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A Message to the Members of the US Military

Instead of exposing lies and treason within the top tiers of government, today, I am going to simply make a plea to the service members of the US armed forces and those thinking about joining. The message is simple.  If you aren’t in, don’t join.  If you are currently in the service, do what you have to do to survive, bring your troops home safely, and get out.  The missions are garbage, the wars are lies, and you are serving the special interests of the elite, not your nation.  Don’t be a fool and buy into the propaganda.  Contrary to your leadership that sold you out long ago, I actually care about your well-being and the future of this nation.  If I can wake even one person up and save them from being killed or heinously wounded in another unnecessary war, this post was worth infinitely more than the time it took to compose.

The issue of service in today’s military was directly put to me by a mother who asked whether I thought her son should enlist in the Marines. Knowing this lady and her son, I thought long and hard before answering her with a definitive, “No.”  The lady knew that I had spent many years in the military in both the enlisted and officer ranks and had served in combat in both Iraq and Afghanistan so seemed taken aback by my blunt answer.  Clearly surprised, she asked what my rationale was for saying it was a bad idea.  I told her the military was bad enough while I was in the service, but the waste and abuse of the lives of our service members is now at the worst levels since Vietnam.  Our troops are simply cannon fodder for wars the US not only has engineered, but has no intention of decisively ending.  Granted, the equipment and training the military provides is better than it ever has been, but our senior leadership is the worst I have ever seen, there is no will or strategy to win, and our troops are being left for dead in places like Afghanistan for political expedience.  Further, all of our efforts, as honorable as they were, were completely in vain in Iraq and Afghanistan because of the massive dereliction in our leadership.  If our leadership and all of NATO couldn’t even handle the Taliban, what does your survivability look like in the military when the elites pick the next fight with an actual competent enemy like Russia or China?  Until the US military purges its general staff and the country elects a competent Commander-in-Chief, run for the door.

Just today in Afghanistan we lost another American serving with a special operations unit. This makes me sick to my stomach with sadness.  Dropping all of the patriotic propaganda, what did that operator give his life for?  How is the loss even remotely justifiable?  Read more

Counterterrorism 101: How to quickly mitigate 85% of the Islamic terrorist threat in the US

In spite of the hundreds of billions of dollars being spent on defense and intelligence, our nation has once again failed to prevent an Islamic inspired terrorist attack on our soil.  Nonetheless, we are told that we must accept massive domestic spying and surveillance or we will not be safe even though these unconstitutional, Orwellian programs have never prevented a single attack.  Considering the amount of manpower, money, and technology dedicated to counterterrorism operations that still fail, one could easily conclude that rooting out Islamic extremists is just too difficult.  However, nothing could be further from the truth.  Terrorism is not a new phenomenon.  There are plenty of effective strategies to combat terrorism.  Some are more palatable than others, but agree or not, these strategies have been proven effective.  The problem is that our government not only refuses to acknowledge these viable options, but will brutally attack and smear anyone that tries to sensibly address these shortcomings of our “War on Terror” and domestic counterterrorism efforts.  Today, I am going to talk about the easiest and by far the most effective counterterrorism measure, which the government refuses to employ at our expense.  However, it is up to you whether or not you are now willing to take decisive action against the growing war with fundamentalist Islam or incur the risk and wait till it gets worse.  Either way, I promise you that decisive action, no matter how unpalatable, will ultimately be forced on you and the longer you wait, the more painful it will be for everyone.

The government would make you believe that without the National Security Agency (NSA), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), etc. all spying on you, it is impossible to insure your security.  This is bogus logic.  There is strong evidence to support that domestic surveillance is actually counterproductive to preventing terrorism because it creates a huge amount of distracting data.  Further, if there really are terrorists all over the country ready to attack us and these programs work, then we should be intercepting them planning the attacks routinely.  Let me pose some simple questions to you and allow you to use some basic logic.  Do you ever wonder how the government knows there are terrorists all over?  If the government can know these enemies are here, then why don’t they arrest them or do something about it?  Further, if we already know so much about these extremists and their plans, why do we need to continue to spy on our own people when even the government admits the programs don’t work?  The truth is we don’t and the fearmongering is used to grab more power and control the people.  It doesn’t take a whole lot of money or technology to weed out your extremists and you certainly do not need to violate the Constitution.  However, it may require you to offend some people and not be politically correct.  It is amazing that today we will race to undermine our Constitution and destroy our civil liberties, but fight doggedly against any notion of hurting the feelings of someone that wants to kill us and destroy our civilization.  I am treading dangerously close to sounding like a suddenly well informed Donald Trump here, but we really do need to get our priorities straight.  Until we fix this, the evils of political correctness and tolerance will walk us right into a disaster as a nation.

