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President Trump’s Misplaced Faith in the Generals

Approximately, one month ago, President Trump tasked the Pentagon with delivering him a plan to defeat the Islamic State or IS.  What Trump failed to understand was the same people he tasked to solve the IS problem, were the same people that in a very large way created it.  His trusted circle of advisors not only are all products of an institution with a heavily flawed system of promotion, but collectively failed to deliver a winning strategy when they were in combatant command roles.  What kind of “solution” to IS does President Trump honestly think he will get from a group of institutionalized generals?  Does anyone want to bet it will be a “solution” that requires more war?  President Trump is literally asking “the swamp” to create his war policy and this is a fool’s errand.  Based on a 100% failure rate of our Generals this century, this is unfortunately another juncture where it is very easy to assess with high certainty that the “solutions” President Trump will be presented will turn into another policy disaster.  Both Presidents Bush and Obama suffered this hard lesson.  President Trump needs to trash these recommendations and look at completely different ways of soliciting policy if he is to defeat IS and make America great again.  This article is my attempt to speak truth to power and warn President Trump of the mistake he is making before it destroys his presidency.

Seriously, what is President Trump’s senior staff thinking?  I honestly want President Trump to succeed so I am screaming as loud as I can through my articles not to trust the generals.  Why in the world would someone so adamant about “draining the swamp” voluntarily drown himself with the swamp?  This is a question all Americans need to be asking.  The top military brass constitutes a huge portion of that swamp and are already steering him in the wrong direction.  We already have proof.  Take for a second President Trump’s February speech to the military in Florida.  The major takeaways were that he was going to boost spending and cut checks for whatever the Pentagon asked for.  The military-industrial complex loves this kind of braindead logic, which actually hurts, not helps the military.  It hurts because it paints over having to deal with the real problems while lining the pockets of the global elites.  The problem why the US is getting repeatedly defeated in war after war is not because of a lack of training or equipment or spending.  The US military is getting strategically crushed because it has a critical lack of leadership at the strategic level.  For example, the US has defeated the Taliban again and again in tactical engagements much like the US did in the Vietnam War against the Vietcong.  The equipment and training of the US military is better than any military in the history of man and far better than any contemporary force.  However, the semi-illiterate Taliban, with their AKs hammered out of bumper steel are still strategically whipping the US and all of NATO.  This is exceedingly embarrassing, yet no general has taken the fall for the totally absent strategic plan for winning the war in Afghanistan.  Even someone of modest intellect can understand that the problem isn’t gear or money spent.   In short, the military’s problem is not the gear and equipment; it is the subpar general staff where intellectual dereliction and failure to achieve victory is repeatedly awarded with another star.

Many people are quick to jump to the defense of the generals like Mattis.  He is the “warrior monk” they say.  My personal interaction with the man in Iraq would suggest he is a closet weirdo, which will probably be a big story soon enough in the media, but that is for another time.  In fact, I could care less about his J. Edgar Hoover proclivities if he could win a war, but he utterly failed when in charge of CENTCOM.  For those that don’t understand the organization of the military, wars are fought by combatant commanders, not the Secretary of Defense.  In fact, the combatant commander in many ways is far more powerful than the Secretary of Defense.  As the former CENTCOM commander, General Mattis completely failed to develop a new or novel strategy and continued with the status quo of slowly bleeding our military to death in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The man, when put in charge, did not achieve strategic (or even operational) victory, which is the job of a general.  No excuses Marines; General Mattis failed.  General Flynn also failed and per my previous articles, lacked the integrity and moral courage to stand up to policies he knew were disastrous until after he was no longer in line for promotion and safely drawing his pension.  Rounding out the inner circle, General McMaster, President Trump’s pick to replace General Flynn, doesn’t get a by either.  The man has a solid military record, but as Mattis’ deputy at CENTCOM, didn’t stand up with any objections or profess a different way to do business.  In fact he carried out the same failing policies.  All of these generals failed America.

