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State Governments Passing Laws to Abolish Private Property Rights

The level of encroachment of government into our lives correlates very closely to the amount of freedom a person enjoys.  It should come as no surprise that the more the government dictates every aspect of a person’s life, the less freedom that person has.  Dating as far back as early English Common Law, it has been recognized and well established that without respect for property rights there can be no freedom.  Alarmingly, over the last year, state and federal governments have massively expanded the scope of intrusion into our lives and all but abolished the last vestiges of property “rights.”  As a result, the number of examples of egregious violations of rights has been piling up.  Three cases in particular highlight the utter destruction of property rights.  Read more

Global Updates

In addition to my more in-depth posts, I will be routinely adding short bulletized points to keep our readers up to date on global issues.  If you would like more details on a specific issue, please post to comments or email me directly at LMS.

April 20, 2015

  • US sending warships to “prevent” Iran from providing arms to Houthis in Yemen.  The US has greatly contributed to the crisis in Yemen and engaging in a stand-off with Iran over support to each country’s respective proxies is a losing card for the White House to play.  The US (aside from special interests) has nothing to gain from this conflict.  The only possible winner will be AQAP (Al Qaeda).  Yemen’s US backed “president” in exile will never be able to return to “effective” power after using foreign militaries to bomb and kill Yemeni civilians.  Further, the Houthis, which pose no threat to the US will be weakened, but not pushed from power.  The US will no doubt dupe itself into another disastrous conflict.  The end result will be prolonging the chaos in Yemen and AQAP gaining significantly more power.  Just as I warned, the proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia/Qatar in Syria would eventually engulf the entire region and turn hot.  If the US policy in Yemen was to create greater Middle East conflict, empower Islamic extremism, and further destabilize global oil markets, it has achieved its objectives.
  • US arrests suspects attempting to join ISIL.  The US acts as though this was a great crime fighting/anti-terrorism win; however, it is a sign of deeper problems that have been self-inflicted.  Minnesota in particular is a hot bed of Islamic activity because of the suicidal domestic immigration policies that favor and actually import tens of thousands of people into the US annually from countries known for radical Islamism such as Somalia.  In short, it is a self fulfilling prophecy that has been used to justify an unnecessary domestic spy/police state and draconian legislation such as the “Patriot Act.”
  • Iraqi military backed by US and Iran fails to retake key cities from ISIL.  Contrary to rosy claims by the Obama Administration, the Iraqi Army has only scored marginal victories against what appears to be a far more dynamic and better led ISIL force.  Specifically, government forces were able to seize some key areas around Tikrit, but have so far failed to effectively secure the city.  Further, while the Iraqi military was focused north in Tikrit, ISIL has appeared to have shifted its fighting strength to the Ramadi area where it has gained ground in recent weeks.  As predicted, the violence and bloodshed in Iraq will continue and grow as long as the proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia continues to burn.  As one side gains ground, the other side will bolster its support for its proxy until the conflict has grown so big and so violent it will directly involve its original sponsors.  The end result will be a disaster for both the Middle East and the US.
  • Drought in California continues at record levels.  If you haven’t planted a large garden this year, plan to pay more…a lot more, at the grocery store.  As warned in previous articles last winter, food prices have continued to rise.  This price inflation isno where near at its peak with beef prices skyrocketing.  The conditions that continue to cause price hikes will persist.  Crops largely grown in California will see some of the largest spikes such as nuts and lettuces.
  • High taxes and over regulation finally ruining Virginia.  Northern Virginia, an area historically known for its strong economy and growing population has begun to feel the pressure of increasingly socialist governmental policies.  Naturally, the region draws on people working for the federal government and the big bureaucracy mindset has metastasized across the Potomac into the Commonwealth of Virginia.  High taxes, oppressive regulations, and stifling over population have all been the result.  This caustic bureaucratic recipe has led to a fed up population that is now leaving in droves.  Ironically, many of these people leaving were responsible at the ballot boxes for the socialist turn in governance.  Perhaps they learned their lesson and will not repeat their same mistake in the future, but that is doubtful.  As the population growth levels out and then begins to drop, local governments will soon realize budget deficits are growing and they are unable to provide the services originally programmed.  Without undoing what has become a socialist style of governance in the enclave, Northern Virginiais doomed to double down on its current failures and create another communist utopia on the banks of the Potomac.

By Guiles Hendrik




Massive Blizzard to Strike New England: What you should really fear.