So here it is…the grand plan for security the hundreds of billions of dollars spent on spying, surveillance, analysts, and bombs could never bring you.  To root these terrorists out Read more

Last Minute Survival Analysis Confirmed: Former head of Defense Intelligence Agency confirms US leaders committed the treason of the century when US secretly created terrorist organization known as ISIS/ISIL/IS

Well, once again, I told you so (see and search term “ISIL”). It baffles me how so often people are either willfully ignorant or naively trusting of government even in face of a nearly uninterrupted history of abuses. In just one more case of government deceit and treachery, the truth has finally emerged about how the worst Islamic terrorist organization to emerge in our lifetime rose to power. The truth is the United States armed, trained, equipped, and advised ISIS/ISIL/IS terrorists to carry out the policy plans of the global elite, just as I have explicitly stated for years. This illegal action, more than any other recent revelation, should confirm once and for all that the entire “war on terrorism” has been a manufactured lie from the very beginning. The terrorism “big lie” was fabricated to serve the interests of the global elite. The terrorism boogeyman was created, nursed, and used to convince you through fear, propaganda, and false patriotism to surrender your rights and freedoms in the name of “security.” Now that the truth is out, it is time to use our legal system to root out these enemies of the state by indicting, prosecuting, and punishing every single military and political leader involved in the treason of the century against the US.

Nobody less than the former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, General Flynn, just confirmed that the US knowingly supported Islamic terrorists to form the organization known as ISIS/ISIL/IS. Let me state this again in simple terms so there is zero misconception. The United States secretly and willfully, with full knowledge of the disastrous consequences, set up bases, provided weapons, training, and funding, and then provided intelligence and advisor support to the worst known Islamic terrorists in the world to overthrow a nation that had done nothing to the United States. These terrorists were known at the time to be actively seeking to kill all Christians, crush the West, and specifically destroy the United States. These terrorists were dedicated to killing Americans and many had already taken part in operations against US personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan. Nonetheless, the secret program was ordered so that the ultra-wealthy oil cartels could build a gas pipeline and get richer, undermine Russia, and placate the Israeli lobby in the lead up to a war with Iran. Read more

Peace with Iran will lead to war, but not why you think: Part 1

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, right, speaks with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in Geneva, Switzerland, in January. Kerry will meet again with Zarif this weekend in the Swiss capital as March deadline approaches. (Keystone/ Martial Trezzini/file/Associated Press)

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, right, speaks with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in Geneva, Switzerland, in January. Kerry will meet again with Zarif this weekend in the Swiss capital as March deadline approaches. (Keystone/ Martial Trezzini/file/Associated Press)

Over the last decade, I have produced many papers and articles analyzing events in the Middle East and their geopolitical impact for academia, commercial publications, think tanks, and government agencies.  I stand by my track record as one of the most prescient in the business.  To that end, predicting chaos in the Middle East has been easy, but combining the what (violence) with the who, when, why, and how are the far more demanding predictions.  One the worst case scenarios for a broad outbreak of violence in the Middle East has been the possibility of a major war between Israel and Iran.  This conflict would immediately go regional with the on-going proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia pulling in the remaining Middle Eastern countries.  Once it goes regional, it will be nearly impossible for the U.S., Europe, and Russia to remain on the sidelines.  I have described in detail how this would likely play out as well as how it could be prevented in previous posts (see a partial list below).  I am writing today again with a dire warning for anyone willing to listen.  The most recent events occurring across the Middle East are now signaling the worst case scenario of a major conflict with Iran will come to pass as I have previously predicted.  This first article discusses why war with Iran is unnecessary and must be avoided.  Part II will discuss why even with an Iranian deal, war is inevitable and the dire consequences we can expect.  Read more

Debunking 9/11 Conspiracies: Did a plane really hit the Pentagon?

Researching issues over the years, I have found that it is not uncommon to find the real story intentionally buried or covered up.  False flags are real and conspiracies exist everywhere.  What occurred on the day of September 11, 2001 is no exception.  As such, I ask, is it possible to conclusively put some of these theories to rest?  Specifically, did a plane actually hit the Pentagon the morning of September 11, 2001?  Being that I was en route to the Pentagon the morning of the attack and heard the explosion and saw the plume of black smoke, but didn’t personally witness the plane hit the building, I questioned the narrative as well.  Nonetheless, I have always seen this conspiracy theory as one of the easiest to either validate or debunk and wondered how a conspiracy like this could fester seemingly unanswered for so long and decided to research it.  The result of my research, to date, debunks the theory that a plane did not hit the Pentagon.  I understand that some people will only believe their narrative of events no matter how much evidence you put before them.  That said, I could probably never 100% rule out a conspiracy without actually witnessing it all with my own eyes.  However, I am comfortable knowing that between the natural inept nature of government operations, the government’s inability to keep secrets secret, and the already highly improbable string of events woven together to create an alternative reality is so far beyond the realm of sane probability as compared to what eye witnesses, physical, and photographic evidence testify to, this conspiracy is busted.  Read more

Torture is coming to a police precinct near you

The reality is that where torture is condoned, depraved sociopaths run wild.

