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Major Threat to New Year’s Eve Celebration in New York City Identified

In case you haven’t heard, this year’s New Year’s Eve celebration in New York City will have “unprecedented” security.  Apparently, there is an even “worster” threat than any previous year that not just justifies, but requires even more security for “your” protection.  For those that have never tried to attend the New Year’s event in and around Times Square, it may come as a surprise that YOU are the threat they are “protecting” you against.  If you have any doubts, just take a quick look at how the “citizens” are treated in this full display of life under the Police States of America, which is collectively costing taxpayers billions of dollars.  I make no apologies.  This level of security is far more of a problem than the threats, which were created by the same people that now insist on jamming this massive police state down your throat to “protect” you.  Of course they know this security is just smoke and mirrors and really doesn’t offer real protection.  However, it does mean that the elites “protecting” you get to assume nearly absolute power over every aspect of your life while also becoming incredibly rich by pilfering every last dime you make to pay for building and maintaining this police state.  Not a bad deal if you are an elite, but a horrible one for those of us once known as “citizens.”  I am hoping at least a few of our readers see the obvious connection between “your security” and losing all aspects of freedom and liberty this New Year.  My wish is that our nation wakes-up and says enough!  It is time people start pushing back on what they will and will not “submit” to.  We have crossed nearly all thresholds.  Security is now synonymous with slavery.  As such, today I am taking the time to outline just a few of the ways you will get to experience the very real “security benefits” of the police state as you try to enjoy ringing in 2018.

Let’s look at the police state reality a bit more closely in New York City right now.  For starters, why even a single person would attend the Times Square New Year’s Eve events is beyond rational logic in today’s world.  It can only be attributed to the lemming mindset of the masses.  From an entertainment perspective, it literally has nothing to offer.  The “security” ruined the fun.  For tonight’s events you can expect to be waiting in endless lines, getting smashed and mobbed by crowds, literally freezing to death, having no place to sit or relax, being unable to bring anything with you that could perhaps even remotely improve your comfort level, have no access to bathrooms for 12 hours or more, and if not enough, you will never be close enough to see a thing.  These points alone should turn all, but the insane back.

Should you decide to brave the cold and crowds and have an iron bladder, you get to experience the joys of the police state firsthand.  Nothing says “good time” like being herded into cages and pens by heavily armed Gestapo thugs dressed in black and threatening you with actual assault rifles.  The lucky ones also get to have dogs stick their nose up their asses for a cheap thrill and paw their belongings while armed thugs watch for any sign you aren’t willingly submitting to their unwarranted search.  Once corralled in your pen, don’t you dare even think about leaving.  Anyone trying to move from their assigned pen before the Gestapo allows it will be quickly apprehended, questioned, and possibly arrested or worse.  If you are suicidal, make sure to bring a bag with diapers, snacks, or a camera so you can enjoy the full thrill of being treated as if you are a terrorist.  Expect to be stopped (violently if you don’t immediately obey orders that you probably won’t hear over the deafening noise of the drunken mob), searched, ruffed up and/or sodomized, and robbed (you aren’t getting your stuff back) at gun point by the police “protecting” you.  You may even be lucky enough to unknowingly have a sniper’s cross-hairs placed on your head while you “enjoy” the festivities just to make sure you aren’t up to something.  Only slaves submit to such treatment.  Anyone that tries to tell you this is acceptable and normal is either an obedient serf or an oppressive master.

The overt Gestapo actions are just the tip of the police state iceberg.  What you don’t see is even more massive, costly, and Orwellian.  The silent surveillance state operates behind the scenes and is the envy of every dictator.  Before you even decided to attend the celebration, the government knew and had tagged you for analysis.  Your blogs, emails, texts, and phone calls were all collected, stored, and analyzed.  Any social media post suggesting celebrating New Year’s in New York was immediately assessed.  If you happened to be a student studying the Middle East, the websites you likely visited through your studies alone were enough to have you flagged and treated as a terrorist whether you were aware of the labeling or not.  Even your purchases were cross referenced for possible threat behaviors like buying a one-way ticket…and we know how dangerous people are that buy one way tickets!  The dark humor behind all this is as sure as I am writing this post, there is an analyst somewhere reading it saying to himself/herself that all these people worried about the police state are just paranoid….oh the irony!