If you live in New England, you are bracing for a significant snow storm.  With the snow totals and high winds forecasted the most significant effect of the weather will likely be wide spread power outages.  Respective of the power outages, the effect will not be long lasting, but you could be at risk of frozen pipes if you don’t have backup heating.  If you don’t and lose power, make sure you drain your pipes, bundle up, and add on the blankets.  No problem.  Certainly the panic buying over a couple feet of snow is not warranted and in fact, the storm looks like more of a great skiing opportunity than any end of the world event as the media has over dramatized.  However, what are worrisome are the draconian edicts being issued by states ranging from curfews and travel bans to forcing people off of the sidewalks.  The precedent being set is extremely dangerous and will be abused in the future if not challenged. Read more

Heavy rains in California put LMS SoCal Bug Out post to immediate use

I wanted to take a moment to simply say, “your welcome” to the good people that took the time to write and thank us for our Bug Out Part 2 – Los Angeles/Southern California.  Although we did not plan to release the post just before the heavy rain storms that are causing wide spread damage across California, it indeed proved to be timely.  I hope every one of you were adequately prepared for the rains, flooding, and mudslides that are currently affecting California.  Please stay safe.

We hope that our posts help our readers and we will continue to release future Bug Out specific editions over the coming weeks.

Best regards,

Guiles Hendrik

Bug Out Bags Part II: Washington, DC

Map of Washington DCFor Part II in our series on bug out kits, I will look at some specifics for planning your kit if you happen to live in or around the nation’s capital.  I chose to address DC first, because it is a city where the conditions that trigger bugging out are likely to occur and it offers some very specific challenges that are applicable to many urban centers across the US.  Hopefully, you have had a chance to read my intro post on building your bug out kit.  If not, first review thin information we posted at:

Why would you worry about having to bug out if you live in DC? Read more

If California’s Drought Weren’t Scary Enough, Now It May Trigger Earthquakes

As the worst drought in living memory persists in California, more evidence has arisen supporting my previously published theory on earthquakes from December 2013

Specifically, scientists are now beginning to bandwagon on the idea that as aquifers are drawn down, the earth will simultaneously sink and rebound causing quakes. I outlined this theory as a probable mechanism to explain why quakes in areas such as Charlottesville, Virginia and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, where quakes were very rare, were suddenly occurring. I was able to conclude that there was a close correlation to quake activity in regions centered over confined, lake-like aquifers that have been heavily drawn down in recent years. Both Oklahoma City and Charlottesville have seen significant population increases over the last decade and have significantly drawn down their aquifers, which I believe has resulted in the occurrence of earthquakes. This conclusion better explains what I believe is a generally flawed belief that hydraulic fracking has caused quakes, specifically around Oklahoma. I dismissed fracking in my theory because the occurrence of quakes simply did not correspond well with high fracking activity. For example, if quakes were caused by fracking alone, then West Virginia and Pennsylvania should be experiencing a large number of quakes. This is not the case and when accounting for naturally occurring fault lines and other “known” causes of quakes, one must conclude that something other than fracking is at work. As stated, I have theorized that aquifer depletion is at the root of this quake activity and have been publishing on it since before the mainstream scientific community even considered the possibility.

The “so what” factor for our readers is apparent when it comes to my quake activity theory. If you live in an area that draws on a confined aquifer and has a high population density, preparing for earthquake activity would be smart. As the drought in the South West persists, demand on ground water resources will continue to grow. The increased demand will unleash a number of small quakes that may or may not be capable of damaging homes and infrastructure. What is not known is if these quakes could disturb the stability of the ground so much that the aquifer reductions could trigger secondary and much larger quakes along known fault lines. I theorize that in the event an isolated aquifer is heavily drawn down and is collocated with a known fault, it could indeed trigger much larger and unpredicted quakes than previously thought possible. Now don’t say you didn’t see it coming!

By Guiles Hendrik
August 13, 2014
All rights reserved.

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Why Fear Global Warming?