The reality is that where torture is condoned, depraved sociopaths run wild.

It is should be no question that I am a staunch supporter and advocate for liberty, freedom, and civil rights.  Why anyone would not desire a society where these fundamental pillars of a civilized existence are protected is baffling.  However, after the Senate released its report on the CIA’s use of enhanced interrogation techniques, it started a short lived firestorm of controversy over torture.  Disturbingly many of you thought the use of torture was justified.  Irrespective of your personal views, the fact is that torture, including the full spectrum of enhance interrogation techniques, is entirely illegal under both US and international law.  Both Presidents Bush and Obama have violated this law and those party to the decision to authorize the use of torture must be brought to justice.  What I am here to tell you is irrespective of whether or not you believe it was necessary, useful, or just, the condoning of this activity establishes a legal precedent for torture to be used against you right here at home.  If torture is allowed to become acceptable, you will soon find yourself on the wrong side of the religion of political correctness getting tortured until you amend your beliefs and sell out your friends and family. Read more

PM Maliki Accuses Qatar and Saudi Arabia of Waging War against Iraq

As we have reported for some time, the US support to Al Qaeda affiliated jihadist groups waging an insurgent war in Syria would cause the conflict to spread beyond Syria’s borders. Specifically, we pointed out that the Qatari and Saudi backed insurgents would threaten the Shia dominated (Iranian leaning) government in Iraq. This came to fruition after anti-government militants seized control of the city of Fallujah in December. Since then Iraqi forces have been unable to get the city back from the rebel fighters. Further proof of our predicted regionalization of the war came recently after Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki accused Saudi Arabia and Qatar of declaring war on Iraq and supporting global terrorism. The Iraqi leader blamed the two countries for orchestrating the latest wave of bloody violence to hit Iraq this year, which continues unabated and at levels not seen since the height of the bloodshed during the US occupation. Of course you will never hear this in a White House briefing or on the CNN and Fox propaganda networks.
Prime Minister Maliki placed the blame for the increasing terrorist violence in Iraq on Qatar and Saudi Arabia in an interview with France 24. He said both countries are supporting extreme sectarian groups within Iraq, with a view to destabilizing the country and are “attacking” Iraq through Syria. “I accuse them of inciting and encouraging the terrorist movements. I accuse them of supporting them politically and in the media, of supporting them with money and by buying weapons for them. I accuse them of leading an open war against the Iraqi government,” said Maliki, adding that Saudi Arabia and Qatar not only supported terrorism in Iraq, but also sponsor terrorism worldwide. Maliki made it clear that Saudi Arabia and Qatar are causing the violence when he said both countries are “buying weapons for the benefit of these terrorist organizations.” Maliki also echoes our warnings over US policy supporting known terrorists in Syria when he warned the Gulf States that their support of global terrorism “will turn against them.” Let’s consider for a minute that the leader of Iraq just squarely blamed Saudi Arabia and Qatar for terrorism worldwide. If it is true, would it not mean the entire war on terrorism has been one of the largest and misguided scams? How can it be that after a decade of fighting terrorism all around the globe that US intelligence and our leaders missed evidence that showed Saudi Arabia and Qatar were supporting terrorists? After all, aren’t Saudi Arabia and Qatar solid allies and friends of the US? The fact is Maliki is a politician suddenly caught in a rare candid moment of truth telling and the US has for decades turned a blind eye to Saudi Arabia’s blatant and deliberate support to terrorism against Americans.
If only the US government was as honest as Maliki we might actually make some headway against Islamic extremism. It should come as no surprise that one of the primary reasons we have been unsuccessful in the war on “terrorism” is because we have never attacked its real epicenter within Saudi Arabia. In fact we have criminally turned a blind eye to the terrorist acts of the Saudi government, which have led to the deaths of thousands of Americans. According to the leaked and still classified congressional report on 9/11, senior Saudi government officials were directly involved in the funding, planning, and execution of the 9/11 attacks; yet, our government has covered it up and kept it from the American people that deserve the truth. Instead of attacking Saudi Arabia for carrying out an act of war against the US, the US falsely accused and attacked Iraq under false pretenses. Instead of telling the truth to Americans, two presidents have now sent Americans to fight and die in foreign lands far removed from the real problem. Unlike Maliki, the US government has consistently misled and lied to the American people to protect THE terrorist state of Saudi Arabia. In the land of laws, this is called aiding and abetting terrorism and it is still a federal felony crime. This is nothing short of treason.