If you bought a train or plane ticket to New York, you had to submit to providing some type of state issued identification so that your entire personal history was scrutinized by algorithms.  Then your entire trip through the airport or train station was monitored by armed government agents and watched by cameras.  Of course you also got the full physical assault by TSA if you flew, which was admittedly overt, but just another tactic to desensitize the masses into becoming a slave.  True freemen don’t suffer such abuses and the proof is readily available.  Ever wonder why your “leaders” and the elites don’t seem to have a problem with the hassles of flying and TSA?  It is because they don’t deal with it.  These systems are set up to allow them to control you, not the reverse.  For example, see how the elites are treated as they fly out of the Signature Terminal at Dulles International Airport (  If you are like most, you probably didn’t even know that terminal existed or that you had alternatives to TSA.  Further, you probably had no idea you could still fly by simply getting your ticket and getting on your aircraft (many times literally just driving up to the plane in your armored black Suburban and getting in) instead of being treated like a terrorist waiting in long lines to be sodomized by low-IQ, GED waivers getting a federal pension at your expense.  The difference of course is that the government doesn’t want you to know they have set up a two-tier system.  One for the masses and one for their masters, just like all Leftist regimes.

For those of you that chose land routes, you weren’t in anyway immune from the surveillance state.  If you chose to take Uber, your travel records were stored and analyzed to see every place you traveled and with whom.  If you chose to drive, your license plate was scanned, stored, and analyzed dozens if not hundreds of times.  Your face was also captured by hundreds of traffic cameras and fed through facial recognition systems.  Even the RFID system in your tires (you know, the thing that tells you if your tires have low pressure…yep, you get tracked by it) has allowed your entire trip to be plotted like breadcrumbs by covert monitoring stations.  You also passed through countless radiation sensors and bio-chem agent sniffers covertly installed along nearly every road in the United States.  As icing on the cake, you were also extorted for well over a hundred dollars in tolls to “freely” travel on roads you already paid for many times over so that bureaucrats can siphon the money off to their cronies.  Finally, before you get home, you may even have been lucky enough to be caught in a speed camera (automated highway robbery system) and get to pay a few hundred more dollars just so you could “enjoy” the celebration in New York City.

Far above, your every move is also being surveilled, tracked, and analyzed.  Military aircraft and drones used for spying are circling overhead collecting massive amounts of data ranging from radiation signatures to cell phone discussions.  Stationary aerostats are also literally recording every single movement from Baltimore to Buffalo, which can be pulled up and run in reverse to see where any single person originated from beginning with the time the system was in place a couple years ago.  Even higher, a massive array of spy satellites orbits the Earth collecting additional mountains of information on everything from global communications to thermal imagery and pictures of your license plates.

Now here is the clincher.  All of this massive “security” operates at the costs of billions of dollars billed directly to you the taxpayer.  While you become poorer and more oppressed, the people that are imposing this upon you are getting rich on the security business AND gaining more absolute power by the day.  The elites want nothing less than total information dominance and total awareness of every aspect of your life.  Once these systems are in place it is very easy to then take complete control of power because any resistance would be nearly impossible.  Nonetheless, the fact that none of this security in practice is very effective should be alarming.  Sure, it stops some idiots from doing bad things, but anyone with real intent and basic skills will be able to still successfully carry out an attack.  This has been proved over and over again by successful “lone wolf” attacks carried out by impressionable failures in life.  Do you think for a second that with all of the security in New York tonight that if someone wanted to do something bad that they would be stopped?  Not a chance.  It is all smoke and mirrors.  The police state has never been about stopping crime and providing security.  It has only ever had one person.  Control.  Control is the goal and therefore as I stated at the beginning of this article, YOU are the threat.

If none of what I am detailing disturbs you, you are already a slave.  Mentally, you have been broken like a good mule and you will be worked till you are no longer a benefit and then euthanized by the system.  You are most likely incapable of knowing what freedom is and therefore are incapable of appreciating the immense value it bestows.  You are dooming not just yourself, but future generations of this nation to servitude under increasingly oppressive and violently dictatorial leadership.  If you are dumb enough to believe that “if you aren’t doing anything wrong, you have nothing to hide,” it will only be a short matter of time before you find out that your “legal and lawful” views, actions, or opinions run afoul of the governmental dictates and you begin to suffer punishments.  If this erosion of Rights is not turned back, we will see the final collapse of the Republic in a decade or less.  Good luck in the New Year and boycott NYC where YOU are the threat.

