  Of course, western media outlets failed to mention this not so subtle message.  Don’t worry though, the Islamic world did NOT miss the message and are now actively preparing attacks against American interests around the world.

In case you haven’t seen the latest, Iran has already responded by warning the US to remove its forces from Syria or they will be attacked.  Remember, the US invaded Syria in violation of both domestic and international law after its ISIS proxy, the CIA had created, failed to topple President Assad.  This invasion of Syria had nothing to do with American interests.  The covert program to topple Assad was a policy serving only special interests.  As such, the average American should be happy to have US forces get the hell out of Syria, but that isn’t too be.  The Deep State needs a broader war and Israeli special interests that now are literally in-laws of President Trump won’t accept the geopolitical status-quo in Syria.  This sets the stage for a major showdown desired by Israel in which the US openly declares war on Iran after Iran begins to greenlight its proxies attacking American interests in the region.  We see proof of this progression towards a broader regional war from the warnings of Iran and its aligned Shia militias such as al-Sadr’s forces in Iraq (see links).

In summary, the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital by the US was an intentional act intended to provoke the region to war and had nothing to do with “recognizing a reality” or moving a peace process forward.  The only reality we are going to recognize is that it pissed off a lot of people and eliminated any chance of peace in the Middle East for years to come.  As a result of this action by President Trump, US interests in the region and around the globe will be attacked.  Mark my words, these attacks will be directly blamed on Iran and used to justify a broader war in Syria that provides the US military a pretext to continue to illegally occupy a sovereign state and continue to press for the overthrow of President Assad.  Ultimately, this will lead to the US forces in Syria and Iraq getting attacked from all sides.  This is not our war and we have no business being involved.  Nonetheless, we will pay the heavy price, which will prove to be unaffordable and lead to the unwinding of the US.


By Guiles Hendrik

December 9, 2017

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