Recently, the Climate Change/Global Warming crowd has been growing ever more alarmist about dire consequences related to the alleged warming of the Earth. This should come as no surprise since the climate change movement traces its history directly to environmental extremists. However, it has only been a relatively recent phenomenon that environmental extremists teamed with the political left to craft an agenda designed scare people into submitting to their ideological fantasies and control. This has led to an ever increasing list of suffocating regulations, new laws, more bureaucrats, and even more burdensome taxes. In spite of the constant barrage of doomsday environmentalist propaganda I dare to inject logic and reason into this politically charged debate and ask the question: Why can’t “Global Warming” be good? What I find is that after stripping away the rhetoric, economics, and politics to expose the fundamental truth, I ultimately find that warming is not just good, but our best case possible climatic future.
Let’s begin by laying some basic groundwork. Much of the “global warming” hysteria is based upon highly politicized and government subsidized research by admittedly biased environmentalists. What you often don’t hear is that for every scientist sounding the alarm bells, there are just as many scientists dissenting and saying that the research doesn’t support the degree of fear mongering currently epidemic in government and the media. Further, these predictions are based on climatic simulations and models that are spit out of number crunching computers (black boxes) and are no better than the data fed into them. As such, there are literally hundreds if not thousands of widely used models that all claim to “predict” weather and climate patterns, yet the “Farmer’s Almanac” has a better record of predicting climate and weather patterns than your local weather man. Even short duration predictions are flawed! How many times have you gone for a weekend outing only to find out the “sunny” forecast turned into a rainy monsoon? Even worse, when has the hurricane season actually been consistently, accurately predicted? The fact is our best scientists can’t even give you accurate localized, contemporary forecasts and are even less capable of predicting global weather a hundred years into the future! To this point, scientists have not been able to accurately predict climatic patterns demonstrating that scientists still do not know and cannot accurately quantify the causal effects of what forms the Earth’s climate. At best this is an imprecise science and at worst climatic alchemy. Due to this one must rationally conclude that the models at best have limited to no predictive capability and at worst provide totally false data.
One has to concede that our historical baseline of global climate is limited and imprecise. This makes basing any future models inherently flawed because it is based on partial data sets that we can’t say for sure are even accurate or representative for the period in question. What we do know is that the Earth’s climate has continuously shifted between warm, wet periods and cold, dry periods (ice ages). The Earth has been warmer than it is today and the Earth has been much colder. What we don’t see is climatic stasis. Cycles do occur and the climate is perpetually in the process of either cooling or warming. This continual climatic variation lends validity to the broad term of “climate change,” but certainly doesn’t imply the Earth and all of its living creatures are doomed if any change occurs. In fact, humans have already survived through multiple ice ages and warm periods long before the industrial age. However, what a macro analysis of research from multiple scientific disciplines show is that it has always been during ice ages when humans faced their greatest challenges and NOT during the relatively short periods climatic warming. The reason for this is very simple. Biological diversity thrives in warm wet climates such as the Amazon Rain Forest, but must struggle to survive in harsh cold and dry climates such as the Arctic and Arabian Desert respectively. Thus, it is actually quite easy to conclude that not just man, but the vast majority of living creatures depend on warm, wet conditions to survive and thrive.
Assuming that the climate scientists are indeed correct the Earth is warming, this is reason for relief, not alarm. Yes, it is true that as the Earth moves through climatic cycles localized weather patterns will change. Yes, it is also true that in some cases this will have a negative impact, but globally speaking, during warming periods, far more areas will see a net benefit from warmer and wetter climate. With warmer temperatures and more rain, we will see parched desert land once again become fertile. The soil of the land we currently farm has become worn out and warming could be just the miracle farmers need to unlock new and vast fertile regions to meet the growing world demand for food. We will be able to plant crops further and further north and south and reclaim land that was once frozen and not suitable for sustained habitation. We will also see aquifers, lakes, rivers, and streams recharged with desperately needed fresh water. Even though some areas will become so dry, as weather patterns change, they will no longer be habitable, that is okay because the net result would make far more land available. Coastal cities may indeed see some flooding if the dire predictions prove accurate, but that too is ridiculously overblown. Governments for centuries have fought to create jobs and relocate insolvent cities. A sea level rise would provide the