Happy Holidays,

Guiles Hendrik

Memorial Day Weekend Message: How to truly help veterans according to veterans

I hit my saturation point with the Memorial Day weekend lip service and memorials to those who died “fighting for our freedoms.”  We can argue about previous generations, but the US has not fought a war for “our freedoms” in my lifetime.  The nebulous “War on Terror” has certainly not been about expanding or protecting freedoms and would have been better described as a “War on American Freedoms and Liberties.”  Not a single freedom has been expanded or “protected” by this war.  However, nearly every “right” provided by the Constitution of the United States has been in one form or another attacked, eroded, or outright ignored and flagrantly violated.  As such, today I am going to briefly discuss how you can honor your veterans and how to really help them if you are so inclined.

I am a multi-tour combat veteran and I have had friends wounded and killed in both Iraq and Afghanistan.  Telling the truth, identifying the real enemies, and not parroting patriotic feel good nonsense does not diminish their personal sacrifices or honor.  In fact, I speak for many veterans when I say that we are sick of the rhetoric and would much rather hear substantive discussions about issues that matter.  For example, why after a decade and a half can’t we get decent care at a veterans’ hospital and why can’t all of NATO to include the US, not win a war against some Pashtun villagers.  The military service members I served with are appalled by the political lies and deceit and want justice for those killed and wounded, not lip service.  Stop talking about the ridiculous notion we somehow “liberated” Iraq and brought democracy to the people.  Everyone with even the most basic knowledge of foreign affairs now knows the invasion of Iraq was completely illegal.  The true culprits behind 9/11 and the Iraq War were hiding in the Saudi and US governments and in every lobbying firm and think tank in between.  We want to know why not one of these enemies and traitors respectively were held accountable.  Further, we want to know why general officers were not resigning in mass protest of an obviously flawed and unsalvageable war strategy.  If the “strategy” was so good, why hasn’t it worked?  If it is a viable strategy, then why haven’t we fired the generals that have completely failed to achieve a decisive victory?  If you want to help veterans, demand the truth and accountability while dispensing with the patriotic rhetoric.    Read more

Uber Update: Uber Confirmed to be providing your private travel data to the government

Last year I wrote a piece entitled “Why the government elite love Uber: Your travel is now a searchable public record.”  Read it here:  In it, I warned that with the convenience of Uber comes the inevitable loss of privacy and government surveillance.  It was just too juicy a target for Big Brother’s mass surveillance and data collection and I predicted Uber was here to stay because the government was reaping too much information about you from Uber.  Well, it didn’t take long for my prediction to prove prescient.

Just last month (April 2016), it became very public across the internet that Uber had in fact been providing data from over 12 million users to the US Government.  Read it here:  Read more

Counterterrorism 101: How to quickly mitigate 85% of the Islamic terrorist threat in the US

In spite of the hundreds of billions of dollars being spent on defense and intelligence, our nation has once again failed to prevent an Islamic inspired terrorist attack on our soil.  Nonetheless, we are told that we must accept massive domestic spying and surveillance or we will not be safe even though these unconstitutional, Orwellian programs have never prevented a single attack.  Considering the amount of manpower, money, and technology dedicated to counterterrorism operations that still fail, one could easily conclude that rooting out Islamic extremists is just too difficult.  However, nothing could be further from the truth.  Terrorism is not a new phenomenon.  There are plenty of effective strategies to combat terrorism.  Some are more palatable than others, but agree or not, these strategies have been proven effective.  The problem is that our government not only refuses to acknowledge these viable options, but will brutally attack and smear anyone that tries to sensibly address these shortcomings of our “War on Terror” and domestic counterterrorism efforts.  Today, I am going to talk about the easiest and by far the most effective counterterrorism measure, which the government refuses to employ at our expense.  However, it is up to you whether or not you are now willing to take decisive action against the growing war with fundamentalist Islam or incur the risk and wait till it gets worse.  Either way, I promise you that decisive action, no matter how unpalatable, will ultimately be forced on you and the longer you wait, the more painful it will be for everyone.

