The Treason of Voice of America; NPR’s Ugly Sister

Most people have heard of NPR and immediately recognize it as a mouthpiece for liberal progressive policies and a hotbed of Democrat apparatchiks.  What many may not be familiar with is NPR’s overseas sister, Voice of America (VOA).  VOA has largely operated outside of domestic scrutiny because its broadcast target is decidedly overseas.  Well, today, I had the unfortunate opportunity to experience firsthand what our taxes dollars go to fund respective of Voice of America (VOA).  Think of VOA as “America’s” voice abroad, much like the BBC World Service.  Naturally, one would expect some degree of pro-American propaganda for which VOA was established, but not an hour long Commander-in-Chief bashing session that went to great lengths to blame President Trump and America for all of the world’s ills.  The weekend commentary passed off as a news discussion on VOA left no doubt to the listener that President Trump was a reckless and incompetent man whose policies have made the world a more dangerous place.  In particular, it was clear that the President Trump’s unjustified aggression was picking a fight with “poor” North Korea that apparently had been a well behaved international actor right up until President Trump messed everything up.  This utter garbage is nothing more than angry Leftists still whining about losing the election.  However, it is very dangerous and not a game because it shapes world opinion.  What these spiteful editors and producers are doing is directly undermining US foreign policy and cannot be allowed to continue. 


If America’s enemies took over VOA and were now broadcasting counter-US propaganda, they couldn’t have done a better job.  It is appalling that anyone in the service of the US Government could ever remotely believe this journalistic filth and the bashing of American foreign policy was tolerable.  VOA’s leadership needs to be unceremoniously gutted.  I do hope the Administration is made aware of what is amiss overseas.  I can’t for a second believe the White House is knowingly allowing this anti-Americanism to emanate from our own news outlet.  If the White House and US Department of State are knowingly letting this continue, they have no one to blame but themselves for policy failure.  We are literally broadcasting to the world that we (USA) are led by an incompetent President (Trump) and everything we do is messing up the world (starting nuclear war, causing Global Warming, etc.).  How can this possibly serve US interests?  It is really despicable and must be corrected.  In no way should a single US cent be authorized for another second of VOA.  As such, if you haven’t started the dialogue with Congress to clean up VOA, now would be a good time to send an email.  Take the literal minute and email Congress.  Tell them we won’t accept funding the anti-American narrative on Voice of America with out tax dollars and its management needs to be replaced!


By Guiles Hendrik

January 21, 2018

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