None of these generals spoke out against the way any of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were being fought, but instead quietly fought hard to lose them.  What is even more ethically disgusting is their disingenuous blame game.  Apparently, their failures are now the result of political pressure from the White House.  However, not a single one of the generals ever stood up to this claimed secret White House policy to apparently loose.  Not one resigned in protest.  It is worth pointing out that the US military’s success rate in war fared no better under Bush than it did under Obama.  Are we to believe both administrations prevented the military from providing a viable strategy to decisively achieve victory?  I am certain that both Obama and Bush, irrespective of political affiliation, would have been ecstatic to be presented with a real plan to win and end the wars.  The truth is both presidents were misled by the military.  Further, war is politics by other means.  They are inseparable and any general that doesn’t understand that is a poor general.  In fact, there hasn’t been a great general yet that didn’t have to find a way to balance his strategy against the political winds of their time.  Washington, Grant, and Eisenhower all had to make it work to win and that is why they are great.  If President Trump thinks that he, a man that never served in the military or fought in a war or knew what the Nuclear Triad was, is going to be someone immune from the same lies the generals sold Presidents Bush and Obama, he is wrong.  President Trump must seek out completely fresh perspectives and this will require him to dive far deeper into the Rolodex than what “the swamp” has pushed in front of him.

Diving deeper into President Trump’s psyche is dangerous, but I really feel that he has an inferiority complex that most likely is derived from the fact he dodged the draft. While he lied and claimed to be too physically inept to go to Vietnam after playing NCAA sports in college, country boys and urban youth far less physically capable than the young Donald Trump were getting shipped off to die in rice patties.  I think this has weighed on President Trump’s conscience and it should.  Again, I want Trump to succeed, but to deny that he was a draft dodger is the epitome of cognitive dissonance.  Knowing this, it is hard to look at how President Trump has surrounded himself with senior generals and not wonder if this is the way he is dealing with some deep set guilt.  Although the generals are certainly better than the people that previously held those positions, President Trump needs to know that it is a combined team of diplomatic, intelligence, military, economic, etc. experts that create policy solutions…not the Pentagon and the big defense contractors whose fortunes rely on perpetual war.  America has let go of Vietnam.  President Trump can too.

Finally, President Trump’s appointment of generals to his inner circle is going to cause a lot of friction.  Contrary to what many may believe, generals don’t play well with others and especially these generals.  General Mattis and Flynn were known for their caustic attitudes.  General Mattis in particular was effectively fired as the commander of Joint Forces Command (JFCOM) because he was unable to learn the necessary people skills to work as an integrator across the services.  Disturbingly, his current role as Secretary of Defense is very similar to his mission at JFCOM, where he failed spectacularly.  In fact, he screwed it up so badly, the then Secretary of Defense Robert Gates disbanded the entire command.  I don’t know how many of you have previously worked with generals, but the term prima donna comes to mind.  These aren’t the approachable types that like to be told they are wrong for starters and that is a very dangerous thing.  If not bad enough, these are people that have been brought up their entire professional lives to defend and grow their “rice bowl.”  They are rewarded for growing bureaucracy and protecting budgets.  They also are bred to view their peers as competitors literally from their first day at Officer Candidate School where they continuously compete against each other for class rankings and assignments.  This has a place in warfare, but doesn’t mesh well with a tightknit team.  They simply do not know efficiency and how to operate as a team.  Having worked with my share of generals, I think it is fair to posture a guess that the fractures within the inner circle will quickly grow into full scale canyons.

In conclusion, if I could speak directly to President Trump or anyone within his inner circle, I would tell him that as a multi-tour combat veteran that did resign in disgust, I appreciate what he is doing for the military, but that the best thing he can do for it is to be hard on it.  The military doesn’t need money.  The military needs leadership.  If he wants to build morale, don’t give me another rifle; give me a leader that will decisively win a damn war at least once in my lifetime.  The very best thing he can do for the military is to fire a minimum of 10% of the general staff.  This isn’t hyperbole.  The military desperately needs a decimation of its general officer corps.  President Trump should retain some military advisors and staff, but he needs to look to those that actually resigned and left in disgust.  Those are the people that had the sense to see through the lies, propaganda, and special interest cronyism.  There are very good strategies and plans out there to actually win, but IT WILL NOT COME FROM THE SENIOR GENERAL STAFF.  These generals are the swamp and we expect you to drain.  As always, I won’t just point out the failures and problems; I will offer to solve them.  If there is anyone with some sense at the top listening, now is the time to reach out before President Trump is taken down by those he gave misplaced trust.  CPAC is happening this weekend so it would be a great time to get the message out to America’s new leadership that we don’t trust the senior brass at the Pentagon any more than the media.