The government would make you believe that without the National Security Agency (NSA), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), etc. all spying on you, it is impossible to insure your security.  This is bogus logic.  There is strong evidence to support that domestic surveillance is actually counterproductive to preventing terrorism because it creates a huge amount of distracting data.  Further, if there really are terrorists all over the country ready to attack us and these programs work, then we should be intercepting them planning the attacks routinely.  Let me pose some simple questions to you and allow you to use some basic logic.  Do you ever wonder how the government knows there are terrorists all over?  If the government can know these enemies are here, then why don’t they arrest them or do something about it?  Further, if we already know so much about these extremists and their plans, why do we need to continue to spy on our own people when even the government admits the programs don’t work?  The truth is we don’t and the fearmongering is used to grab more power and control the people.  It doesn’t take a whole lot of money or technology to weed out your extremists and you certainly do not need to violate the Constitution.  However, it may require you to offend some people and not be politically correct.  It is amazing that today we will race to undermine our Constitution and destroy our civil liberties, but fight doggedly against any notion of hurting the feelings of someone that wants to kill us and destroy our civilization.  I am treading dangerously close to sounding like a suddenly well informed Donald Trump here, but we really do need to get our priorities straight.  Until we fix this, the evils of political correctness and tolerance will walk us right into a disaster as a nation.

So here it is…the grand plan for security the hundreds of billions of dollars spent on spying, surveillance, analysts, and bombs could never bring you.  To root these terrorists out Read more

If You Like Living in a Police State, Vote for Jeb Bush

For those not already nauseated by the constant spin surrounding the bought candidates vying to seize power as President of the United States, you may have caught Jeb Bush’s comments he made at the National Security Forum in South Carolina. Jeb Bush clarified for the world a number of key facts about who he is, what he believes, and where he stands on issues. In short, he is not compatible as the leader of a free republic and certainly should be disqualified as anything more than a traitor to freedom and liberty.

To summarize Jeb Bush’s positions, it is worth beginning with the fact he has nothing but contempt for the Fourth Amendment and the Constitution. In fact, it appears he disregards the rule of law completely and believes, like President Obama, that the presidency affords him unlimited power. He utterly dismisses civil liberties arguments respective of governmental overreach and clearly wants a bigger, more powerful police state. Specifically, he stated that NSA’s domestic spying program needs to be expanded and made more powerful. I guess intercepting and storing every single electronic transaction, statement, text, email, and phone call to name just a few areas of focus isn’t Orwellian enough for Jeb. He also stated that he couldn’t find a single example of how NSA’s spying violated the law. Clearly Jeb must be constitutionally illiterate or more likely thinks a president is not subject to the rule of law and checks and balances of our constitutional republic. Read more

Economic Collapse Begins: US Government and central planners launch cyber attack on New York Stock Exchange and then blame China

As I warned on Monday, all of the signs and conditions for the markets to begin their crash were in place.  I specifically said to watch China, Greece, oil, and bonds.  As of today, the markets were a disaster.  Even after substantial intervention by central banks, the markets are still crashing globally.  This has the potential to spiral out of control very quickly as the Chinese stock market has already lost nearly 40% of its value erasing trillions in a matter of hours.  As such, it appears the central planners are losing the ability to manipulate markets higher.  The market conditions now are pointing to a severe market correction and everyone should take action to protect any wealth they have managed to accumulate or risk major losses over the next 48 hours.  Ominously, this crash is also being used to provoke a war with the Chinese to distract the population from the fact our leaders have criminally obliterated the US economy.

Most consequential at the moment, it appears the central planners in China have so far been unable to stabilize their markets and halt the collapse in their stock market.  I noted this would be a key factor to monitor this week as an indication of whether or not the markets were going to move toward correction.  Read more

Global Updates: May 29, 2015

-Seismic activity has markedly increased globally over the last few months and 2015 may prove to be an above average year.  Major quakes have struck the Pacific Ring to include the disastrous quake in Nepal.  Just yesterday evening a large quake struck northern Alaska.  Further and I believe most likely related, volcanic activity is spiking globally.   Just this week a volcano in Southern Japan literally exploded while volcanoes from Chile to Hawaii are again spewing lava and ash.  These events tend to go in cycles as fault lines unzip and pressure is released.  One can reasonable expect more events in the coming months and should be on high alert if they live near/on a fault line, near an active volcano, or along a coast vulnerable to tsunamis.  Further, sustained volcanic activity will affect weather patterns and could lead to cooler than normal temperatures for months after the eruption.  Currently, this is not an issue, but if other major eruptions occur this year and are sustained, this will certainly alter the Earth’s weather because the ash gets swept up into the high atmosphere where it spreads globally and reflects sunlight.