By Guiles Hendrik
March 14, 2014
All rights reserved.

An Act of War: CIA Leak Gives “Incontrovertible Evidence” That 9/11 was sponsored by Saudi Arabia

What happens when conspiracy theory becomes conspiracy fact?  It turns out 2013 has been the year for the conspiracy theorists to say, “I told you so.”  Unfortunately, even when the bald face lies are exposed and the truth finally makes its way to the public, there seems to be little outcry.  This apathy is the saddest materialization of a republic in decay.  From the scandal over the Internal Revenue Service targeting political enemies of President Obama (conservative groups terrorized by the government) to Edward Snowden’s disclosure of the scope and scale of the National Security Agency’s domestic spying programs (Orwellian police state), the Obama Administration has been rocked by one scandal after another.  As if these actions didn’t already break a multitude of laws and provide grounds for criminal actions and impeachment, the US government does it again!  This time it’s the 9/11 “conspiracies” that have been verified.  As Congressional inquiries reveal, the government of Saudi Arabia was directly involved with planning, supporting, and carrying out the 9/11 attacks.  This was an act of war, yet the US government not only concealed the fact from the public, but also helped the Saudi’s cover it up in one of the most overtly treasonous acts of the century.

Specifically, the Saudis deny any role in 9/11, but CIA memos reportedly found “incontrovertible evidence” that Saudi government officials — not just wealthy Saudi hardliners, but high-level diplomats and intelligence officers employed by the kingdom — helped the hijackers both financially and logistically.  The intelligence files cited in the report directly implicate the Saudi embassy in Washington and consulate in Los Angeles in the attacks, making 9/11 not just an act of terrorism, but an act of war.  A pair of lawmakers who recently read the redacted portion say they are “absolutely shocked” at the level of foreign state involvement in the attacks.  Reps. Walter Jones (R-NC) and Stephen Lynch (D-Mass.) can’t reveal the nation identified by it without violating federal law.  So they’ve proposed Congress pass a resolution asking President Obama to declassify the entire 2002 report, “Joint Inquiry Into Intelligence Community Activities Before and After the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001.”

The New York Post investigation reveals that Saudi agents, officials and operatives in Virginia, Florida, California and D.C. provided direct support by way funding or intelligence to those involved in bringing down the towers.  Nonetheless, President Bush censored 28 full pages of the 800-page report while the US government actively supported evacuating high level Saudis from the US including members of the bin Laden family even as the government claimed they didn’t know who was responsible for the attack.  Logic only allows for a narrow set of conclusions that all point to the fact that a nation state (Saudi Arabia), which is purportedly an ally of the US, launched an unprecedented attack on the US and the US at minimum covered it up and at worst, knew of the attack in advance.  Making matters worse, President Bush then lied about the origins of the terrorist attack and sent American troops into harm’s way in Afghanistan and then Iraq in what most now consider an illegal war and a disaster.

Americans must unite behind Representatives Jones and Lynch and provide vocal support for their action to get the documentation declassified.  Their contact information is as follows:


District Name Party Room Phone Committee Assignment
3 Jones, Walter B.  R 2333 RHOB 202-225-3415 Armed Services
8 Lynch, Stephen F.  D 2133 RHOB 202-225-8273 Financial Services
Oversight and Government Reform


Concurrently, we as Americans must pressure the Justice Department to open terrorist investigations against numerous named Saudis to include senior political leaders and indict them.  The Departments of Defense and State should immediately cease cooperation and funding support for the Saudis and move to realign US alliances in the region with countries not directly attacking the US homeland and killing thousands of Americans.  America must reevaluate its entire relationship with Saudi Arabia now that the dirty truth of these despicable terrorists in our midst has been leaked.  Failure to act by our government officials would all but prove that the “War on Terrorism” has been and still is a completely fabricated hoax to control the population through fear while extorting trillions of dollars from the middle class.

How could our government, after knowing that our “ally” sponsored the 9/11 attacks, not take action?  How could our government cover up this act of war?  How could our government, knowing who actually conducted this attack, pretend it was actually a nebulous terrorist entity and send us to war against a nation that had nothing to do with 9/11?  How could our government manipulate the truth and claim for “security” you must surrender your privacy and rights so that TSA officers can grope you and NSA collect and analyze every aspect of your most personal activities.  The answer has been obvious all along.  Our government is run by elites that seek total power.  These elites…the heads of banks, the titans of the military industrial complex, big oil, media moguls, their political puppets, etc…all have consistently manipulated world events to destroy any vestige of a free republic and control you, plain and simple.