needed stimulus for nations to finally overhaul their horrific urban planning and put millions back to work. Most cities are in desperate need of or are beyond repair because they were never engineered to handle the massive number of residents they now sustain. Many cities also no longer occupy a strategic location and are dying since their original purpose for existence long ago disappeared. Instead of sitting idle and waiting for the water to rise as climate alarmists predict, why not seize this opportunity to build much more sustainable cities where they will be most viable? Trade routes, economic centers, travel hubs, and populations have all undergone major changes in just the last two decades and much more since most of the world’s major cities were first populated so isn’t it time to update instead of letting them die a slow death like Detroit?
Remember that if the Earth is not warming, it is cooling. Contrary to the climate alarmists, it is certainly possible that what we are witnessing is the last stages of a warming period as the Earth shifts into a cooling cycle, which notably, is climatically overdue according to the geological record. This alleged ramp in temperatures may in fact be cyclical and actually have almost nothing to do with the “greenhouse effect” and carbon emissions. I for one ascribe to this potentiality far more than I do one of prolonged warming. Cooling would be a true climatic disaster for mankind unlike the warming alarmists would lead you to believe. Much of North America, Europe, and Asia would be covered in thick ice sheets. Western Civilization would all be forced to relocate or perish. The food stresses on the world population as a result of massively reduced arable farmland would lead to unprecedented famine and starvation. Migration pressures on the equatorial latitudes would be overwhelming and lead to warfare and even greater death. Adding to the global disaster would be the fact that during cooling periods the Earth becomes much drier as water is locked into massive ice sheets. This would leave the Earth much drier than it is today in respect to land not covered by ice or permafrost. Desert like conditions would become pervasive and would exasperate conditions of famine as the global net total of arable land plummeted. By the time mankind reached equilibrium with the new carrying capacity of the Earth, more than two thirds of the world’s population will have died off. As such, logic would again dictate that given the choice between warming or cooling, warming is the overwhelmingly preferred option if your motive is to sustain maximum human life.
To date, an ice age isn’t what is being predicted by the scientific community. Instead, we have been told that we will face higher temperatures and rising sea levels; although, it seems that the climate change “experts” now seem to attribute any and all weather to the nebulous “global warming.” This fact alone is a red flag and screams of faux science. The most recent example has been to say in the same breath we have had a record cold winter because the temperatures are rising. Really? Has anyone taken a moment to rationalize how absurd statements like these are? I personally get a laugh out of the idiots running around trying to tell me that the Earth is warming because of bovine flatulence. What scares me far more than any potential global warming is that these extremist nut jobs seriously believe this garbage. They are either complicit in or oblivious to the fact that bovine flatulence has nothing to do with global warming and was only a special interest agenda lumped into the debate by animal rights extremists in a thinly veiled attempt to economically attack cattle farmers. Even a middle school student that has taken basic earth science knows that a hypothesis (global warming in this case) that purportedly claims to be proven valid no matter what outcome presents, irrespective of the dependent and independent variables, is utterly useless. This type of flawed hypothesis is called a non-falsifiable hypothesis (it can’t be proven wrong so it equally cannot be proven correct) and appears to have found favor within political propaganda circles. However, if a student were to use the same non-falsifiable logic for his science fair project’s hypothesis, the student would fail. Nonetheless, prestigious “scientists” still can’t seem to remember the basic, fundamental rules of the scientific method!
No matter what the future holds, paranoia, fear mongering, and alarmist hysteria will neither solve the problem nor improve our situation (although quite a few seem to have made a good living off of the scare tactics…Al Gore). Climate change has been a perpetual part of Earth’s history. Only through sheer hubris and reckless endeavor would man think that he can controllably alter this natural cycle and improve his outcome. One may rightly claim that it is a fool’s errand to try and play god with the weather. Climate change cannot be stopped any more than the weather you will wake up to without utterly destroying the Earth’s natural balance in real and quantifiable ways. Instead of alarmism, isn’t it time man embraced the change? Man’s responsible course of action is not to panic, but to adapt. After all, it has been man’s ability to think and adapt, which has allowed him to survive to present day.
In closing, I have a clear conscience as I add another log to my wood burning stove, which warms my mountain (soon to be ocean front) redoubt while I look out at my pickup truck with a big V-8 engine knowing I have done my part to sustain mankind. As for the rest of you driving around in a Prius, just say thank you.