By Guiles Hendrik,

February 24, 2017

White House Releases Summary of Trump’s First Week of Action

I have to say, from a business perspective, we are getting a lot for our money.  Trump, to date, has proved to be the hardest working president in a generation…like him or not.  Further, the man has so far done exactly what he promised to do.  Even more amazing is that he is getting it done in hours and days not months and years.  For a man of his age, you have to respect his level of energy and dedication.  It also appears he doesn’t take weekends off.  Sorry bureaucrats…you have to work like the rest of us…and should.  The question is whether he can keep this schedule up.  The news agencies are literally physically breaking down trying to keep up with covering him.  It truly is unprecedented.  Here is the release in its raw form:

Office of the Press Secretary

January 27, 2017


·         15: Presidential Actions to begin fulfilling his promises to Make America Great Again.

·         11: Diplomatic conversations with foreign leaders to promote an America First foreign policy.

·         4: Members of President Trump’s cabinet sworn into office.

·         3: Stakeholder meetings to get input from both workers and business leaders on jumpstarting job creation.

·         3: Engagements with members of Congress to discuss his agenda.

·         3: Visits to federal agencies committed to protecting our homeland and ensuring our national security.

·         1: Official White House visit by a foreign head of state.

·         1: Reception to honor law enforcement and first responders.

·         1: Proclamation supporting National School Choice week.

·         The President’s team followed through on his commitment to action, by:

o   collaborating with 28 federal agencies and departments on a near daily basis.

o   discussing legislative items with at least 75 House members or their staffs and 35 Senators or their staffs.

o   making initial contact with governors in each state and territory, and having in-depth discussions with 32 governors or their staff.

o   discussing issues with 22 state attorneys general.

o   beginning outreach to our nation’s largest municipalities and tribes.

President Trump Used The Power Of His Office To Follow Through On His Promises To The American People

WITHIN HOURS OF HIS INAUGURATION: President Trump moved to protect Americans from ObamaCare, government regulations, and future bailouts.

·         On the evening of his Inauguration, President Trump sought relief for Americans from the cost burdens of ObamaCare.

·         Through a memorandum issued by the Chief of Staff, all new regulations were frozen to protect job creators from the crush of new government rules on their businesses.

·         President Trump put a stop to a reckless action that would have reduced funding for the Federal Housing Authority after it was bailed out by the taxpayers as recently as 2013.

MONDAY: President Trump fulfilled his promise to immediately address trade and jobs by withdrawing from the harmful Trans-Pacific Partnership, put in place a hiring freeze, and protected taxpayer money from funding abortions overseas.

·         President Trump protected American workers by withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

·         To stem the tide of an ever growing government, President Trump put in place a hiring freeze on federal civilian employees.

·         After years of taxpayer money being spent to promote abortions abroad, President Trump reinstated the “Mexico City Policy” to ban such usage.

TUESDAY: President Trump promoted job creation by jumpstarting the construction of two new energy pipelines, requiring the use of American-made materials and equipment in building those pipelines, and reduced the regulatory burden on America’s manufacturing and construction industry.

·         President Trump began the process to finish construction on the Dakota Access Pipeline after a series of delays.

·         After years of delays, President Trump signed a presidential memorandum to revive the Keystone XL pipeline.

·         To make sure Americans benefit from infrastructure projects, the President signed an executive memorandum requiring all new construction and repair of pipelines to use American materials and equipment.