After the Cold War ended there was no longer a threat to create fear that could be used to control the peoples and nations of the world.  A new threat had to be created and this new threat was to be called “terrorism.”  This new enemy was seemingly everywhere and nowhere.  It could strike without warning and employ even the most sophisticated weapons of mass destruction.  It could be anyone, a foreigner, your neighbor, even your elderly grandmother.  It had killed thousands on the homeland and would surely strike again if we didn’t create a massive surveillance state and pour trillions into needless wars and defense contracts all while driving the price of oil up three fold.  The elites all profited enormously while the average man was killed in war, lost his job, watched his retirement evaporate, and his free nation become enslaved.  Conspiracy theory be damned because this is the truth.  The raw, uncensored reality is that most Americans choose to ignore and pretend this problem doesn’t exist as long as they can watch football on the weekend and have their beer.  YOU, not your neighbor or someone else, YOU, must shed all apathy and take action.  YOU must organize and take to the streets, the airwaves, to Congress and demand redress.  YOU must force these traitors from office and hold those accountable to the fullest extent of the law.

Or you can sit and do nothing.  Sit in denial as you are dispossessed of your nation, freedom, and liberty.  Hope that those ambitious and craving power will somehow reform themselves and leave you alone.  Hope that they will protect you once they have assumed total power.  No you fool, you will be a slave and deservedly so.

By Guiles Hendrik

December 18, 2013

All rights reserved.

Assessing the Success of the War on Terror Part II: Return on Investment and Perpetual War

Part II of our series continues to evaluate the success of the War on Terror.  It is our thesis that not only has American policy and strategy failed to defeat terrorist threats to the United States from radical Islam, but it has in fact exasperated them.  Today, Al Qaeda and terrorism have become the new boogie men, replacing the Communist menace of the Cold War.  This manufactured threat has now taken on a persona of its own and has been used to justify endless war across the world.  Ultimately, it will be America’s downfall as the evidence is clear the US is losing the strategic war.

To illustrate this slide, consider the following.  On September 10, 2001, few Americans had ever heard the name Osama bin Laden (UBL) or were aware of the organization that came to be known as Al Qaeda (AQ).  Today, UBL and AQ are household names.  At the turn of the century, AQ consisted of perhaps a couple hundred fighters at most and was not broadly operational.  Today, AQ has branched into a franchise like organization recruiting operatives from Detroit, Michigan to Jakarta, Indonesia and numbering in the thousands.  In 2003, Al Qaeda didn’t exist in Iraq, but today it operates with near impunity in cities such as Mosul where it has established facilities for training and arming terrorists ready to conduct jihad in Syria and the greater Middle East.  In Afghanistan, the Taliban, which was once at least partially hostile to AQ, has fully integrated its operations with AQ extremists.  Further, the Taliban has spread beyond its original Kandahar region all throughout Afghanistan.  This includes regions previously controlled by the “Northern Alliance” and considered “immune” from the Taliban according to snake oil hacks like David Kilcullen and has now even spread over the borders into Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.  Other areas to include the Philippines, Indonesia, the Balkans, the Caucuses, and Western Europe have all seen steady growth of Islamic extremism.  Considering the above, one need not dig deeper than the blatantly obvious to realize that the War on Terror has not been won and in fact, has gone horribly wrong for the US.

Operationally, AQ has shown that it is not only resilient, but growing.  The fact that AQ is still operationally capable of killing an American Ambassador over a decade into this war is not only massively embarrassing for the US, but it proves US  senior leadership and strategy have been a failure.  Simply tracking the number and location of drone strikes one can quickly conclude that not only has the theater of AQ’s operations expanded from Afghanistan to one of global influence, but that AQ’s numbers are growing faster than the United States can target and kill its leaders.  Just as discussed in Part I of this series, limited targeted assassinations and strikes have been tried over and over throughout military history and have never yielded decisive gains.  Worse, the US appears to be living in ignorance of reality.  The progressive agenda during the most recent presidential campaign wanted to proclaim Obama defeated AQ and led US leaders to a naïve sense of security as a result of whitewashing the actual threat respective of the spread of AQ.  These ideological blinders led to the death of four Americans including an ambassador in Libya at the hands of AQ affiliated fighters on no less than September 11th when America should have been at its maximum state of readiness.  Associated with this fallout is the spread of Islamic extremism, terrorism, and insurgency now throughout the northern half of Africa.  This event was accurately predicted by our analysts and has now come to fruition as the weapons looted from Gadhafi’s arsenals have fallen squarely in the hands of extremists and AQ affiliated groups.  This includes more than 20,000 advanced man portable surface-to-air missiles, which we continue to predict will soon be used against a commercial airliner.