By Guiles Hendrik
April 4, 2014
All rights reserved.

Feds Withhold Water To California Farmers For First Time In 54 Years


And just as we warned….
















The US Bureau of Reclamation released its first outlook of the year and finds insufficient stock is available in California to release irrigation water for farmers. This is the first time in the 54 year history of the State Water Project. “If it’s not there, it’s just not there,” notes a Water Authority director adding that it’s going to be tough to find enough water, but farmers are hit hardest as “they’re all on pins and needles trying to figure out how they’re going to get through this.” Fields will go unplanted (supply lower mean food prices higher), or farmers will pay top dollar for water that’s on the market (and those costs can only be passed on via higher food prices). – See more at:

The Impending Food Price Crisis: Time to Plant Your Survival Garden


Food Shortage

Food Shortage

In case you have been asleep for the last five years or somehow managed to not buy any groceries, you should know that the price of groceries has quadrupled over as many years.  For the rest of us feeding our families, we are intimately aware of how much more we have had to pay for groceries in recent years.  It has gotten so bad that many families that used to be able to purchase roughly a shopping cart of groceries for $100 now are paying upwards of $400 dollars for less food of less quality.  Coupled with high prices of gas and energy, most of us have experienced a large net loss of our purchasing power as our disposable income has all but vanished.  Of course this directly contradicts the Obama Whitehouse’s assertions that there has been little to no inflation and economically things are better.  Ask yourself this, do you actually have more disposable income than you did just a few years ago?  Has your quality of life improved?  Sadly, the answer is more often than not a resounding “NO” as the numbers of individuals on government assistance programs like food stamps has exploded.  This article will discuss the basics on how to weather the coming food price crisis.

You must understand that our current state of decay is just the beginning as things will get much worse in the United States.  For starters, California is experiencing historic drought that is decimating its agricultural industry as we outlined in our previous article.  Far worse is that our government is moving closer and closer to a totalitarian state run by left leaning Marxists heavily influenced by global bankers and corporate elites that care nothing for you and are only focused on increasing their power, wealth, and control over you.  Add to this the fact the Federal Reserve continues to counterfeit over a trillion dollars a year and then bills you, the taxpayer, for the created debt even as you suffer from the very real devaluation of the dollar because of the Federal Reserve’s engineered inflationary measures.  These few issues are by no means all inclusive, but illustrate some of the major drivers pushing costs higher and higher as your wages and real earnings are decimated.  These government programs will only intensify as higher taxes, fees, and penalties are lumped on by local, state, and federal governments to offset their rising operating costs, which rob you of any remaining disposable income.  Thus, it begs the question that many are asking…. “How will I be able to feed my family and still pay my bills?”

Fortunately, the answer is neither new nor complex.  One must become self-sufficient.  Self-sufficiency is the same solution our forefathers intuitively recognized and the maxim most farmers, pioneers, and Americans lived by up until the last half of the 20th Century.  Many thought the time for small farms and garden plots was gone for good, but the crisis of increasing food prices has driven Americans back to rediscovering that the old ways were in fact better.  So, if you have been saving your survival seeds for when things get bad, you should seriously consider planting them this year and procuring new seeds for future crops while you still can.  Once things go beyond the tipping point to a full blown crisis, it will be too late to plant, grow, harvest, and use your seed stores.  The garden will provided you affordable, healthy, great tasting, fresh food when no one else can afford or find it in grocery stores.  Further, any excess can be sold or used to barter for other goods you may not have in surplus.

A healthy garden takes years to fully develop to its maximum potential so starting now allows you to experiment with crops, fail (yes, you will have failures), build a tool inventory, and begin building an inventory of food stores via dehydration (drying) and canning.  You will learn what varieties of plants grow best where in your soil.  You will also get to taste various vegetables and decide which are best suited to your family’s palate.  Devising a pest control strategy that works will also be vital.  All of this takes time, sweat, and practice.  There are no real shortcuts to this so get started now.

To begin, select the best land you can for your crops.  This may mean moving to a new location with better soil, water access, and sunlight or simply developing your backyard.  For you folks still imprisoned in the cities, you may want to invest in hydroponic systems or rooftop gardens.  Having the right tools will be critical.  The best hand tools are not the ones made today, but old antique hand tools with solid steel implements.  You can often find these cheaply online or at flea markets and yard sales.  Make sure you have redundancy.  You will also need an ample supply of good seeds.  I recommend that you stick with quality heirloom seeds that have been optimized for your growing conditions.  Make sure you get a wide variety of seeds so that you can experiment with different crops.  For example, if one specific variety of tomatoes does poorly, you may find a different variety does very well saving you from a total crop loss for the season.  You will also need to devise a method to protect your crop from pests such as animals, insects, and diseases.  I have found solar powered electric fences are the best method for keeping out animals like deer that will wreck an entire garden in a single night.  The solar powered electric fence is very easy to set up and affordable.  Dusting crops like beans and potatoes with lime does well at keeping insects back while preventing nutritional diseases.  I also found using a torch around plants to kill weeds is an effective organic solution to weed control.  When it comes to fertilizers, bone meal and manure are two of the best organic solutions.  Just make sure any manure you use is seasoned well so that you don’t introduce invasive weed species to your soil.