-ISIL still holds Ramadi contrary to US Secretary of State John Kerry’s stupid predictions last week.   ISIL has now likely outmaneuvered the Iraqi counter attack claiming to have encircled “on 3 sides” the terrorist army.  I am not sure how that translates to “encircled,” but whether or not there was a problem with the Arabic translation, in plain English that means ISIL has a flank wide open to reinforce or retreat through and they likely exploited this gap.  The fact that we haven’t seen an outright retreat of ISIL from Ramadi, which the Iraqi government would quickly publicize, tells you everything you need to know about the facts on the ground.  Further, as the Iraqi Army bears down on Ramadi, ISIL will no doubt maneuver its main element to attack where the Iraqi Army is not in strength.  I would rate it highly likely that Fallujah, Hit, and areas of Baghdad will be attacked whether or not ISIL conducts a tactical withdrawal from Ramadi.  This tactic has already demonstrated it is effective against the slow and unwieldy government forces.  It wears them down, attrits their forces, and demoralizes the government.  The war will only intensify and if ISIL is not dislodged from Ramadi within the next week, it will likely solidify and hold its gains making any future attempts to dislodge them extremely costly for the Iraqi military.

-The US admits Obama’s ISL “strategy” is not working.  Reports also are trickling out of major dissent within the Pentagon.  Further, as predicted, airstrikes have proved of limited value and now the military is saying it needs to commit more troops.  I warned of this predictable escalation back to a full scale war in the Middle East.  Humility truly is a virtue so I take no please in saying once again, “I told you so.”  In fact, last year, I was so disgusted with even the mere use of the term “strategy,” that I wrote an entire piece blasting the Administration and its completely idiotic, non-strategy, that was predestined to failure.  If you truly want to understand why we are failing and Iraq and why it will only get worse as I verbatim described in my analysis, you need to read and share:  You can then read the short follow-up to the above article at:

The five minutes you spend reading these two articles will serve as one of the best primers to understanding the escalating crisis in Iraq and the greater Middle East and why we are getting it wrong.  Rather than just calling out incompetents/incompetence in the government, I am going to simply name key individuals that have legitimate influence and ask them to take notes.  Perhaps 99% will never see the article or read it, but if even 1% takes the time to skim the article, progress is being made.  Today, I want to challenge @Phil_Gaskin, who most likely finds my anti-leftist statements blasphemy, but I want to give him the benefit of the doubt.  Perhaps he is the sole voice of reason in the Administration…I don’t know.  What I do know is he is smart enough to read my articles and understand that by adopting what I am recommending would save everyone a lot of heartache and inject some professionalism into what, to date, has been a never ending policy amateur hour of disaster after disaster.  So to you Phil Gaskin, I challenge you to have a sit down discussion about what a real ISIL strategy should be.

-The draconian anti-“Patriot Act” is due to sunset this weekend.  Americans that still value their civil liberties would celebrate this law expiring, but have little optimism anything will change.  In fact, it is likely that President Obama will illegally continue the unconstitutional domestic spy programs with or without faux legal authority.  Not only is this extremely hypocritical of a president that ran on returning our civil liberties and ending the spy state, but it will prove just how lawless our nation has become.  Even after the courts and anyone with basic sense determined that what the Patriot Act was being used to justify was utterly unconstitutional; (Specifically, total collection of electronic records without probable cause or a search warrant.) power hungry and/or bought politicians still are trying to make a case for why this law is needed.  I would immediately point out to anyone to be on guard for the “all or nothing” spin.  The Administration is trying to scare people into believing if the illegal data collection is stopped, we will suddenly become vulnerable.  This is absurd.  First of all, NSA’s domestic collection has to date stopped zero terrorists.  Second, if the Administration was actually worried about US security, they would immediately stop importing Muslims to the US from around the world and particularly, from places like Somalia where everyone and their brother seems to be connected to Al Shabaab.  Finally, NSA will continue to operate in its legitimate mission to protect Americans by returning to foreign collection.  It isn’t as if NSA will cease to function and not have a job if they are no longer targeting Americans.  In fact, they may actually become more effective, efficient, and actually gain some victories over foreign enemies of the state.