If Libya wasn’t a big enough disaster, the US has now begun to dig itself into an even broader war in Mali and other African countries from Nigeria to Somalia.  This has already cost innocent American lives in Algeria after Islamic terrorists attacked an oil facility in retaliation for America’s support to the French in Mali.  Nonetheless, the press does not hold President Obama, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, or any other senior policy maker accountable for the blood on their hands.  If American policy makers think Algeria was an isolated incident, they are ignorant and in denial of reality.  Americans appear quick to forget how well our operations in Somalia turned out and are again conducting the same type of operations clandestinely over a region thousands of times larger.  There simply is no need to involve the US in these local fights.  The blowback will be severe and certainly far outweigh any benefit except for the very few elites getting oil and mineral rights to the newly acquired lands wrought from disturbingly imperialistic motives.

Looking at AQ’s spread is not sufficient to capture the bigger strategic picture.  Not only has AQ, with the help of the US (most recently in Libya and Syria), globally expanded, but it has accomplished what even Pan-Arabism and Nasserism could not.  The “Arab Spring,” has taken down one former pro-American regime after another.  The dictators like Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak that have acted as America’s brutal puppets for decades are being toppled by Islamic extremists now routinely.  In the vacuum, the Muslim Brotherhood is consolidating power and moving the Middle East and North Africa firmly toward a fundamentalist interpretation of Islam and obliterating any vestige of a secular government.  This cataclysmic reordering of the geopolitical balance of the Middle East and North Africa is far from over as history is being made before our eyes.  We predict that with covert support from the US, Qatar, Turkey, and other nations, Syria will be the next regime to fall.  This is being done for the shortsighted goals of checking Iran’s regional dominance, but will lead to one of America’s greatest policy disasters in the region.  In effect, this will allow extremists to encircle the relatively friendly nation of Jordan and the US ally of Israel.  The monarchy in Jordan will then be threatened and could be toppled and reset the Middle Eastern stage to 1973 on the eve of Yom Kippur.  If Jordan falls, a final sweep of the region for extremists will be within reach.  In fact, it is then entirely likely UBL’s originally long term goal of toppling the Saudi regime will be realized.  This would allow Sunni extremists to form an unprecedented block of power throughout the Middle East and all but eliminate US influence in the region.

In conclusion of Part II of this series, we looked at how AQ has spread from a little known entity of a few individuals to a worldwide franchise.  Only through America’s disastrous self-defeating policies has this been possible.  Now, more than a decade into a war being fought against rebels that at best are third rate, the purportedly most powerful military in the world has been checked and strategically defeated.  The US is broke just as UBL intended and Washington is being forced to make painful cuts to domestic programs that may very well lead to massive social unrest.  In the end, the Islamists hold the ground from Asia to Africa as the US is forced to pull its forces back as the debts of tax dollars vainly wasted over the last decade come due.  As such, AQ still holds the battlefield as America retreats.  Based on this and using one of the oldest measures of victory in warfare, the Islamists have won and the US has been defeated thus far in the war of East versus West.

Part III will conclude this series and discuss the return on the investment of trillions of dollars in defense and security spending.  Most disturbingly, it will look at how the “terrorist” threat is now being used to declare American soil a battleground, justify the creation of a police state, and declare citizens threats and order their assassinations in secret all while bankrupting our nation.


By: Guiles Hendrik

US Diplomatic Core Massacred in Libya

Massive Libyan Mob Sacks US Diplomatic Posts in Libya

Headlines today have carried graphic footage and accounts of the chaos in Libya resulting in the death of the US Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens and at least three other Americans.  Piecing together what transpired is still in the initial stages, but a review of the known evidence is telling.

First, two of the Americans killed were highly trained members of the Diplomatic Security Service and an unknown number wounded.  Although details of whether they were Security Protective Specialists (SPS) or Special Agents remains unknown, these security officers typically have over a decade of law enforcement and military expertise with elite special forces units and combat experience.  Their deaths show beyond any doubt that the retaking of the compound was intense, high level combat against a well-armed and coordinated enemy.  The firefight included enemy use of heavy weapons such as rocket-propelled-grenades (RPGs), machine guns, improvised explosive devices, and potentially even mortars and raged for hours.  These are not weapons of a mob, but of a well armed military or terrorist faction.  Only a large, well-organized group enjoying at least partial support from the local government in major urban centers of Libya could have accomplished this.

Next, the fact that both the US diplomatic enclaves were attacked in a near simultaneous fashion by large  groups (in the hundreds) that sent the local security fleeing and the Americans at the mercy of the mob screams of a coordinated attack plan.  American embassies are hardened to resist these type attacks, but it is clear that the defenses were breached and not designed for the threat level required for a country like Libya.  Nonetheless, only through prior intelligence, surveillance, and heavy weapons would this still have been possible to this degree as security enhancements had been added.  Small arms simply are not sufficient overwhelm the defenses of a U.S. embassy or consulate.