·         President Trump ordered the Commerce Department to streamline and reduce regulations affecting U.S. manufacturing to help bring factories back to America.

·         To jumpstart much needed infrastructure projects, President Trump signed an executive order to speed up the environmental impact review of projects.

WEDNESDAY: President Trump followed through on his pledge to protect America’s borders and end the lack of compliance with immigration laws.

·         Following through on his commitment to protecting the American people, President Trump signed an executive order to improve border security, particularly through the construction of a physical barrier on the southern border.

·         President Trump signed an executive order to ensure that immigration laws are enforced throughout the United States, including halting federal funding for sanctuary cities.

FRIDAY: President Trump followed through on his top priority to keep America safe.

·         President Trump signed an executive order protecting the United States from foreign nationals entering from countries compromised by terrorism, and ensuring a more rigorous vetting process.

·         President Trump issued a presidential memorandum to direct the Secretary of Defense to review our readiness and create plans to rebuild the U.S. military.

President Trump Has Held or Scheduled 11 Conversations With Foreign Leaders To Promote American Interests Around The Globe

·         On Saturday, President Trump spoke with President Enrique Peña Nieto of Mexico and discussed respect for the sovereignty of both nations.

·         On Saturday, President Trump also spoke with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the importance of strong U.S.-Canada ties.

·         On Sunday, President Trump spoke with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel to discuss opportunities to strengthen relations.

·         On Monday, President Trump spoke with President Abdel Fattah Al-Sissi of Egypt, expressing his commitment for a new push in bilateral relations.

·         On Tuesday, President Trump spoke with Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India to strengthen relations and cooperation.

·         Today, President Trump spoke again with President Enrique Peña Nieto of Mexico to discuss bilateral relations, border security and trade.

·         Tomorrow, President Trump is scheduled to speak Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of with Japan

·         Tomorrow, President Trump is scheduled to speak with Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany.

·         Tomorrow, President Trump is scheduled to speak with President Vladimir Putin of Russia.

·         Tomorrow, President Trump is scheduled to speak with President François Hollande of France.

·         Tomorrow, President Trump is scheduled to speak with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull of Australia.

Four Of President Trump’s Nominees Were Confirmed By The Senate And Sworn Into Office

·         Last Friday, retired General John Kelly was sworn in as Secretary of Homeland Security.

·         Also last Friday, retired General James Mattis was sworn in as Secretary of Defense.

·         On Monday, former Congressman Mike Pompeo was sworn in as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

·         On Wednesday, former Governor Nikki Haley was sworn in as Ambassador to the United Nations.

Following Through On His Commitment To Job Creation, President Trump Held Stakeholder Meetings With Business And Labor Leaders

·         On Monday, President Trump met with labor leaders to discuss his plans to renegotiate trade deals and put Americans back to work.

·         Later on Monday, President Trump met with manufacturing leaders to discuss how to bring factories and manufacturing jobs back to America.

·         On Tuesday, President Trump met with key industry leaders to discuss how the auto industry can bring back American jobs.

President Trump Held Meetings Or Spoke With Congressional Leaders To Discuss His Agenda

·         On Monday, President Trump hosted Republican and Democrat congressional leaders and chiefs of staff at the White House to discuss the upcoming legislative agenda.

·         On Tuesday, President Trump met with key Senate leaders to discuss his upcoming choice to fill the Supreme Court vacancy.

·         On Thursday, President Trump spoke at the Republican congressional retreat in Philadelphia.

President Trump Spoke At The Headquarters Of The CIA, The Department Of Homeland Security, And The Department Of Defense

·         On Saturday, President Trump spoke at CIA headquarters and told a raucous crowd that he’d have their back as he thanked them for their service to the country.

·         On Wednesday, President Trump visited the Department of Homeland Security to reinforce his strong belief in protecting America’s borders.

·         On Wednesday, President Trump visited the Department of Defense to highlight his commitment to rebuild our military.

President Trump Hosted U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May

·         In hosting his first foreign head of state at the White House, President Trump welcomed Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Theresa May.