For those of you looking to grow gardens or enter into small farming operations, you may also want to employ low profile or clandestine methods.  Many of our readers live in suburban neighborhoods with unconstitutional and oppressive home owners association (HOA) covenants that ridiculously forbid gardening.  In these areas fencing in your yard may be your easiest option.  If that isn’t possible, many people have turned their basements into mini greenhouses, but run the risk of drawing attention of local authorities that may mistakenly suspect illicit marijuana grow operations are afoot.  In this case it may be best to actually let local law enforcement know what you are doing to prevent a mistaken and highly dangerous SWAT raid on your home.  However, if the wrong people know you have food, they may target your residence to steal your crops so discrete is good.  Those of us lucky enough to be in rural areas do not have oppressive HOAs and can grow large gardens, but could become subject to crop confiscation.  The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has steadily increased its efforts to identify all farming operations throughout the country and many suspect that in a time of crisis the government could use this information to confiscate crops to feed the masses.  As protests in Kiev turn violent, an important, illustrative lesson from the Ukraine’s history comes to mind.  During the period between 1932 and 1933 when the Ukraine fell under Soviet control, an estimated 12 million Ukrainians were intentionally starved to death as a result of resisting Stalin’s takeover of power and government mismanagement of agricultural policies.  During this period, the communist government forced confiscation of all household foodstuffs and restricted the population movement to other areas all while shipping off, warehousing, destroying, or leaving unharvested millions of tons of grain that could have fed the Ukrainians.  The urban populations suffered the worst and died by the millions of starvation and disease while the rural populations were demonized and blamed by the communists for the government’s actions.  If you have any question as to why this genocide was carried out, Henry Kissinger succinctly explains it when he stated that if you want to control the population, control its food supply.

This Ukrainian lesson illustrates how a centralized government like ours that mismanages policies and is continuously seeking greater power could seize your crops during a crisis to effectively control our citizens.  To avoid this, don’t report your crops to the government.  Further, plant multiple gardens and crops in various areas throughout your property.  One garden would be overt while the others would be hidden and made to “NOT” look like a standard garden.  In fact, if your garden looks like a fallow field of weeds or just a part of the forest it will draw little to no attention.  In addition, cultivate wild crops and livestock considered “weeds” and wild animals so that they go overlooked even by the most zealous commissar sent by the government to inspect, record, and confiscate your crops.  This technique is highly successful and practical for preppers since even the most savvy of government bureaucrats are generally idiots in respect to anything that actually requires real work or true practical knowledge.  The average USDA inspector couldn’t tell you the difference between spinach and burdock and certainly wouldn’t recognize chicory and dandelions as a staple food crop.  Wild leeks (ramps) and asparagus also would be passed over by even many country folks.  They also wouldn’t recognize your cover crops that feed a disproportionately large deer herd, but certainly would be able to tag, number, and seize every chicken and head of cattle you may possess.  Fish ponds are also nice additions because unless the bureaucrat is ready to dig out and drain your pond or spend a lot of time learning to fish, any fish you have stocked will also go under reported.  Fruit and nut trees interspersed with the forest also will most likely go unnoticed so look at planting stands of these trees in small clearings vice large orchard settings.

On the backside of raising your crops, you must secure your harvest.  The very best way I have found to accomplish this is by building multiple low profile root cellars away from your house.  A root cellar can be very simple (essentially a hole in the ground with an insulated cover) where root crops, fruits, and canned goods can be stored for long periods of time.  These natural storage vessels can be constructed in a way as to be virtually invisible to all but the most astute observer.  By utilizing outdoor food storage locations, you prevent your food supplies from being looted or confiscated in their totality while building a strong alibi respective of “having no food.”  Anyone doubting you would certainly search your home and after finding only the minimum staples would be forced to conclude that you indeed have no food and thus, could not be growing additional food since it would have to be stored somewhere.

In summary, you have been warned of impending food price spikes even as your wages are diminished by our central economic planners.  Your choices now are to either run the risk that all will be well and government that created these problems will suddenly fix them or implement your last minute survival food production plans.  I am recommending to all of our readers to plant every inch of land they can this year since I have become convinced that our economy is teetering on the brink of its greatest economic collapse in history.  Food will become scarcer and prices will rise with every coming month.  This is a certainty.  If you decide to plant the worst outcome would be to have an overabundance of food come the autumn harvest and critical practice and experience growing a garden for real.  Although we preach last “minute” survival, “minute” is very relative in respect to gardens where a more apt description would be last season survival.  Failure to plant your crops this spring will delay any chance of a food crop by not just a year, but a year and a half because of the lead-lag time between planting and harvesting.  Time is wasting so get busy!


By Guiles Hendrik

February 18, 2014

All rights reserved.