Motives for these attacks have been primarily linked to a video allegedly portraying the Prophet Muhammad in a negative light; however, a more likely motive is available.  Al Qaeda’s leader, Ayman al Zawahiri in a video released to his Al Qaeda affiliates on September 11, 2012 urged revenge attacks against Americans for the drone killing of Abu al-Libi.  Abu al-Libi, as his name suggests, was a Libyan and leader of Al Qaeda cells.  Many of his fellow jihadist fighters were active participants in the violent overthrow and murder of the former Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi.  Further, members of Ansar al Sharia, a known Libyan political organization that has been widely considered the Libyan arm of Al Qaeda, was witnessed at the scene of the massacres.  Note that Ansar al Sharia is an organization that Gaddafi tried to suppress before the U.S began providing its members support to overthrow Gaddafi.  Ambassador Stevens was a vocal supporter of this action to arm known former and current jihadists.

Collectively looking at the picture, it is clear White House statements suggesting this was a small, uncoordinated, non-representive cadre of thugs are simply untrue.  Further, it appears that jumping to blame a video made in a free country that protects free speech is grossly reactionary and premature.  In fact, it appear now that the immediate use of this explanation may be done for political reasons to spin attention from the fact that a very real Al Qaeda threat has been created in Libya by a deliberate, yet ill-conceived plan by the White House.

From a security perspective, it is clear the U.S. Embassy in Libya was not prepared and significantly underestimated the threat.  From a manpower perspective, it is the host nation’s responsiblity to protect foreign diplomats, but common sense should dictate a robust security staff for any high-threat country like Libya.  More “shooters” would likely have repulsed the attack and saved the Ambassador and other Americans.  Further, accepting the risk of using a temporary building rather than a purpose-built embassy that incorporated the latest security and defensive measures in a high-threat nation was a critical failure.  Warnings about the poor state of security readiness have been raised for years and were not implemented in a timely fashion.  The decision to stay in a soft compound approaches reckless and stupid since the country threat was known to be high.  Not only is it still not stable and internecine post-revolution violence continues, but a bomb was planted in front of the US Consulate in June that detonated wounding a local guard.

On the intelligence front, the CIA and Department of State threat intelligence organizations failed to effectively warn of this impending storm.  This is the second massive failure in as many weeks.  The previous weekend a US Consulate Peshawar motorcade was obliterated in a vehicle borne suicide bombing attack in Pakistan resulting in the wounding of two outstanding and highly experienced American security specialists.

All of this points to the single responsible person, the ambassador.  The ambassador is charged with the ultimate care and safety of all United States citizens in his country and as such, this disaster is a direct result of his leadership and guidance.  Much like a ship’s captain going down with the ship, Ambassador Stevens went down with his ship.  Sadly, Ambassador Stevens appears to have been a dedicated, well-liked, and highly educated diplomat, but failed to recognize the difference between the ground truth and ideological concepts.  For this, he and at least three other Americans unnecessarily paid the ultimate price.


In West Virginia man working out charged with terrorism by Keystone Cops!

Clearly this looks like a terrorist meeting to WV police.

In what can only be described as a massive overreaction, a West Virginia man, William Everett Alemar, was arrested and charged with terrorism.  His crime?  Working out while wearing his military kit (kit being the gear one would typically have to carry on a mission).  Apparently,  West Virginia’s law enforcement is completely ignorant of the fact that literally thousands of Americans every day work out and train in the military kit.  Even NROTC students from universities in Washington, D.C. can be seen early in the mornings running in their camouflage field uniforms with packs, vests, and yes…even rubber rifles past the White House.  This is not confined to D.C., but Arlington and many other suburban Virginia localities also can witness this physical training ritual our troops and contractors, especially our Reserve and National Guard forces, perform daily to stay ready to defend our nation.

Risking a Keystone Cops stereotype based on some background knowledge of the area, it is safe to say that Martinsburg’s finest are not your crack law enforcement outfit. [Disclaimer, the people of WV are awesome and it is truly a wonderful state.  Further, there is a vast professional difference between the highly trained and respected WV State Troopers and Martinsburg PD.  We expect the people of WV are as outraged as we are about this case.]  This much should be obvious.  Supporting this assessment is the fact that Mr. Alemar was training with a fake plastic rifle with a bright red plastic tip, empty magazines with no live ammo, and doing nothing but running in public.  The cops then trumped-up the charges saying he was “close to a school” and added an obscure charge for wearing a bullet proof vest with plates.  This is the whole point of training with your kit on!  You need to train with the extra weight so you can physically adjust to the stresses of the weight, primarily added by the ballistic plates.