As One Of His First Actions After Inauguration Day, President Trump Thanked American Law Enforcement And First Responders

·         On Sunday, President Trump held a White House Reception to honor and thank law enforcement and first responders who helped make his Inauguration safe and successful.

President Trump Proclaimed National School Choice Week

·         On Thursday, President Trump renewed his commitment to expand school choice for Americans by proclaiming January 22 through January 28, 2017, as National School Choice Week.

The President’s Team Is Following Through On His Commitment To Action

President Trump’s team has worked to ensure his team is in place at various departments and agencies and working to implement his agenda:

·         The White House Office of Cabinet Affairs made 140 calls to 28 separate federal departments and agencies to collaborate on various issues.

·         Cabinet Affairs personally met with 10 Cabinet nominees.

·         Cabinet Affairs coordinated the swearing in of four cabinet members this week by the Vice President.

President Trump’s team has worked to ensure his legislative agenda is well-received in Congress:

·         The White House Office of Legislative Affairs met or spoke with 110 congressional offices or elected representatives in 75 House and 35 Senate offices.

·         Vice President Pence had several in-person meetings this week on Capitol Hill.

President Trump’s team began outreach to our nation’s states, municipalities, and tribes:

·         The White House Office of Intergovernmental Affairs made initial contact with the governor’s offices in all of the states and territories.

·         Intergovernmental Affairs held detailed discussions with the governors or their staff in 32 separate states.

·         Intergovernmental Affairs made initial contact with 22 of the 50 state attorneys general.

·         Intergovernmental Affairs has begun outreach to America’s largest municipalities, such as Los Angeles County and met with the president of the U.S. Conference of Mayors.

·         Intergovernmental Affairs made contact with the largest tribes in the country and has begun outreach with many leaders.



Radical Leftists Stock Up on Guns Preparing for Violent Resistance to Trump

Oh how quickly the roles have changed.  Just a year ago, only crazy “deplorables” were clinging to their bibles and guns.  Now it looks as though the Leftists are suddenly glad they didn’t ban all firearms and are arming themselves by the thousands.  However, I seriously doubt this salient point resonated and I would be curious to know if they are suddenly swelling the ranks of the NRA…Yes, I doubt it too.  Nonetheless, from where we stood just six months ago, the radical elements within the political Left are now suddenly far more, not less, dangerous.  I am writing today to warn fellow patriots that the war is not won.  It has only begun and elements on the Left are actively plotting a violent resistance to President Trump’s Administration.  Read more

President Trump’s First Major International Test could lead to Nuclear War with North Korea

Much has been made of President Trump’s proposed domestic policies as he was sworn in today as the 45th President of the United States.  However, as all eyes are focused on Washington, DC, President Trump’s first major political test may have already materialized.   North Korea has threatened it will conduct an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) test in violation of international sanctions.  President Trump had already stated that any North Korean launch “won’t happen,” (See: so a showdown between the US and North Korea is underway.  How each side acts and responds could literally mean the US engages in a nuclear war with North Korea potentially within a week. Read more

The Price You Will Pay for Trump Dumping the Iran Nuclear Deal

Iraqi Hezbollah Brigades Support Fight Against IS in Iraq.  Source:

Iraqi Hezbollah Brigades Support Fight Against IS in Iraq. Source:

The current “deal” with Iran over its nuclear program is better defined as policy capitulation.  To be viable, the deal must have teeth and achieve the endstate desired by the United States.  The current “deal” with Iran is neither and ultimately does not stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.  Therefore, a renegotiation of the treaty is necessary to avoid war.  However, war may still be the inevitable result of either doing nothing or trying to force a renegotiation the Iranians are unwilling to engage in.  If Iran continues to get closer to a nuclear weapon, there will be a major war irrespective of whether or not the US wants it.  Further, if Iran feels cornered, it may simply refuse to renegotiate anything and regionally retaliate against US pressure leading to a military engagement.  Iran isn’t a paper tiger and has the ability cause the US significant problems if we do drive a hard bargain.  Donald Trump will need to understand this in finite detail or the US will pay in blood and treasure abroad and at home. Read more