Most importantly, Mr. Alemar didn’t commit a crime, but is sitting in a jail cell.  His “egregious” offense was startling some people.  Unless the government has included toy guns in a secret version of the Brady Bill or prohibited wearing camouflage, we are at a loss for how this equates to terrorism.  West Virginia allows open carry and concealed carry of real firearms and has no law about prohibiting the purchase, ownership, or wear of body armor most likely issued by the U.S. government.  Perhaps he would have not raised alarms if he had run in RealTree camouflage vice his military issued desert pattern uniform.  God help the next soldier that goes to pick up his child from school in his camouflage uniform after work.  Martinsburg PD probably would have shot him.  Still though, even after questioning, common sense refused to prevail.  The cops then charged him with the nebulous catch-all charge of “terrorism.”  Considering his actions were limited to running with camouflage, it is mind-boggling to try and put this young man in the category of someone that straps a bomb to their chest or flies an airplane full of innocent people into a building!

In a normal world where common sense of the totality of the obvious prevails, a simple, “hey, what are you doing” by the responding officer would have sufficed to deal with the situation.  After all, what threat is a guy weighed down by 40 pounds of gear carrying a toy gun and no ammo to anyone?  Well, that isn’t what happened.  The cops took him down at gunpoint.  Even that might be excusable, but then they actually arrested him and swore out and executed search warrants on his residence finding nothing but a handgun, which in the United States is still completely legal to own.  The only part of this we can give some credit to WV…and we are stretching…is the fact that they at least got warrants and that the are clearly not okay with military in the streets.  However, the grounds were so bogus, the magistrate should have never granted them so we are still dealing with a sum negative.  We can only imagine the officers sworn statement to the magistrate…”yepper, we got ourselves one of dem real live Osamas right down yonder.”

The charging of Mr. Alemar as a terrorist is further proof how far this nation has gone past sensible security measures and demonstrates the level of incompetency of at least some law enforcement.  More disturbing is the manner in which “terrorism” is being applied.  Now, a man that has violated no laws aside from shocking the senses can be arrested, detained, and have his house turned upside down.  The only act of terrorism apparent here is state sponsored.  Please pass this article on to everyone you know and ask that they do the same so that Mr. Alemar’s unconstitutional detention is exposed.  He will certainly need good legal counsel.

The Government’s Ever Present Need for the Boogie Man and the Police State Illusion to Protect You

Military Deployed to the Streets of USA


In this piece, the need for government and industry to create a polarizing enemy to spread fear is presented as well as the dangers it spawns to liberty.  A society at peace is freer that one at war.  Today’s military industrial complex Eisenhower warned us of a half century ago is now a thriving insider market that thinks nothing of sending thousands of Americans to their unnecessary deaths as long as it sells one more piece of military hardware.  Couple industry’s unquenchable thirst for wealth with the executive’s unending lust for absolute power and you have a perfect storm for achieving tyranny through fear.

Today we are living in this fear based society.  It is sad so many people willing buy into the notion that 9/11 happened because we didn’t have a police state and so the only way to protect our nation is to create one.  This weak logic of the masses will ensure tyranny’s rise.  It was not the lack of government that allowed for 9/11, but the excesses of it.  Al Qaeda’s genesis alone can be credited to the backwards and shortsighted foreign policy of Washington during the Cold War where it blindly and hypocritically propped up brutal dictators and corrupt regimes in places such as Saudi Arabia.  Then our very own CIA funded, armed, trained, and equipped these jihadist fighters in places like Afghanistan, the Balkans, and most recently in Libya and Syria.  Couple this with a non-existent immigration policy and destructive partisan politics and you have all of the ingredients for 9/11, but one critical piece.  The last piece of the puzzle is rooted in society’s failure to raise another generation of Americans willing to die fighting rather than become complacent victims.  Our population has been so softened and conditioned to run away, call the police, or submit, they failed to react when it was most critical save their own lives except for one flight that was most likely shot down over Pennsylvania.  It is no accident that since 9/11 every single attempt for a passenger or passengers to commit an act of violence has been quickly resolved by swift and violent action by the passengers.  In truth, had Americans been conditioned to resist instead of willingly submit and cower, 9/11 would have been impossible regardless of the failures of law enforcement, intelligence and government policy.  Instead of the truth though, the government finds it more beneficial for itself to breed fear and brainwash Americans into thinking only through a Orwellian system of surveillance and control can security be achieved.  What groundless lies!

Ladies and gentlemen, therein lies your truth.  A police state serves only the purposes of the government and does not provide you a single bit more security.  Tyrants love it, free citizens suffer it.  A free society must accept personal and collective responsibility for its own security and not outsource it to power-hungry politicians, spy agencies, and industrialists.  In fact, the incredible response time of the Aurora Police Department in response to the theater shootings demonstrate this fact.  Even though police were less than two minutes away (essentially there), they were unable to prevent a horrendous massacre.  Just like 9/11, it is only through the willingness to resist and the individual to accept responsibility for his own and his community’s collective security that our nation will remain free and safe.  Do not buy the spin and refuse to accept the government’s facade that swaps freedom and liberty for security.  You will get neither.